New Year: New Me?

Guilty habits are one thing but busy habits are another. It has been a while since I’ve written a post but with my channel and studies, I just didn’t have enough time. 

Looking back on 2016, I have seen that the world can be ugly – and understand how we are all afraid of things that don’t matter. We also fear of the things that do matter. Human mistakes and destruction have more authority than it has been. (In my opinion, at least.) However when there’s fear, there is hope. This a good opportunity for voices to be heard, to let not others be afraid and to give them courage. Change happens and we shouldn’t be brought down. We should be lifted up. 😊 
I had many doubts and sadness this year but I had happiness too. On my YouTube channel, I’m nearly at 400 subs (as I recently celebrated my channel’s first birthday). I also started Twizola Designs – a little jewellery business – and a second blog for Twizola Designs. And making new friends. It has been a roller coaster but hey, doesn’t happen to all?

So, what’s next? 2017 is going to be a huge year for me. I’ll be officially graduating University in the summer and have ambitions to travel around the world. But, I also have other goals that I want to achieve too.

  • Still be active on my channel – and take it to new heights 
  • Meet new friends 
  • Be more social 
  • Publish a novel 
  • Meet (and possibly collab) with my favourite YouTubers 
  • Star as a film extra 
  • Dare to be and feel different 

I’m not sure whether they will happen. If they do, then I’ll be the happiest person on earth. 

That’s it from me – and for 2016. Are there any New Year’s Resolutions you want to achieve in 2017? And what’s your reflection on 2016? As always, leave your comments below. 😊 

See you in the New Year. 

Sez xx 

The Dreams, the Reality and the Truth

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post but it’s good to do it again. It’s never easy when you are catching up with your studies, doing YouTube videos and – other things. Time is precious thing and I want to make every moment count. That’s why I wanted to write about collaborations between dreams and reality. Mine are complicated; full of secrets, locked inside me and barriers daring to not break them – but I will.

All my life, I have always dreamt of surprising everyone. So far in my short lifetime, no one would really believe I could to anything because of my disabilities. To them, that was a sign that my loved ones should completely give up on me – I was nothing. By chance, I managed to prove them wrong. I’ve been to mainstream schools, I’ve learnt how to read, and write, I came out with GCSE’s (not fantastic results, but it’s still something), and A Levels, I’m in my final year at University, I set up a blog, I set up a YouTube Channel and now, I have a few projects in the works. I won’t give them away though. Sorry.

However, there are still may that I have to tackle; I’m sure my loved ones don’t mean to crush my spirits or tell me I shouldn’t do anything because I’m not “experienced enough”. Sometimes, I do get angry and emotional, forcing myself to shut away from the world. And it’s okay because you don’t have to be a person who smiles all the time – I get that compliment a lot as my parents taught me to be happy.

These emotions do teach me something though. Every day when I get up in the morning, I would always listen to Coldplay’s Yellow – although the song’s about one-sided love, it represents my view of the world. I don’t really understand and to be honest, I never will. But what if you create your own world and make it your oyster? It’s something that I am working on.

If parents tell you to not upload something on the Internet, go for it. (As long it’s clean though – no dirty stuff!) If teachers say that you won’t get far, prove them wrong – take courage, focus and study the subjects your love till your last breath. If someone says that you’re “not good enough”, stand up and let your inner voice be your guide. Everything is worth risking for, even the lifestyle you have for many years. I’m happy to be living penniless for a novel that’s worth publishing for. I’m happy to be travelling around the world on my own when I move out. I’m happy to save others rather than myself. And I’m happy to be different – even if I make the occasional mistakes.

This is my world and this is how I’m going to live it.


I know this is a short post but I wanted to get this off my mind – and my chest. It’s something that I’ve always to write for a while. Pathetic, I know but like I said before, I’m letting my inner voice be my guide.


Anyway, must be off. I have a lot of catching up to do. But just remember that if you are lost or alone, just pause, think and mediate. I may not be able to change you but I know that I trust you to follow your own path.



