Girls’ Hero – Wonder Woman Review 

This review contains a lot of spoilers; so be prepared.

I never was into Super Heroes when I was a child. Normally, I was into Princess’ and Disney. You can imagine that I was into Prince’s rescuing the damsels in distress and setting off into the sunset, living happily ever after. 

Then, there came the backdrop. Underneath the fairytales and movies, I began to see reality in a new perspective. The people around you and the world you see; they all change. Suddenly, you are stuck and don’t know what to do. Who can save me? Who can – help me save myself? 

Can I save myself?

Well, Diana Prince did and she was ready to tell her story to the world.

Yes – my latest review is on the recent release of Wonder Woman, which has taken the film world by storm. But did this film had a place in my heart? 

Indeed it did.

Before I seen the film, I saw the trailer and had mixed hopes. When it came to it’s release, however, a lot of my friends suggested that I should see it. And I did. 

If I didn’t see Wonder Woman, I would have regretted it. It was a masterpiece; and perfect for everybody. Especially girls.

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman
What’s the Story?

Diana grew up in the hidden island of Themyscira, under the protection of her mother, Queen of the Amazons. But when a World War One pilot crashes on the island and reveals a plan to destroy the world, Diana leaves Themyscira with her new friend, Captain Steve Trevor to uncover the mystery of this plan and take down the culprit – Zesus’ formal enemy Aries.


I love the concept of girl power in the early twentieth century; not a lot of films focus on independence for women – without the man fighting for them – and Wonder Woman focuses touches on the subject extremely well. Most Dc films that have been filmed have been centred on male superheroes in the present day and they didn’t do well. Why? In my opinion, these films are the same. We’ve seen them before: stereotypical plot lines with no original material. Wonder Woman is different. Why? Well – it has everything. It’s more than a super hero movie. It’s a connection to reality and imagination, teaching the audience that life is more than saving the world. It’s about who we are. 

Diana Prince is a marvel. She’s someone who we can relate too and she’s the one who we can look up too as an inspiration. Gal Gadot is the perfect actress for Diana/Wonder Woman. She stole the spotlight in Batman vs. Superman and she’s done it again in Wonder Woman. She must be a good luck charm. Or a super star. Gal, in my opinion, should be in more films. 😊 

As for Chris Pine, his portrayal as Steve Trevor is very comedic and sympathetic. His timing is spot on, making his funniest scenes memorable. I cried when he said goodbye to Diana and took his life to save everybody – including the world he cares about. 

David Thewlis (or our Professor Lupin) is a top notch Villian. Despite the “liar is revealed”  cliché, I thought he delivered a marvellous performance. Lucy Davis is a great comedic actress as well. She’s got a full career ahead of her. 

There is one disadvantage I have of this movie and that was Elena Anaya’s portrayal as Doctors Poison. Don’t get me wrong, she was amazing. I felt that the character didn’t have a strong background story. It just didn’t make sense. 

I don’t have anything to say on the background, costumes or props. I don’t know why but I guess it’s a mystery. 


Wonder Woman is a treasure to the movie industry. No wonder why Wikipedia said it’s currently the eighth highest-grossing film this year. However, it should be higher!!!!!!!! 

Although I’m a screaming fan for Wonder Woman, I would like to round off this review with a serious conclusion. Not many films have the capacity to open up about the truth. With the events we are facing in the world right now, I believe that we need love and kindness. More than ever. 
Wonder Woman has a lot of inspirational morals and quotes, especially the ending when Diana says that not all people are bad; it depends what you believe in. It’s a quote I now hold close to my heart. 💖 Now and forever more. Xx 

Wonder Woman is a must-see for everyone. Not just Dc comic fans. It’s not outstanding as the Beauty and the Beast live action remake but it’s not bad either. It’s a strong film with a great storyline and amazing characters. If you haven’t seen it, I beg you to watch it.

If you have seen it, what do you think of it? And who is your favourite DC character? 

That’s all for now. Until next time. 

Sez xx 


Coming Out with Epilepsy

I never thought this video would see the light of day. In fact, I didn’t believe in myself to speak out about my diagnosis but now I have, I feel much better. 

