Letter to A Homeless Man

Note: This is a letter I’ve written about an event that occurred me this week. I’m not really brilliant at writing letters but I had to write this because I want to raise an important issue. In the UK, there are volunteers who hand out copies of a magazine called The Big Issue; most of them are homeless and have nowhere to go.

We’re still in a economic depression and people are facing tough times. So if you can, please pick up a copy of The Big Issue. It’s really worth the read. Now onto the letter. 

Dear Sainsbury’s Guy,

I wanted to take this opportunity to write, about you, and how you taught me to open my eyes and see the world around me.

I first saw you, on a cold sunny early spring afternoon holding copies of magazines, outside Sainsbury’s. But I walked past you; I was in a rough mood as I had a bad afternoon at Drama school. I was in no mood to talk or to collect a magazine. However, I noticed someone (who I knew) coming over to you and you gave her a copy of the magazine you were handing out, The Big Issue.

Later, the person and I went to a restaurant and together, we had a read of the magazine. I’ve never read it before but, my goodness, it was brilliant. It had everything from world issues to celebrity interviews. Then, I thought of you. I felt guilty. 

I felt guilty about eating hot food and drinking Apple juice while you had nothing, nothing to keep you going through the day. I wanted to do something about it; I had to do something about it! So, we (the person and I) decided to go back to Sainsbury’s.

We got some food, as we thought we have a couple nibbles, in between our evening lectures. Then, the person said that we should get you some food for you. We didn’t want to be greedy, so we got, and bought a bottle of Ribena Blackcurrent, a packet of Walkers crisps, and a sandwich for you, paid at the till and put them in a separate plastic bag. Before we went out of the shop though, I had a feeling in my gut, telling me to give you the food. 

So I said, “I want to give these to him”. And I’m glad I did.

I remember coming out of Sainsbury’s and walking right in front of you. “Excuse me”, I said politely, like a school girl waiting for a member of staff to ask something. “I don’t know how long you’ve been out there but I brought you this to keep you going today”. I was really nervous and couldn’t find the right words to say.

Then I remember the look on your face, one that made me smile. “Is this for me?” you asked. I saw you were really touched. “Thank you and God bless”, you said as we made our way back to the school. I said “thank you”, in return, leaving with a friendly smile. As I walked back, I felt like crying, for joy.

However, I don’t deserve to be blessed by God. Instead, it is you, the guy who I have helped. Because you helped others by handing out free magazines and giving them the chance to read. You deserved a reward in return.

Now, I am sharing the magazine with my friends; we normally read magazines and discuss certain articles but I want to share because I believe it’s important that Big Issue volunteers shouldn’t be ignored on the streets and it’s important to be charitable, when you can. Although I’m a Drama student, I wish I can give money to charity and give the homeless food everyday instead of buying new clothes and shoes. But that’s impossible. However, you have opened my eyes and now I will try and read the Big Issue whenever I can and be charitable too. 

I hope you are well today and have enjoyed the meal we gave you. I love making people happy but I don’t deserve to be be thanked because happiness is the greatest reward for me.

I wish you all the best and I’ll be thinking of you in my prayers.

God bless,

Georgina “Gigi” Latimer


A Letter to My Future Boyfriend

I decided to write this letter, after watching and reading a lot “To my future husband/wife” letters. I don’t know whither if I will get a boyfriend of my own, but this letter (I hope) will prove how much I care for my future sweetheart. ūüôā


Sunday 15th February 2015

To my future, special boyfriend,

I’m nervous about writing this letter; I don’t know were to begin… I’m no good at writing but I would do my best. I don’t want to hurt or¬†disappoint you – I just want to love you because I try to say the¬†truth.

I don’t know where you are, what you look like or your name. However, what I do know about you is that you’ll be a handsome, kind, wise and bravest person I will ever meet in this world.

You may be a doctor, a fire-fighter, an actor, musician or a world traveller. You may be shy or you would be an outgoing, social person. You may be a fan of disco, like John Travolta or into reading books; Shakespeare, Darwin, etc.

I don’t care what people think about you, because I appreciate for who you are. You are unique and you are amazing, cool and love you, the way you are.

Someday, we will meet and travel on a life-changing adventures. We will learn to love each other, no matter where we are.

I hope you are well and safe; I cannot wait to meet you and when you do, I promise to be a loving, honest, caring and friendly wife (and a best friend) forever and ever.

Yours Truly,

GiGi. ūüôā xxxx

My Valentine’s Message to My Parents

Good evening, hope your Valentine’s Day was a blast. ūüôā This is a short poem I wrote for my parents, in their cards (I made specially; most of it is writing but words are powerful than actions, so they say). This is my dedication to them, giving thanks for bringing me up into the person I am today.

For An Amazing Mother…


For An Amazing Father…

From the Love of a Daughter…

I have nothing to say,
Expect “Happy Valentine’s Day”.
However, I wrote this, just for you
Because I love you; it’s true.

Thank you
For being there for me,
And helping me
Every step of the way.

I love you, Mum and Dad
And always will.
You’re irreplaceable
Because there are no other parents like you.

With love,


Xxxxxx ūüôā

© 2015