Twist, Shout, Dream and Sing – My Top Ten Beatles Songs

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been a massive fan of The Beatles. My Dad always used to listen to the songs in the car and sang along when I listened, trying to figure out what the stories behind them were about. The Beatles have influenced many musical fans for many, many years and their music is still going strong. So to celebrate the work of this amazing band, I decided to share with you guys my top ten Beatles songs of all time. I hope you guys enjoy it.
This post is dedicated to the late John Lennon (1940 – 1980), who was cruelly taken away aged only 40. His memory will live on through the hearts and souls of music lovers everywhere.

10. Twist and Shout – A moving, grooving song, You’ll certainly have a whizz of a time with this one.
9. When I’m Sixty-Four – A song about unrequited love when a couple think of the future, this song demonstrates the dreams and questions of the life of a person who worries about living on his/her own.
8. Here Comes the Sun – A lovely song for your loved one, as it describes love and memories rising like the dawning sun.
7. Girl – Another song about a girl who made love for the first time, “Girl”, with it’s cleverly written lyrics describe the feelings of a woman, looking into her mind.
6. All You Need is Love – No description to this song for me, as this does just that. ūüėä
5. Help – A song that’ll get you singing along and dance on the floor, “Help” is a classic, one that will be stuck in your head for ages and ages.
4. I Saw Her Standing There – Again, no description for this one, as the song will tell all.
3. Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds – A song about a girl living in a fanasty, paradise island (or heaven; I don’t know which), this song explains the fantasies of dreams and reality. This is one to check out.
2. With A Little Help From My Friends – This upbeat, happy song is prefect for a playlist if you were going to create one for a friend or loved one. You can certainly make someone brighten their day with this song.
1. Hello, Goodbye – This is my number one song because it’s cleverly written and has a funky tune (especially the guitar solos). I can listen to it over and over again if I could…
What’s your favourite Beatles song? Do you have your own top ten list? Please share them in the comments below . Also, if you want me to another top ten list of songs, or just anything in general, just give me a buzz in the comments and I’ll get round to them straight away.
Hope you’ll have a great day today, but remember where you go, always take the weather with you. ūüėČ
Gigi Xxx

For Those Who Make Decisions On Their Own

No one’s prefect,

No one is an object;

We all human,

No matter what we do.

No should judge you

By their actions and decisions

You’re allowed to do,

Whatever you want to do

Because only you can change and break through.

© 2015

Autism and Dating – Top Six Links to Read If Your Single

Being twenty one, Autistic and suffering from a learning disorder, I’ve always felt rejected and unwanted by many in my lifetime. The world can be a very cruel place to live and¬†extremely¬†complicated; if you want to try new things,¬†everyone will tell you that you must wait until the right moment comes along. Is that right? No, it’s wrong!

Life’s too short to wait for something that’ll never come, unless you push the boundaries a bit. That’s me; all my life, I’ve always wanted to find a certain someone, who’ll love and cherish me for who I am (and see through me, instead of a stranger with autism). Also, I’ve always wanted to find more friends who aren’t on the Autism spectrum who’ll accept me for who I am. But, things aren’t going¬†exactly¬†how I’ve planned; true, I know many people who have Autism and I adore them, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a fair mixture?

For years, my Mum has been signing me up to Autistic girl groups. Some have been great, as I’ve made many friends; others, not so much. And to be honest (as much as I still love her to bits), I’m getting tired of it. How I am going to learn and hang out with others, with confidence if I’m stuck in the same¬†position all the time? I guess she doubts me sometimes (properly I’m stuck to the computer a lot), but I’m¬†determined to prove everyone wrong and show an¬†Autistic¬†woman can¬†independently find friends and be in a relationship.

And last week, my task officially began with a meeting, one with my National Autistic Society (NAS) learning monitor who introduced me to different links that I hope would inspire me to take the next level in these simple steps РR.E.S.E.A.R.C.H. (Read, Educate, Simplify, Elevate, Action, Respect, Confidence and Hope)

At the moment, I’m on the first step – research. Try and find different dating, and friend websites and just keep trying. Soon, I’ll be on the second step – educate – myself and the person/people I meet, through other people’s experiences (online and real life), theirs and mine. I’m¬†unsure¬†how long this process will be, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for positive changes.