When I received my diagnosis seven months ago, I was just in my early stages of adulthood. College had finished for the Summer, I was on top of the world with my YouTube channel and I had a lot of plans for the future ahead. When I got the news, my life stopped. It was like whirling down a plug hole and I was the water. I could have done things but that put a spanner in the works. 😒

I didn’t know what to do or what to expect. 😞 However, life seems to have taken me into a 50/50 turn. Sure, I have to have limits for the rest of my life but there are other ways to. After uploading my Story Time video, I began to see a positive side of things. This included:

  • Getting my life back on track 
  • Finding alternatives to my health, academic and social lives 
  • Raising awareness about Epilepsy 
  • Finding new dreams 

I really want to raise awareness and share my opinion on the matter. And now with help and support from my wonderful friends, I feel that I’m stronger than I was before. 😊 

I don’t where the road lies ahead now but I feel like I’m on top of the world once again. 

Lastly, I want to say thank you to everyone who for your support and encouragement at this time. I’m so lucky to have amazing friends in my life and I really couldn’t have done it without you. 😊 ✨ 🌟 

Life’s a journey but we’ll get there. Just believe and soon we’ll be there. ❤

Sez xxx 

2017 is Here: What Next? 

​Happy New Year, you wonderful readers. I hope you all had a wonderful day and night yesterday (or tonight, if you are out today). 

I finally managed to upload my first video of 2017. If you want to check it out, I’ll leave the link for you here:

Now that’s done, what next? Christmas is done. Resolutions are done. And the excitement for January is done. What is the next direction? 

Before 2017 came, I knew that I was going to be in for a roller coaster ride. A lot of changes will be in the works. My own journey to the river will be harder to cross and when it’s all over, that’s it for another year. Now, it’s here – I can help but notice that strange feeling. The sensation in my stomach. The butterflies flying around. Excitement or nerves? I honestly don’t know. All I can say is – think of today, never worry about tomorrow. 
So far, I’ve been looking at options. I’ve been looking at future adventures, jobs even video content for my channel. It is crazy to think that for the first time, I’m preparing for the adult world. No more education (unless I choose to participate in another course) and no one making decisions on my behalf. It’s all up to me. If I’m going to be independent, I’m going to be brave. 

Well, that’s all for now. Do you know any suggestions for our readers? What advice would you give them?

What are you looking forward to in 2017? 

I’m sure, it’ll be an unforgettable year for all of us – but until then, keep smiling and dreaming. 



New Year: New Me?

Guilty habits are one thing but busy habits are another. It has been a while since I’ve written a post but with my channel and studies, I just didn’t have enough time. 

Looking back on 2016, I have seen that the world can be ugly – and understand how we are all afraid of things that don’t matter. We also fear of the things that do matter. Human mistakes and destruction have more authority than it has been. (In my opinion, at least.) However when there’s fear, there is hope. This a good opportunity for voices to be heard, to let not others be afraid and to give them courage. Change happens and we shouldn’t be brought down. We should be lifted up. 😊 
I had many doubts and sadness this year but I had happiness too. On my YouTube channel, I’m nearly at 400 subs (as I recently celebrated my channel’s first birthday). I also started Twizola Designs – a little jewellery business – and a second blog for Twizola Designs. And making new friends. It has been a roller coaster but hey, doesn’t happen to all?

So, what’s next? 2017 is going to be a huge year for me. I’ll be officially graduating University in the summer and have ambitions to travel around the world. But, I also have other goals that I want to achieve too.

  • Still be active on my channel – and take it to new heights 
  • Meet new friends 
  • Be more social 
  • Publish a novel 
  • Meet (and possibly collab) with my favourite YouTubers 
  • Star as a film extra 
  • Dare to be and feel different 

I’m not sure whether they will happen. If they do, then I’ll be the happiest person on earth. 

That’s it from me – and for 2016. Are there any New Year’s Resolutions you want to achieve in 2017? And what’s your reflection on 2016? As always, leave your comments below. 😊 

See you in the New Year. 

Sez xx 

YT.I.I #4 – Chickenshedmylife 

​​Welcome to another month of YouTube International Interviews. Today, we’ll be interviewing Daggie of Chickenshedmylife.

1) How did Chickenshedmylife came to be? What inspired you to start? 