Waiting For A Rainbow: Catching Dreams – 20th July 2015

20th July 2015

Ever since I came back from Liverpool, things have pretty much changed.

First of these changes is Kat; she moved to the Isle of Wight on the tenth. Before she moved away, we managed to meet up and had dinner at Frankie and Benny’s. We had a wonderful time and a lovely conversation. After her move, we began to contact each other. I’m pleased to say that Kat is doing well and is enjoying the Isle of Wight. She really misses London, though and cannot wait to meet up with me again. Kat said she’ll come back in September for a week so hopefully we’ll see each other then. Let’s just hope I don’t get tangled up in things…

Next is Drama school. My peers and I have been spending our final weeks sorting out stuff. I’ve also had my sign language examination. I’m not sure how it went or what really happened because it was over pretty quick. I am now waiting for my results, which properly won’t come until September. Outside of lessons though, there’ve been a few feuds between my friends that have involved arguments but no physical fighting was involved (thank goodness). My friendships with many of my peers are straining too; I feel that I’m changing because I’m starting to see who is really there for me and who understands me for who I am. And to be honest, not many do. It’s really sad but that’s the way it goes. I’ve never had lasting friendships while I was at school (all apart from one) and it’s something I’m used to because it is always a learning curve for me. I only want to around those who really care and see me for myself, just as much as I would see them as they are.

As for Stu, he has now graduated. I haven’t seen him but I’ve been trying to give myself space from him when I do; so I can concentrate on myself. What happened between us is now history; good and bad memories and I’ll leave at that. But despite our differences, I wish him well for the future. Now, I can finally let go of my anger, let go of each other and move on with our lives.

But, all these changes are subsided for now because I’m already off for the summer!

Song #1: School’s Out by Alice Cooper:

This is my summer tune; in the summer, I would put it on when I’m YouTube, turn the radio up, and sing or just sing along to it when the holidays start. Nothing like a good summer classic, hey?

And before my holidays began, I managed to finish a half task:

  • Finish Sign Language Online Course
  • Revise Driving Theory
  • Book Automatic Driving Lesson
  • Research and Find Volunteer Projects in the UK or Aboard for 2016
  • Complete My Reading List
  • Organise a photography day
  • Tidy My Room
  • Keep Catching Up With My Blog
  • Do More Art – Buy A Canvas and An Easel
  • Collect all of your spare change. Then, at the end of the summer, cash it in and get something fun
  • Treat myself to a manicure and/or pedicure, or spend the day at a spa
  • Pitch a tent in the garden and camp there for the night
  • Sleep on the porch all night under the stars
  • Attempt to break a world record
  • Go for a hot air balloon ride
  • Write a novel or short story
  • Do something ‘green’ for a change
  • Make a fun summer treat like gummy bear ice pops, watermelon cookies, or campfire cones
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Take a photo every day to document your life for the summer
  • Watch a sunrise on the beach or the sunset
  • Write a handwritten letter to someone, add a stamp and mail it
  • Do something that’s completely out of your comfort zone for a change
  • Clean something you don’t normally clean — like the deck, the garage, or clean your down pillows
  • Write a letter to your current or future child (be sure to include these important things)
  • Create an idea notebook for your dream home

Not bad, hey?

I don’t know what to expect this summer, but I hope it’ll be a blast, an adventure and life changing. So I will expect the unexpected; I already have a good feeling about this. 🙂

Song #2: Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield:

This song explains my desires, dreams and hopes with this summer and the future including my creative writing. I think I can achieve everything because I’m locked on my targets. 🙂

Important Announcement!

Happy Summer Holidays Everybody!

I know it’s late for all of the American followers out there (since you’ve broken up a month ago now) but for all those who have just broken up, welcome to the holiday zone! 😉

It’s already my first day of summer and I have some exciting things lined up in store.

