Love at the Movies – My Top Five Favourite Click Flicks of All Time (By a 20’s Something Viewer)

Smug-married, simple singleton or a fan of romance, there’s something for everyone. 

Click Flicks are a few of the film genres that I watch – since I’m frightened of horror and don’t care too much of Action (if there’s a lot of violence involved). They keep me glued to the screen; making me laugh, cry and smitten. But if it’s going to be this way, it has to be perfect. The storyline, the chemistry and the characters. For me, these movies have achieved that. 

Anyway to shorten the introduction, here are my top five favourite click flicks of all time.

  • The Wedding Date (2005)

Single, broken-hearted and full of anxiety for her step-sister’s wedding, Kat Ellis hires a male escort to pose as her boyfriend. But a single act of revenge to make her ex-fiancé jealous turns into something else and very soon, Kat learns that love isn’t always cracked up to be. 

  • Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)

British, thirty-something old and single, Bridget Jones decides to write a diary, in order to improve her life and find search for love – and all in one year.

  • Made of Honor (2008)

Womaniser Tom and his best friend, Hannah are irrseperable. Until a single trip to Scotland changes Hannah’s life. Engaged, Hannah asks Tom to be her Maid of Honour – and all this happened, just as Tom was about to declare his love for Hannah. So, Tom uses his position to win her over. But will he be Hannah’s real Mr Right?

  • Bride Wars (2009) 

Two best friends Liv and Emma have been dreaming and planning their weddings since they were children. When their dreams become a reality, an error hangs in the balance. Now with their weddings birth on the same day, the battle is on to see who pull off the best wedding. But, will this competition cause a scar in their friendship? 

  • Pretty Woman (1990)

A modern update on the classic fairy-tale story, Cinderella, Vivian a prostitute and Edward, a wealthy businessman meet each other, while Edward is on a business trip in L.A. When he hires Vivian to stay for the weekend, Edward and Vivian fall for each other, discover that love comes with hurdles and aim to bridge the gap between their worlds.
What’s your favourite Click Flick movie? Let me know in the comments below. 

Sorry it’s a short post but I can’t of anything else at the moment. I’ll make it up next time. Anyway, that’s all for now. Until then, enjoy your day and keep on dreaming. ⭐️



Witch’s Hat on Good Friday

Note: This is just a short story I’ve made up. I gotten into a bad habit of waking up late this morning (not good!) and found in my room, my old witch’s hat while I was waking up. Hope you enjoy. 🙂

It was Good Friday and little Amelia was excited. Two days left till Easter, she thought, then I can eat all the chocolate Easter eggs Mummy bought for me. But to an excited, little girl Easter was ages away. So, she couldn’t wait any longer. If only there were a way to magically change time…

There was. Amelia was in the bathroom, brushing her teeth when suddenly, she noticed a strange-looking hat. It was all black and had a top, which pointed to the sky. “What is this?” Amelia questioned. “A witches hat? It’s not Halloween yet”. Despite her puzzlement, Amelia had a strange feeling in her guit. What were her instincts trying to tell her? Should she try the hat on? This gave Amelia an idea. “What if I try the hat on and magically change time? Then I can have all the chocolate to myself!”

And that’s just what she did. When she put the hat on, Amelia started to notice swirls, twirls, magical stars and magic wands; the magic was working! After a brief moment, it stopped. Amelia turned around and cheered happily. She ended up in her family kitchen and noticed that the calendar had a red circle on the date – Easter Sunday

In no time, Amelia rushed to the table and ate all the eggs she could find. However, it take long for her to feel sick. “Maybe, eating all of those eggs wasn’t such a good idea after all”, she said. Amelia was right; not she was under the weather, but she got into trouble with her parents too.

“Oh, Amelia”, said her mother. 

“What are we going to do with you?” asked her father.

From that day on, Amelia never ate Easter eggs again. But remember, you don’t always to end up like Amelia. She said to me that good, nice children like yourself should save your eggs for another day or share them with your siblings, cousins or friends. “Easter is a time of sharing and caring about others is the most important thing to do”, she reminds us. I believe Amelia makes a very good point; don’t you? 

