Why Do I Struggle With Love? – A Single Confession from An Early Twenty Year Old…

Have you ever thought to yourself – Love is extremely hard? Well, your not alone – I’m in the same boat too.

When I think on life and love, I simply think of these two quotes:



Now, I may or may not know people who will think of the same thing but I have a feeling every single person will have difficulty in finding what they desire – love.

The last time that I wrote about love was a month ago (Really? Wow!). During that time, I was speaking to the first guy I spoke to on WhatsApp after we agreed to speak to each other on the social networking site. However, I think something went wrong because after two weeks, he stopped contacting me altogether.

For while, I was feeling lost until I made a wonderful new friend who lives all the way in Italy. He’s very friendly and has an amazing personality.

I also made and kept in contact with another friend while I was away on holiday (but this one is a girl).

I am very happy and feel blessed to have the chances to have two, amazing friendships; I hope that they will bring good fortune will bring into it in the future.

As for love – I’m not too sure right now.

All my life, I’ve had difficulty to socially “fit in” because of my Autism. This made me lose my confidence and I wasn’t sure if I might receive such amazing friends around my age group, like I’ve been given now. And if I had friendships with others (at school, that is), they always end with no explanation. However, I never give up on friendships or love itself. I may feel like a total wreck when I think negativity, but is it really worth thinking of the past about others who have really let you down?

So, have any of you guys made friends online (and haven’t met them yet)? If so, how did they go? Where did they end up going? And is it true that friendships can lead to love? Please let me know in the comments section below – I would love to hear from you guys. 🙂

Gigi Xxxxx

P.S. And to round off the article, I will leave you on another quote:


And speaking of love, I have included a link of an article, I just reblogged this morning – this article is written by the great Ramen & Inglenook, one of my fantastic followers. This article is great for those who have long distance love relationships (and friends). So, I have included a link down below:

Ramen & Inglenook Site Link: https://ramenandinglenook.wordpress.com/

Reblog Link: https://actingmylife.wordpress.com/2015/08/23/how-i-maintain-my-long-distance-relationship/