Firstly, you’ve noticed that I have uploaded a new page on my site called StoriesCenteralStarThis special new page is going to feature new diary entries, where I’ll share what I get up to when I’m writing new stories, poems and novels – all in the daily life of a WordPress blogger. 😉 Hopefully, it’ll go down well and I’ll stick to it either every day or if not, every week because I know I don’t always finish them (which is my main weakness).

Secondly, I’ll be posting a couple more blogs – these include the next entry of Catching Dreams, an article about sign language, my next book review on Geek Girl by Holly Smale and a top secret article which I will not publish until September. I won’t give you too much anyway on this one… Not until when the time approaches.

Thirdly, I will (in the middle of the holidays), create another page on love, relationships and dating, since I’ve noticed that I have uploaded a lot of articles within the last few weeks. It’ll be a great opportunity for everyone who is interested within this particular area. 🙂

Also, I’m in the process of thinking to expand my blog more. How to do though is the tricky part. Should go on social media or vlog? I’m not too sure. But if you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments selection below.        

And finally, you’ve already noticed that I’ve changed my blog background (again; third time this week). I’ve come to realise that I’m so picky with my themes but I think I finally found the one. What do you guys think? Please share your thoughts in the comments below. I would love to read and share them with you.

So, that’s all my news for now. I hope you are enjoying your break, wherever you are. I’ll try to upload new posts for the rest of the day but if not, I’ll catch you later in the week.

This Gigi Latimer typing off and I’ll see you on the news reader top. 🙂


Waiting For A Rainbow: Catching Dreams – 21st June 2015

Bucket List

  • Participate In An Open Mic Night
  • Practise and Travel Independently
  • Go On More Holidays (Local and Aboard)
  • Do Driving Theory and Test
  • Look For Voluntary Weekend Jobs


  • Sign Up For Activities/Volunteer Jobs


  • Talk More Openly About Anxiety Issues
  • Make Sure to Return Library Books on Time
  • Go To Bed At An Earlier Time, Rather than Later
  • Complete Kat Ashley Novel
  • Help Around the House More
  • Do More Drawing and Photography and Zentangles
  • Plan for the Future; Look into Independent Living, Work Places, etc.
  • Work on Anxiety, Drama and Vocal Exercises
  • Cut Down on Fizzy Drinks
  • Study Extra Hard at Drama School
  • Do More Yoga or Mediation
  • Open Up My Imagination A Bit More
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”
  • Do More Creative Writing
  • Be A Zoo Keeper For A Day
  • Learn to Play Guitar
  • Be Friendly to Everyone
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Share Ideas with Teachers
  • Do Extra Work with UniversalExtra
  • Practise Sign Language Weekly
  • Cook More
  • Be thankful with What I Have or Got
  • Enjoy Life, As It Is
  • Keep On Believing and Never Stop Dreaming

“Never forget the feelings in your heart when you cross paths”.

June 2015

21st June 2015

In the words of Renee Zellweger, ‘It’s the truth universally acknowledged… that the moment one area of your life starts going OK… another part of it falls spectacularly to pieces’. And these words can’t express the news I’ve received in these last two weeks.

Just as I was settling into my new job, I discovered that Kat is moving away – in three weeks’ time. Since the New Year, I knew she was moving to the Isle of Wight but I didn’t know when, until she’d texted me one night. It was a devastation for me. Since we’ve been little girls, to the huge gap apart, to our reunion a year ago, Kat and I have always been close. With all the other girl friends I have ever had, she has been the most kind, fun and loyal. She wouldn’t hurt me, she shows me how to have fun and I always have good times with her.

When friends and classmates I knew moved away, I felt nothing. Sounds weird? Yes, but that was me. With Kat, it’s different. I have and feel no tears; just great, painful sadness. Although Kat said that she’ll visit me every six months and I can come to visit her. But will our friendship remain the same? That’s the question that has been haunting my mind lately. I haven’t told anyone else (apart from my parents) about this and I don’t know if I want too. Lately, I’ve been trying to cope. Even though life is normal, with the routines and people, I feel everything has changed (or I must be doing a good job of hiding my sadness) and no one seems to notice. Mum wants me to join an autistic social girls group, as usual and there’s more stress over at Drama school. However, Dad has told me that I should give her a present; something I can make myself. So, I will try to do this before Kat moves away, while I’m studying.