Happy Good Friday everybody. 🙂

Thoughts from A Rambling Psyche

To start off week 2 of my interactive poetry the lovely writer over at Acting My Life gave me her three words – (Money, Greed, and Power) giving me a theme that I have used many times in the past. So I tried to approach it from a different route this time, so let me know how I did!

The Road to Power

Its hard not to see
That our world runs on money
And that it determines who we will be
That sweet green honey
Drives us all to greed
Because money gives us power
And we all want to succeed
Money can make us feel empowered
We will go to such extraordinary lengths
To acquire it that we begin to forget
Our individual talents and strengths
Becoming heartless husks only seeking to get
What we want with no regard
For those who we are stepping on
Because the…

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Midge’s Tails: Midge At The Dog Show

One afternoon, Midge was downstairs and grooming herself after she spent the morning sleeping in Colin’s bed. When she had finished, Midge thought about what she should do. Why not take a walk around the neighbourhood?

So, Midge went through her cat flap and walked around Queen Elizabeth Street. It was quiet and peaceful; Midge couldn’t hear anything but the chorus of the birds and the silent, cold breeze of the wind.

Suddenly, she heard dogs barking in the distance.

“Where’s that noise coming from?” she said. “ I’m going to investigate”.

After crossing the road, Midge arrived on the bright, green cricket pitch and couldn’t believe her eyes. Everywhere around her, there were dogs. Boxers, Labradors, Poodles and Jack Russell’s. Midge also found Colin, Freddy and Izzy who were taking part in the show too.

“I wonder what’s going on?” she thought.

Midge walked up to greet Freddy and asked him what was happening.

“It’s a dog show”, replied Freddy.

“A dog show, Freddy?” Midge asked. “What’s a ‘dog show’?”

“It’s a special event where dogs and their owners participate in contests and win prizes”, answered Freddy.

“Sounds like fun”, said Midge. “Which categories are you entering?”

“I’m entering the ‘Don’t Eat the Sausage’, ‘Best Dog’, ‘Best Trick’, ‘Waggiest Tail’ and ‘The Dog That the Judge Would Like to Take Home’”.

“Good luck, Freddy”.

Midge left Freddy and continued walking around the arena. Then, she bumped into Izzy. She was talking to Charlie, Sue and Minnie; they were taking part in the show too. Midge asked which contests they were entering.

“I’m entering for “The Most Appealing Eyes”, said Minnie.

“The Dog Who Is Most Like Its Owner”, said Izzy.

“Best Condition”, said Charlie.

That’s because you are hopeless”, snapped Izzy. “No one wants to a loser like you”.

All the dogs, expect Sue howled with laughter. Then, they left her and Midge to find their owners.

“I don’t know Midge”, replied Sue. “Maybe Izzy, Minnie and Charlie are right. What am I good at besides looking after my owner?”

Midge said nothing.

“Exactly: nothing”. Sue walked away in floods of tears.

Poor Sue, thought Midge; she knew how desperately Sue wanted to participate like the other dogs.

The dog show was about to start and Midge went to find a spot to sit. She found one near the ring while, one-by-one, she watched the dogs, their owners and the judges come and go.

Freddy won 1st prize for “The Dog That the Judge would Like to Take Home”, Izzy won 6th place for “The Dog Who Is Most Like Its Owner”, dressing up as a fairy, Minnie came 2nd for “The Most Appealing Eyes” and Charlie received 3rd place for Agility, when his owner put him at the last minute.

Then to Midge’s surprise, Sue entered the ring with her owner, Jim May. She was delighted, “Looks like Sue has found a contest to enter in”, she said.

However, Midge was wrong; standing next to Sue and Jim was a judge, who was dressed very smartly. He was tapping on the microphone to get the audience’s attention. “Ladies and gentleman, May I have your attention please”, he said.

“I normally don’t give out prizes to non-competitors, but I am here to represent a special rosette to Jim May and his dog Sue. While I was judging, I noticed this inspirational pair”.

