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Have you ever wondered about inspiration felt like or how its delivered to the world?

Well, the inspiration lies here – well, one of them.

This month, I’ve decided to do the Blogging 101 challenge. My challenge today was to read and leave a comment on a post I like and review it. Today, I choose to review a post, uploaded by , with his sharing of a famous quote by the great Dr Seuss:

A crow was envious of the swan, which had beautiful silky snow white feathers.The crow hated his coal black colour and secretly wished to have his feathers as white as those of the swan. The crow often thought about the reasons behind this difference. He closely observed the swans life style and his food habits.He saw the swan swimming all the time in the lake and observed him eating weeds and other water plants.The crow then foolishly thought that the swan was white because his feathers were being washed out all the time in the water and his food had

What do I like about this quote? Its a lovely, thoughtful poem that describes the sense of the swan, and the crow; the yin and yang of life and the advantages and disadvantages of life. It gives a good example of how life is and why difference is so important to point out in this quote.

What I dislike about it? I don’t – expect it could a little longer.

Not much more to say on this post, expect well done to Dr Seuss and thank you to for sharing this. 🙂

This post is boring, I know. But hopefully, I’ll do better next time. 😉

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