NWW Photo Prompt – Lovers At Sea


Travel through the world and along the shore,

Where her true love will find her, from one to four.

Will the tides bless their relationship-to-be

Or will it cross and flow towards the Dead Sea?

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GuestAholic Month – My Gift

This post of GuestAholic is posted early than usual because I won’t be around for the first few weeks of August. So, you guys are in for a real treat. 🙂

If you are new to GuestAholic Month, then welcome. It’s good to see you. I’ll explain what GuestAholic is about; every month, I surprise someone on WordPress by nominating them, with one of their latest posts that have become my favourite poems, stories or articles by them. 🙂

The nomination for August goes to Anchors and Butterflies, whose poem ‘My Gift’ is a inspirational  touching poem that made me smile.

About the blogger

Anchors and Butterflies is a hypnotherapist, natural health professional, teacher, author and speaker. Her passion is to help other people and help them discover answers when they struggle to answer questions.



The smell of caffeine,

Roaming up in the air;

Your mind feels fresh and clean,

When the world shatters in a tear.
The taste, so luring,

Smooth and exciting.

An adventure so daring

And the texture is so inviting.
Life without coffee

Is like bread with no butter;

Cause if we’re not happy,

Then, there’ll be no sweet coffee. 🙂
© 2015


Why Do You Laugh?

Why do you laugh at me?

When I’m working very hard?

Do you think something’s funny?

When I’m trying to work and do my part?

Why do you laugh at something else?

When I’m trying to push, show and share?

Your laughter is making me feel anxious

And I carry more weight than I can bear.

I’ve lost faith and hope,

No matter how I tried;

“It’s no use”, I said,

So, I broke down and cried.

So the next time you see me,

Just let to let you know,

If you are going to laugh and crow,

Stop, think and see

The girl and her feelings (even though you can’t see).