Life Lesson Number 1 – It’s Right To Stand Up In What You Believe In!!!!

Today was not one of my best days. At Drama school, I’ve been preparing for a presentation (which is tomorrow, eek!!!) but there have been people in my group who choose not to co-operate; disappear when we’re trying to work on a section, not listening, or respecting individuals and spreading nasty rumours about other people. And worse, our wonderful, respective team leader was off sick.

One of my best friends was so stressed out that she couldn’t deal with it. I asked how she was; she said, “I’m not okay”. I felt really sorry for her and offered to sit with her. But she said no; I presumed that she wanted to be on her own. So during our break, I unexpectedly said to my group, “Listen you guys. You need to pull your s**t together, because you are disrespecting our leader. It’s not good enough”.

I hardly swear but it’s one of the times, where I had to use the language of the teens (as I like to call it). Some of my peers are only young, so I try and keep things even.

But, the group had arguments again so I just stood up, left the classroom and went to study outside. Then, one boy came and said something horrible about one of my friends, so, again, I stepped in. I told him clearly that he shouldn’t spread rumours because he’ll hurt someone’s feelings.

“What if he isn’t there?” the boy asked.

“Just don’t because I don’t like people turning against each other”, I concluded.

During the rest of the day, I felt guilty about what I did and got really stressed about it. I even was late to a workshop; however, the workshop took away my troubles and I felt a lot better.

When I came home, I told my parents what happened. I thought that they were going to tell me off or lecture me about social situations again. “Well done”.

I was puzzled by my Dad’s words. “Did you say ‘well done’, Dad?”

“Yes”, he replied. He then explained that not many people stand up for their friends, team members, etc.

I learned something about myself an important lesson today. That it’s okay to stand up for what you believe in, even if it may involve politics, power or teachers – just as long the situations are good (not for bad excuses like making up lies for example) and they involve important points. No one should be afraid to stand up and change the world you live in. And if people don’t like what you’re doing, they can just take a hike!

No one is alone, because we all have a voice.