Song: I Will Remember You by Sarah McLachlan –

This song explains my friendship with Kat; even though I’ll see her again, ‘I Will Remember You’ reflects the memories of Kat and the love I have for her as a true best friend.

Meanwhile, I’ve been extremely busy with work and family. Drama school’s been busy (with my schedule), BHF is exciting; honestly, I look forward to it more than Drama school, I’ve back to visit Blenheim Palace with Ann, and I celebrated Father’s Day at my local zoo with my father, my wonderful brother, sister-in-law and nephews. We’ve had wonderful time and like all weekends, they’ve been memorable. Just like old times with friends…

Blogging Update!!!

Hiya, everyone.
I hadn’t realised until this morning that I hadn’t posted anything for nearly two weeks. I sorry for my disappearance; Drama school has been crazy and I had a lot of work to catch up on. Honesty, I can’t cope at the moment as there are too many things going in my social and academic lives – it’s been really stressful. So, I’ve been trying to find ways to improve, such as taking long strolls, doing work outside of Drama school during my free periods, seeing friends, and applying for activities and internships outside of Drama school. Some things have helped but not a lot, much to my bitter disappointment. 

I’m going to sound like an idiot for saying this, but I feel like a damsel in distress right about now – mentally. I hope that things will improve this week, otherwise I’ll be stuck. 

In the meantime, I’ll try my best to post more blogs but I can’t guarantee that I’ll be posting everyday now (not least until graduation).  

Until then,
Gigi Xx

Blog Update: Guest Bloggers Wanted!!!!!

Hiya, everyone.

I’ve realised I haven’t posted anything for two days. I apologise for my absence; I had to help out at Drama school. But, I’m back. Yay!!!!!

Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Since I regularly post other people’s blogs, I decided to invite guest bloggers to blog on my blog. Starting from this month, I’m going to realise a new WordPress title page (or channel, in blogging terms – I’m not sure what’s the actual term for this) called GuestAholic Month. The aim for GuestAholic Month is to give fellow and new bloggers a chance to post on my channel, on the second week of each month. But, that’s not all; I am open for anyone to either publish posts on their own or with me. I will be very happy to make my contribution with you guys too. All posts are welcome.

If you want to participate, comment in the comment’s section down below. I will get back to you as soon as I can. 🙂

What I Like About My Blog

Although I can get easily distracted on my blog, I really, really love posting my own or re-blogging other users posts too. What I really like is posting poetry, stories and articles (which, take up to two hours to write; argh!) But, it’s all worth it at the end of the day because it gives viewers a chance to read. It’s good to read and it’s good to write – it’s creative, it’s fun and I think, it’s good for the brain. I try to write first thing in the morning and at last thing at night; I really enjoy it. A lot. 😉

Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has a guilty pleasure; I bet, I wouldn’t know someone who didn’t. 

I have a lot of guilty pleasures but my latest one is blogging and doing lots of creative writing. And the worst part is that I’m getting a little behind on my homework and chores. Argh! 

Although it is a nice distraction, I think it may be a little too much. But that doesn’t mean I’ll give up quickly. I may think of trying different tactics to balance the two. We’ll see how it goes, but I’m pretty sure I may get distracted again at some point… XD

Gigi. Xx

Fellow Followers, I Need Your Help!

Hiya everyone. Gigi here.

Normally, I wouldn’t ask for help from my followers but I thought it would be a good opportunity to get you guys involved. I am currently writing an article about whether or not sign language should be added in the school curriculum and I’m thinking about getting it published in a national newspaper. However, I’m stuck on what to write so I was wondering if you guys can share your opinions with me. You can tell me anything; you can ask me why it is or isn’t a great idea, what would children learn from sign language, who would benefit and maybe , you can share your stories, if you wish.

I would be extremely grateful for your help and appreciate your thoughts.