When I first became a YouTuber back in April 2016. I believe that I wanted to share my story with everyone of my favourite YouTubers (including you) in order to raise awareness of Autism because I’m Autistic myself.
2) What made you decide to set up Chickenshedmylife?

Well, when I watched all videos from YouTube, I felt that I wanted to share my experiences that they never seen before. For example; I planned to film my Summer Favourites during my stay in Ethiopia – I.E. visiting Museum ETC.
3) Did this experience had a positive or a negative impact on you? 

Firstly; I would like to go with the positive impact because I believe that being an Autistic YouTuber is an important opportunity to share my Autism story in terms of how my condition affected me during my infant years. But; in the other side of the negativity, I felt scared about the fact that the strangers would go through my YouTube details.
4) Ok, trivial question. Do you prefer individual or collaboration filming?

I prefer individual video. 
5) The biggest challenge you’ve ever faced?

As a Small YouTuber, my main challenge is to do with the fact that I kept on reading the facts instead of learning it while filming it.
6) Any favourite videos of your own? 

My favourite videos of my own are Autism in Girls and World Autism Awareness Week. – Chickenshedmylife
7) Inspiration for your channel? 

My YouTube Channel inspired me to treasure good memories when I first started Chickenshed in September 2014.
8) Who are your favourite YouTubers?

My favourite YouTubers are Actingmylife (which is you because you’re my best mate); aww, thank you so much Daggie; Beccisss, Tim and Kate’s World, The Oxley’s Daily, ComedyShortsGamer and many more.
9) What can do see yourself doing in five years time? 

In five years time, I would like to set up a family vlog as it got to the point where I can share my family life at home or elsewhere.
10) Is there any advice you would like to give for anyone who is starting a channel of their own? 

My advice for people who is setting up their YouTube channel; don’t be afraid to share their disabilities.
A massive thank you to Daggie. If you want to check out her channel, click here:

The Dreams, the Reality and the Truth

It’s been a while since I’ve written a post but it’s good to do it again. It’s never easy when you are catching up with your studies, doing YouTube videos and – other things. Time is precious thing and I want to make every moment count. That’s why I wanted to write about collaborations between dreams and reality. Mine are complicated; full of secrets, locked inside me and barriers daring to not break them – but I will.

All my life, I have always dreamt of surprising everyone. So far in my short lifetime, no one would really believe I could to anything because of my disabilities. To them, that was a sign that my loved ones should completely give up on me – I was nothing. By chance, I managed to prove them wrong. I’ve been to mainstream schools, I’ve learnt how to read, and write, I came out with GCSE’s (not fantastic results, but it’s still something), and A Levels, I’m in my final year at University, I set up a blog, I set up a YouTube Channel and now, I have a few projects in the works. I won’t give them away though. Sorry.

However, there are still may that I have to tackle; I’m sure my loved ones don’t mean to crush my spirits or tell me I shouldn’t do anything because I’m not “experienced enough”. Sometimes, I do get angry and emotional, forcing myself to shut away from the world. And it’s okay because you don’t have to be a person who smiles all the time – I get that compliment a lot as my parents taught me to be happy.

These emotions do teach me something though. Every day when I get up in the morning, I would always listen to Coldplay’s Yellow – although the song’s about one-sided love, it represents my view of the world. I don’t really understand and to be honest, I never will. But what if you create your own world and make it your oyster? It’s something that I am working on.

If parents tell you to not upload something on the Internet, go for it. (As long it’s clean though – no dirty stuff!) If teachers say that you won’t get far, prove them wrong – take courage, focus and study the subjects your love till your last breath. If someone says that you’re “not good enough”, stand up and let your inner voice be your guide. Everything is worth risking for, even the lifestyle you have for many years. I’m happy to be living penniless for a novel that’s worth publishing for. I’m happy to be travelling around the world on my own when I move out. I’m happy to save others rather than myself. And I’m happy to be different – even if I make the occasional mistakes.

This is my world and this is how I’m going to live it.


I know this is a short post but I wanted to get this off my mind – and my chest. It’s something that I’ve always to write for a while. Pathetic, I know but like I said before, I’m letting my inner voice be my guide.


Anyway, must be off. I have a lot of catching up to do. But just remember that if you are lost or alone, just pause, think and mediate. I may not be able to change you but I know that I trust you to follow your own path.