Also, I’ve decided to share the links I’ve found with my learning monitor; I’ve read them properly yet but I’m hoping to at some point. I thought that they could help with you guys or anyone you know who is on the autism¬†spectrum,¬†and/or wants to seek love and new friends:

And if you guys know more blog posts, articles or stories about love and/or autistic love, please let me know in the comments below.

Until then, I wish you all a¬†pleasant¬†evening from the UK and don’t stop believing – in your dreams and reality – miracles can happen, wherever you are.

Gigi. Xxxxx

GuestAholic Month – A Poem of Questions

This is my second post on GuestAholic Month and my first to surprise and nominate someone. ūüôā

There have been a lot of people who’ve been following me lately and I want to show my¬†appreciation by showing my favourite posts, written by them. So for this first nomination, I nominate¬†√ąlan vital, whose poem ‘A Poem of Questions’ is not only uplifting, it’s inspirational. So,¬†√ąlan vital, this post is¬†dedicated¬†to you. ūüôā

About the blogger

√ąlan vital¬†is a writer and student from India. He is on a self-discovery journey and learning about himself, through writing. Also, he likes to talk about philosophy, travelling, movies and listening to music. But¬†√ąlan vital‘s belief is ultimate beauty, how it lies within everyone, and how we can achieve happiness and¬†satisfaction.

A Poem of Questions


A deep sense of excitation


A way of hiding an outbursting emotion.



An expression of our loving heart


A mind void of any desires after much trials and tribulations.



A state of stable mind


A way to surrender against the will of God.



A rock steady resolve


A choice to kneel before destiny.



A thing to celebrate


Sulk over the uncertainty of life.



A gift in disguise


A period of imprisonment without our guilt or birthright.

Originally¬†written by √ąlan vital

Rules For A Slave (In the Words of a Master)

This is another poem I wrote for my dance lesson. I came across the poem after finding another fact (from a website I cannot remember) about a connection between the bible and slavery.

Please note that this poem is only written, based on fact; I’m against slavery and I have no interest in¬†arguments¬†for it. I only write to raise issues for why slavery is wrong.¬†

“Do not disobey”,

“Do not mess about and play”,

These are the rules

And they are here to stay.

To make a master happy,

Is to be quick and snappy.

If you please him,

You’ll be awarded with a grin.

Do everything he’ll say;

Make sure you’ll serve and obey.

You’ll be rewarded handsomely,

If he sees that you are not lazy.

But break the rules

And you’ll be punished

For no likes fools,

Sinners and cowards.

The bible says a slave

Should treat his master with respect,

So give all you’ve got and collect,

Otherwise, you’ll receive an invitation

Which will lead you to punishment and your grave.

Films I Wish To Act In

Since I can remember, I always adored the movies and theatre. It’s properly one of the main reasons why I wanted to try and choose acting as an career (as well as being a writer). Since I’ve been and currently performing on stage, I’ve always wanted to try out for new things. I’m not afraid of performing and as an individual, I want to push myself and say, “Gigi, you’ve done yourself proud, for you have achieved this task today!” So if I had any opportunity to perform whilst I’m studying at Drama school and afterwards, I would been very keen to be in shows or films:

  • St Trianians 3

I loved the St Trianians Films when I was teen and I still love them now. In my mind, I always wanted to be a Posh Totty. I’ve no idea why, but I just the idea of this group; to me, it spells F-U-N!

  • James Bond

I’ve loved the Bond movies too. If I had a opportunity, I would try for a villain role. Again, it sounds F-U-N, like your going on a roller coaster ride.

  • Tarzan

No words to say on this one, just looking for adventure…

  • We Will Rock You

W.W.R.Y is one of my favourite musicals of all time and I feel it’ll be nice to be apart of something that celebrates the iconic music from one of the famous British bands of all time.

  • Wicked

This is my second favourite musical… PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE….
I’m not sure if they’ll ever happen in my lifetime but I can only keep believing, as I know the right ones will come along. 

What’s your ideal dream movie/show you want to be in? I would love to hear in the comments below. 

I know I’m not very talkative today and I do apologise, but I promise I’ll write another, proper blog as soon as I can. Until then…

Best wishes,
Gigi xx