Then, the judge told the audience the story of Jim, who was blind from birth and diagnosed with autism at a young age. Jim and his family then adopted Sue and it changed his life.

“Their stories have touched my heart”, the judge concluded, “So I hereby give this rosette to Jim and Sue May”. The audience clapped and cheered as Sue and Jim were presented with their special rosette.

“Now I understand”, said Midge. “Sue showed the judge and the audience that winning isn’t everything, but everyone is special”.

But there was one who didn’t agree with the judge’s decision. “That’s not fair”, snapped Izzy. “Sue doesn’t deserve that prize!”

Midge was angry; “You shouldn’t be jealous, Izzy”.

“I don’t care, Midge; I’m better at competing than Sue!”

Suddenly, Midge began to lose her temper. She hissed, and then chased Izzy around the pitch. “That’ll teach you to blow your own trumpet!” she said.

After chasing Izzy, Midge left the dog show. When she arrived back home, Midge walked through the cat flap, climbed up the stairs and jumped back into Colin’s bed.

Midge was about to sleep when she was disturbed by Colin. He picked Midge up and cuddled her in his arms. “Hello, Midge”, said Colin. “I’ve missed you”.

And I missed you, Midge thought cheekily.

Midge snuggled into her owner’s arms, and purred and purred until she fell fast asleep.

© 2015

You (Interactive Poetry Challenge)

This is a poem I wrote, as part of the Interactive Poetry Challenge, which is hosted by one of my followes, Dom and his amazing blog, Thoughts From A Rambling Psyche. He has been working in the challenge for three weeks now and I think what he’s doing is really amazing. 

This week, Dom will send his followers three words and they have to write a poem (from scratch), using these words when they give him three words. I hesitated no time to particapte; the words I gave him were “89”, “Time” and “Crime”. And in return, he’s given me “Flow”, “Wind” and “Dust”, which I have used in this poem. 

I hope you guys enjoy it and good luck with the week three, Dom. You’re doing really well. 🙂

I couldn’t stop,

Stop to think of you; 

My mind is full of memories,

Memories, full of me and you.

Through a flow of people,

I see you, you inside my mind,

While trying to forget

What we had left behind.

You were the water for my nourishment,

You were the wind beneath an angel’s wing,

You were the life and soul of the party,

While you were looking so cool and really arty.

 Now you’re gone

And I feel so crushed;

All we had is now

A pile of crumbling dust.

© 2015

Blogging Site Update :)

Hi, everyone; Gigi here.

I hope everyone is having good spring weather (or late-winter, as it is in the UK).

First, I want to apologise for not blogging a few days; I’ve been really busy with Drama school. At the moment, we are in our final days until the first night of 12 Angry Men. I’ve been attending a lot of rehearsals, which meant I spent a lot of time off my computer. However, I have a day off today so it gives me plenty of time to catch up on stuff I’ve been missing. (Yay! 🙂 )

But, I may be off for a few days this week, as the show runs from Thursday to Sunday this week, plus I have Tech and Dress rehearsals tomorrow and Wednesday. But in the meantime, please feel free to have a look and read my other posts. I would love to hear from you guys.

The second reason why I haven’t been blogging is because I’m in the process of writing my first novel. However, I have been sworn to secretly until it is near completion; it might take a few years but we’ll see how it goes. Plus, I’m unsure what to do with it afterwards. I’ll try and keep you guys updated as soon as I can.

While I’ve been off, I’ve been getting emails (from WordPress) of you fantastic articles – poetry, articles, even pictures. They all look marvellous; I know I may never get a chance to comment on them but they are wonderful. I cannot wait to see and read more of them in the future.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’ll try and publish new blogs up today, but I don’t know how it’ll go.

Best wishes,

Gigi. 🙂 xx

Midge’s Tails: Midge Goes To School

At 16 Elizabeth Crescent, lived a cat called Midge. She lived with the Latimer family; there was Dad, Mum and their son, Colin.

Midge is a young cat, with a heart of gold and a friendly personality.

