My Rights

This poem is based on an article I’ve just read by one of my great followers, ofsenseandsensibility. Today, she recently posted an article about human rights and abilities and much to my heart’s content, I thought I write a poem about it and decade to ofsenseandsensibility. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Why take away my rights?

And take away my freedom?

Why give me the bites?

While you take away my rights?


How could you imprison me?

How could you treat me badly?

Why would you take my rights away?

Instead of making peace and let the children play?

Blog Update: Guest Bloggers Wanted!!!!!

Hiya, everyone.

I’ve realised I haven’t posted anything for two days. I apologise for my absence; I had to help out at Drama school. But, I’m back. Yay!!!!!

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Since I regularly post other people’s blogs, I decided to invite guest bloggers to blog on my blog. Starting from this month, I’m going to realise a new WordPress title page (or channel, in blogging terms – I’m not sure what’s the actual term for this) called GuestAholic Month. The aim for GuestAholic Month is to give fellow and new bloggers a chance to post on my channel, on the second week of each month. But, that’s not all; I am open for anyone to either publish posts on their own or with me. I will be very happy to make my contribution with you guys too. All posts are welcome.

If you want to participate, comment in the comment’s section down below. I will get back to you as soon as I can. 🙂

Life Lesson Number 3 – Trust You Inner Self, Even If You Are In Doubt…

The world is changing every day and so are we. However, is it wrong to change your inner self, even if you are doubting yourself?

   Making choices is either like walking a path or rolling dice, depending on how you want to look at it.

I doubt a lot; a lot more than you can imagine. I feel I cannot trust myself with others, nor can I trust myself as an individual. But I’ve had a balance of up’s and downs in my life. I’m learning through all of these as they help me to become a better person. Sure people may or will criticise me, but the thing I can do is keep my head high and look on the bright side. 

Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, I say to myself. But this saying doesn’t change me – what changes me is the progress of a being a human being. 

We all learn, play and make mistakes – that’s what makes us human. So, next time you’re panicking or stressing about a certain thing in your life, ask a question to yourself and let your inner soul guide you, even you are unsure about the actions you’re taking. If you don’t try, you never know because trying new things won’t hurt you. And who knows, making choices like these can be the right ones for you. 🙂

  Whatever you do…. 😉

Life Lesson Number 2 – It Isn’t Wrong to Be Young At Heart!!!!!

Ever since I was younger, I use to love my imagination. I loved dressing up, make up stories with my old dolls and drawing in A4 lined notebooks. But for me, memories were my childhood. I remember going to a local country park with members of my materinal family; my Aunts’, uncles’, cousins, my parents, great uncle and great aunt sitting in the sunshine, having a picnic, and playing games; walking in the woodland and us, kids playing “pooh sticks”, over the nearest bridge. 

   It’s bridges like these were my cousins and I played “Pooh Sticks”.

Although memories will always stick with you forever, that doesn’t mean you have to change. Life can be a challenge and I find that to be successful is to simply be yourself. Never let people change you, just for their sakes. 
Next time you see a fallen tree trunk and you want to walk on it, then go for it. If you want to fly a kite, then fly that kite. And if you want to create more happy memories, don’t be afraid. Adults can have treasured moments too. 

To be young at heart is to be yourself. You live in your own world, one full of joy and blissful happiness.


Life Lesson Number 1 – It’s Right To Stand Up In What You Believe In!!!!

Today was not one of my best days. At Drama school, I’ve been preparing for a presentation (which is tomorrow, eek!!!) but there have been people in my group who choose not to co-operate; disappear when we’re trying to work on a section, not listening, or respecting individuals and spreading nasty rumours about other people. And worse, our wonderful, respective team leader was off sick.

One of my best friends was so stressed out that she couldn’t deal with it. I asked how she was; she said, “I’m not okay”. I felt really sorry for her and offered to sit with her. But she said no; I presumed that she wanted to be on her own. So during our break, I unexpectedly said to my group, “Listen you guys. You need to pull your s**t together, because you are disrespecting our leader. It’s not good enough”.

I hardly swear but it’s one of the times, where I had to use the language of the teens (as I like to call it). Some of my peers are only young, so I try and keep things even.

But, the group had arguments again so I just stood up, left the classroom and went to study outside. Then, one boy came and said something horrible about one of my friends, so, again, I stepped in. I told him clearly that he shouldn’t spread rumours because he’ll hurt someone’s feelings.

“What if he isn’t there?” the boy asked.

“Just don’t because I don’t like people turning against each other”, I concluded.

During the rest of the day, I felt guilty about what I did and got really stressed about it. I even was late to a workshop; however, the workshop took away my troubles and I felt a lot better.

When I came home, I told my parents what happened. I thought that they were going to tell me off or lecture me about social situations again. “Well done”.

I was puzzled by my Dad’s words. “Did you say ‘well done’, Dad?”

“Yes”, he replied. He then explained that not many people stand up for their friends, team members, etc.

I learned something about myself an important lesson today. That it’s okay to stand up for what you believe in, even if it may involve politics, power or teachers – just as long the situations are good (not for bad excuses like making up lies for example) and they involve important points. No one should be afraid to stand up and change the world you live in. And if people don’t like what you’re doing, they can just take a hike!

No one is alone, because we all have a voice.



Why take away a life

When she stood up for what was right?

Representing women

Who may one day be equal,

Why treat them unfairly,

When we see the hurt clearly?

Women are equal,

Women are fair and wise,

Cause they are God’s children

Through his and everybody’s eyes.

© 2015

Judge – A Poem of Social Injustice

Note: This is a poem I have recently written for Drama school. Last term, my class were focusing on including and excluding subjects that the world suffers and in our spare time, we were asked to research and send information that are either inclusive or excluding. I’ve chosen many subjects and some, I’ve written in articles and two monologues. This term, I’ve been focusing on the subject again and asked my teachers if I can carry on with more Prejudice research and they’ve said “yes”.

Lately, I’ve performed in a show called “12 Angry Men” and I was inspired by the whole show. So, I’ve decided to write a poem about how social injustice is dominating the world.

I hope you’ll enjoy it. 🙂  

How can you judge a child by the colour of their skin?

Once innocent and free, now a victim of prejudice, so I see.  

How can you judge students by their looks, feelings and grades?

Why pressure them to be prefect, when they already feel excluded?


How can you judge a worker by their uniform or profession?

They’re trying to do their job, so why do you call them “sobs”?


How can you judge a family because of their social class?

They’re just trying to live, so why would you look down on them?

Why do you judge? Why do you hate?

Why leave their problems aside, until it is too late?

What have we done for injustice to take over?

Now, what’ll become of us, when peace and love is ignored?

© 2015