New Term, New Me

This week has been really busy. After returning to school with a first week of rehearsals, I’m now back rehearsing and studying. Honestly, I don’t know how I can keep up with myself. It can be hard when you are a student, a YouTuber and Blogger under one belt but once you get used to it, it’ll all be fine.

Since I have started again for the Spring term, I have decided to renew myself by scheduling a life plan. It was recommended to me by my Support Worker, after we discussed what targets I would like to achieve within the Next Year. Sounds like a good idea, but it’s not as easy as you think it might be. All it takes (normally) is courage and inspiration. To do that, all you have to do is open your inner self.

Life isn’t easy, nor is a personality change. And is taking the easy road the only option in everyone’s lifetime? In reality, it’s not because when you think about it, changing yourself can be a new self discovery. The world has available choices for us; to decide who we want to be and what we want during our lifetime. And they don’t call it a challenge for nothing. Most famous people we know had to face many challenges to get where they are today. So, why should we let our same, old selves get in the way of our dreams?

Although I am in the middle stage, I feel that I want to carry on and explore myself a bit more. Studying, fashion; you name it. And I want to share this journey with you.

So, here are my top new changes I want to do this year.

Read a Good, Commutative Self-Help Book

Already got it in the bag. ūüėČ At the moment, I’m reading Be Your Own Fairytale by Alison Davies, who helps readers gain their confidence, through fairytales. Very good, and highly recommend it especially if you are into fairytales.

Keep a Journal

Again, got it in the bag. I always keep a few journals, plus my blog.

Try to Reach Out of Your Comfort Zone

Going through this process, at the moment. But mostly in Drama school. I want to try and be the best I can be, by going out of my comfort zone.

Be Inspired

This aim is a tricky one. However, I’m trying to be inspired by reading. I’m keen to study characters who have silmar lives to me like Harriet from the Geek Girl Series and Penny from the Girl Online Series. Then with the situations they go through and how they deal with them, I can reflect mine and see how I can resolve them as well.

Write a Life Plan

Nearly finished on this one. Before I started, I found a very useful How To page by wikihow that gave advice on how to draw one up:

And I’ve never looked back.

Try to Be Honest About Myself

A work in progress.

A new me and a new start. An excellent progress if I do say so myself.

Now, it’s over to you. Are you looking to start any new targets? If so, what would you like to achieve and why? I would love to hear your aims for this year.

That’s all for now and don’t forget to look out for my YouTube channel and blog this February for new posts. ūüėÉ


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What I Want to Achieve and Look Forward Too in 2016

Happy New Year, all your lovely readers!

Hope you are enjoying your 2016 so far (even though it’s in melted snow).

For me, a New Year is all about changes and adventure. It is also a exciting moment, were you want to plan to achieve new aims and what you are looking forward to.

I have already made a video of what I want to achieve, but I haven’t done a lot of aims. So if you want to get a head start before¬†continuing, please click the link here:¬†


This post is inspired by thatsobee, who did a beautiful post of her travel bucket list. If you want to check it out, please click and follow her. She is a¬†fabulous¬†blogger and YouTuber who is passionate about her channel and writing. She’s currently in¬†hospital¬†at the moment and with well wishes, I am¬†dedicating¬†this post to her. Get well soon, lovely. ūüôā


What I Want to Achieve

  • Carry on with my YouTube Channel

Since I started my channel last September, I have been¬†obsessed with recording and making videos. However, I’ve been bad with uploading new vlogs lately because I was on a break from Drama school and have been catching with friends before I return for the Spring term. ¬†So to¬†discipline myself as well as targeting to stay on top of my classwork, I have decided to span two weeks by uploading a video one week and a post the next. This will mean that it’ll give me time to prepare for a new video on my channel, but still keep active on my blog – just a week apart from each other.

Aside from the¬†schedule, I want to be able to do¬†collaborations with other YouTubers and share some of my hidden talents (which I’m going to reveal, until I show them to you).

  • ¬† Explore, Explore, Explore


As you know, I’m a keen adventurer and I would like to see the world. I have never seen the world (apart from the UK) for a few years and I am very keen to learn cultures, history and wildlife. The places I want to travel this year are:

  1. Belfast, Ireland
  2. Bath, England
  3. Disneyworld, Florida, America
  4. New York City, America
  5. Washington D.C, America
  6. Africa
  7. Venice, Italy
  8. Vienna, Italy
  9. Naples, Italy
  10. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia




  • Studying Online

Yesterday, I have started a free course on the Future Learn website. This course is called Explore Animation, where participants can learn how to create stop motion,¬†2D, big-scale and CGI animation. I have already completed week 1 and working my way to week 2; it’s a four week course, so it’s not long before I will complete the course.

But, I am keen to learn more online courses. Not just from the creative side, but from the historical and biological ones too as I am keen to to learn more about my four favourite subjects, which are Literature, History, Biology and of course, Performing Arts.


  • Keep Up to Date with my Blog

… I’m not going to contain my shame of my less active life on my blog. It’s so¬†embarrassing


What I’m Looking Forward Too

  • Summer in the City

It was one of the main things that I wanted to do and now, I’m getting a chance to go! This will be my first Summer in the City event and honestly, I am really nervous (but¬†excited¬†at the same time). And what do I hope for following the event in August? New friends and lasting memories. ūüôā

  • OneWorld

After last year’s amazing holiday, I am very excited (as always) to return to the festival. We haven’t booked yet, but I am¬†excited¬†to see everyone again and participate in old and new lessons, such as the Comedy¬†Improvisation. If I return, it’ll be my sixth year (which I still cannot believe!). So, it will be a¬†absolute, but spiritual shocker.

  • Graduation

download (1)

And finally, the big one. It’s hard to believe that four years ago, I started Drama school. In these years, I have studied, and graduated the BTEC Dipolma course and began studying the Foundation Degree course. Now, my time as an Foundation Degree student will soon draw to the end this summer. What will I be sad? Of course. And what will I take away from my experience? All the things I’ve learned, including the Inclusive environment that I have …

However, I have been planning of what will happen next year and my first choice is to stay on and do their top up year BA Hons Degree course. I have heard good reviews about the course and it¬†excites¬†me to learn more about the Performing Arts Industry, through the eyes of my school. But if it doesn’t work out, I’ll properly find a job.

They say that everything happens for a reason, and for me, (not matter what happens) I’ll survive.


Well, that’s all for now. But don’t forget, if you want to subscribe to my channel, please check out. I would really¬†appreciate¬†it. ūüôā

Take care for now,

Sez Xxxx


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