She is also a curious cat, who loves adventure. Sometimes, her curiosity gets her into serious trouble!

But most of all, Midge likes to sleep. Every evening till morning, she would jump up on Colin’s bed and sleep on top of his patchwork quilt, where she dreams of chasing rats and mice. However, sleepy Midge doesn’t like waking up in the mornings. Instead, she prefers to snuggle down on the quilt.

One morning, Midge was rudely woken by the sound of Colin searching his room. She got up, stretched, yawning and sat upright. Midge saw that Colin was in a hurry.

“I’m going to be late for school”. He cried. “Where did I put these conkers?”

Midge couldn’t stand the noise! “I need to find somewhere else to sleep”, she said.

She found Colin’s book bag on the floor. “This will do, purr-fectly”, Midge said happily.

She leapt from the bed, walked towards the bag and crawled inside.

There wasn’t much room for Midge to curl up and sleep. Inside, she was squashed between Colin’s pencil case, homework diary and school books. “It’s better than nothing”, Midge said, before she went back to sleep.

Colin found his conkers and placed them in his trouser pocket. Then, he collected his bag and headed off to school.

However, he didn’t notice Midge’s tail which was sticking out of the bag.

Colin arrived at school and begun to settle in. He sat at a desk with Elizabeth Harris, Toby Times, Maggie Johnson and Jane McPherson. Their teacher, Miss Chiltern started the day with Literacy.

“Now children”, said Miss Chiltern, “I presume you have learned your words for your spelling test today”.

The children said nothing.

Underneath Colin’s desk, Midge woke up from her sleep. She poked her head out of the bag and realised she wasn’t in Colin’s bedroom. She started to panic and began to meow very loudly.

Hearing Midge’s meow, Miss Chiltern’s class turned to the back of the room to see where the noise was coming from.

“Who made that noise?” Miss Chiltern said angrily.

Again, the children said nothing.

“Oh, dear”, Midge said nervously. “If they see me, I will be in trouble”. So, Midge quietly sneaked out of the bag, out of the classroom and explored the building.

Later, Midge returned to the classroom. However, she noticed there was no one in the room. “Where did they go?” she said.

Then, she heard the door opening; Miss Chiltern and the children were returning from their P.E lesson.

In a panic, Midge hid underneath Miss Chiltern’s desk.

“Now, children”, Miss Chiltern said, “We have thirty minutes until lunch time. So, it’s time for ‘Show and Tell’. I want everyone to take out the—their—” Miss Chiltern sneezed and sneezed and sneezed.

“I do apologise”, she said but in the middle of her sneezing, she stood on Midge’s tail.

The tabby cat shrieked, causing the entire class to jump.

“Who made that dreadful noise?” Miss Chiltern asked. She turned to face Colin.

“No, Miss. I didn’t do it, I swear”, he replied.

“I hope you’re not lying. If you are, I’ll have to report you to the headmaster”.

“Look!” cried Elizabeth Harris. The whole class turned to look at Miss Chiltern’s desk.

There sat Midge; she was happy to see Colin. Colin wasn’t happy to see Midge.

“Whose cat is this?” Miss Chiltern asked. “Tell me now; I’m allergic to cats”.

“She’s mine, Miss”, replied Colin. “ I’m really sorry; I don’t know how she got here”.

“You know the school doesn’t allow pets”, Miss Chiltern said. “Since you have brought her to school, I would like you to give a class talk about your cat for our show and tell lesson”.

Colin stood in front of the class and began to speak, with Midge in his arms. “This is my cat, Midge”, said Colin. “ I’ve had her for three years now. She used to be my Nan’s cat but when my Nan died; Midge came to live with us. I love Midge; she’s my best friend.

“Midge is friendly with children and loves an adventure as I discovered today.

“I wouldn’t trade Midge for anything, not even for a set of cards. I hope she will live forever and ever. Thank you”.

Colin’s classmates clapped their hands but Miss Chiltern wasn’t so pleased.

“Well, Colin”, she said, “Your classmates loved your presentation. I think you deserve a gold star”. Miss Chiltern placed the star on Colin’s school jumper.

