Why Do You Laugh?

Why do you laugh at me?

When I’m working very hard?

Do you think something’s funny?

When I’m trying to work and do my part?

Why do you laugh at something else?

When I’m trying to push, show and share?

Your laughter is making me feel anxious

And I carry more weight than I can bear.

I’ve lost faith and hope,

No matter how I tried;

“It’s no use”, I said,

So, I broke down and cried.

So the next time you see me,

Just let to let you know,

If you are going to laugh and crow,

Stop, think and see

The girl and her feelings (even though you can’t see).

My Rights

This poem is based on an article I’ve just read by one of my great followers, ofsenseandsensibility. Today, she recently posted an article about human rights and abilities and much to my heart’s content, I thought I write a poem about it and decade to ofsenseandsensibility. I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

Why take away my rights?

And take away my freedom?

Why give me the bites?

While you take away my rights?


How could you imprison me?

How could you treat me badly?

Why would you take my rights away?

Instead of making peace and let the children play?