“What about me?” Midge thought. “Don’t I get a sticky thing too?”

Miss Chiltern ignored the tabby cat.

“I guess not”, thought Midge.

But Miss Chiltern secretly smiled at Colin as he stroked his cat, who purred, and purred, and purred.

When they got home, Colin told his parents about his day and what happened at ‘Show and Tell’.

“Well, well”, said Dad. “I think we have to keep an eye on Midge from now on. “You were lucky not to be reported to the headmaster; otherwise you would have been in real trouble”.

“Yes”, Colin said, “but Midge did make Miss Chiltern sneeze. You showed her, didn’t you, Midge?”

But Midge had drifted off to drunk the bowl of milk Mum had put down for her. “This is delicious”, she thought.

Then, Midge went upstairs and fell fast asleep on Colin’s bed.

Midge Sleeping

© 2015

What is the Meaning of Love?

This is another Valentine’s/Single Awareness Day poem I’ve written in my spare time. I had written this poem a long time ago, while I was entering for a competition where I had to write a poem/poems from the point of view of a character from one of Shakespeare’s plays; this is one is based on the view of Juliet from “Romeo and Juliet”. I hope you enjoy it; if you have ideas to share to write into poems, please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you. 🙂

Forget about violence,

And the hatred we see;

Let’s focus on our love

And my devotion to thee.

I know your name,

And it means everything to me,

Your kindness heals my pain,

Making me alive again.

What is love,

If it’s not a part of you and me;

Is it not a word I speak out loud,

Or a feeling that I cannot express?

Let me ask you a question

And answer me if it’s true,

For I cannot fight no more;

Swear and say “I love you”.

Don’t listen to the world and these lies;

Rescue me from my life and take me into yours.

For, I owe you my heart.

You can be my Romeo

And I can be your Juliet.

© 2015

Broken Hearts

This is another Valentine’s/Single Awareness Day poem I’ve written in my spare time. I had written this poem a long time ago, while I was entering for a competition where I had to write a poem/poems from the point of view of a character from one of Shakespeare’s plays; this is one is based on the view of Beatrice from “Much Ado About Nothing”. I hope you enjoy it; if you have ideas to share to write into poems, please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you. 🙂

I was a victim of l’amour

And I fell under your spell;

You stole my heart away,

But, I see you were a fool.

I see your face,

I frown at your looks

I hear your voice, I snarl in reply,

I stare at your lips and my taste buds start to tingle.

Oh, how I loathe you!

You left many broken hearts,

From the lovers you have kept

But you won’t keep mine

Cause I’m no longer a woman in love.

I’m sick and tired of the life I have,

While my heart aches with sorrow;

Because of you, I will never marry

And I want it that way!

© 2015

Bomb – Song Lyrics

Verse 1

It’s been a while,

Since I last saw you smile;

We were innocent and care-free.

It happened,

Oh, it happened so fast

Cause I thought we would last.

Verse 2

I never thought,

It would end like this,

Saying “goodbye” without a kiss.

Now, there’s nothing more to say

I had to go;

There was no other way.

Bridge 1

You tried to make me,

Into a person you wanted me to be


I’m not having it, baby.


I’m moving on;

On from you, baby.

I am wiser now,

So, hand over the towel.

All we had is gone,

Don’t set off another bomb.

Verse 3

You said

I wasn’t “good enough for you”

I know what you’ve said is true.

Cause no one’s prefect,


No one’s prefect, hey – hey.

Verse 4

I’m no fool,

And not your tool;

I’m a human being,

Cause that’s who I am,


That’s who I am, baby.


I’m moving on;

On from you, baby.

I am wiser now,

So, hand over the towel.

All we had is gone,

Don’t set off another bomb.

Bridge 2

Forget me,

And let me be;

Don’t come

Crawling back to me.

We’re history, baby

That’s the way it’ll be.


I’m moving on;

On from you, baby.

I am wiser now,

So, hand over the towel.

All we had is gone,

Don’t set off another bomb.