Opportunities and Reasons to Find Love – Four Inspirational Examples of Beautiful Online Dating

Author Nicholas Sparks once quote:

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.”

True, love is full of emotions and surprises but what if love doesn’t come to you in real life and you begin to lose hope? Enter online dating.

While some people (particularly family members) may oppose to it, others are for it. Having autism can be tough when it comes to love; some may take it for granted, some may set you up, which ends in disaster and some can leave a question mark over your head. But if you think positive, you’ll discover that finding love online might be a good thing.

Online dating is becoming a growing industry and an alternative to find that “special someone”. Today, it is estimated that 49,250,000 people in the U.S. try online dating and the statistics continue to rise. So to celebrate online dating, I’ve researched and shared true, inspirational stories of couples who’ve found success online from these websites – She Knows and AYl.

Please note that these stories aren’t mine and belong to the original owners.

  • An Final Opportunity to Find Love? Not in This Story!

When you are struggling to find “the one” in your forties, some after trying may think Okay, I give up now. Not this lady. Author Lindsley Lowell had every little success; she even wrote about her past experiences in a book called My Knight in Shining Armour is Coming… He’s Just Stuck in Traffic. However on her fortieth birthday, Lowell’s father suggested her to go back online and try again. Despite her doubts, she returned to Match.com and decided to try for one month. Within two weeks, she someone:

‘Our first phone conversation was two hours long! I broke my rule of no meals on a first online date and made dinner plans. I figured even if there is no chemistry, I know I can talk to this guy. The first date was instant fireworks for both of us. Jonathan had a second date the next night with a girl from online, and he cancelled it, telling her, “I met someone!” After our first date, he knew. I knew. We were engaged six months later and married five months after that.’

So, Lowell’s father’s decision was meant to be.

  • Meeting Someone Whilst You Are A Pre-teen? It Does Happen…

Think Disney movies make up teenage couples getting married and live happily ever after? Think again. In the early 2000’s, Colleen Stinchcombe was home schooled and living in America. When she was a pre-teen, Stinchcombe met “the one” on a chat room. Her interest was fifteen year old and living in Britain. They talked on long distance calls, contacting each other for years before Stinchcombe’s interest came to the U.S. on her sixteenth birthday:

‘And then in June 2007 he flew by himself to the U.S. to visit me for my 16th birthday. We pretended not to see each other at the airport. My mom small talked with him the whole way home while I stayed mute. “Am I not what you expected?” he asked. It was just weird, meeting this person who had only ever existed digitally. “I’ll go get on webcam in the other room if that helps,” he said.

‘He was in the U.S. for two weeks. We spent a lot of time at the 24-hour Denny’s down the street. He learned to like ranch dressing on his salads. He read books over my shoulder for long afternoons. We played cards. We went to San Diego and had to slather him in SPF 50. He asked me to be his girlfriend in a coffee shop on Adams Avenue and when my mom drove him to the airport, an hour and a half away, I cried into his lap in the back seat the whole way. He left for six months and then came back to the U.S. for three months. We both cried when he left.’

Six weeks later and heading to her senior year, Stinchcombe’s interest returned six weeks after their first meeting and decided to get married. As of October 2014, Stinchcombe and her husband have been married for six years and despite their up’s and downs, their marriage is still going strong.

  • First Time Online = Eternal Bliss

In 2012, Pip was trying a first hand on online dating. She signed up to AYl.com after a friend advised her to find someone who would ‘share all the love you have to offer’.

She signed up and what happened next turned into love. A man sent Pip a message, not long after and she started to communicate with him. A month later, she and Dwayne arranged their first date:

‘Both of us were as nervous as hell when we went to dinner, confiding in each other that this was a first time for both of us in trying online dating. But we both laughed and kept going with the date. We went to the movies after dinner and we laughed at all the same spots in the movie.’

Dawayne and Pip fell in love and what was to follow, it became unimaginable:

‘The few weeks after we communicated and saw each other, we both agreed there was something there. Dwayne already had a month-long family trip booked for that fall around Greece and Spain. Dwayne wanted to cancel and I said, “No, go enjoy and I will be the first face you see when you get home.” So off he went and we communicated almost every day. On his return home I meet him at airport at 1:00 A.M. and kept to my word of being the first face he saw.’

A few months later, Dwayne and Pip spent a night in Mandurah, Australia when something unexpected happened; Dwayne proposed to Pip and with tears in her eyes (as well as Dwayne’s), she accepted. Pip and Dwayne are now married and live very happily together as husband and wife.

  • A  Lesbian Relationship That’ll Last

Susan, a divorcee and a bisexual, came out of an emotional abusive marriage and had just spilt up with a female friend when she started online dating (that was suggested to her by a friend). She exchanged messages with others and went on a few dates before finding her partner, Stephanie. It wasn’t long that Susan realised that she and Stephanie had a connection. After a few messages later, the two of them met for coffee which lasted for six hours.

A few years later, Susan and Stephanie moved in together and are living in a what Susan refers to as:

‘A happy, feminist, vegetarian household full of pets and inside jokes. I didn’t just find a girlfriend, I found a friend, a confidante and a partner.’

So there you have it; four stories – the prefect reasons why you should consider online dating. I know I am.

If love doesn’t find you before you’re very eyes, then it could find you on the edge of your screen. 🙂

Love in Ten Sentences [Challenge]

Hiya everyone, Gigi here. 🙂

This post is a special one because this is a challenge I have agreed to participate to help spread the love. Thank you so much to QUIRKYSHINE for nominating me.

If you want to check out her post or her actual blog; please click on the link descriptions below:

Quirkyshine’s Challenge: https://quirkyshine.wordpress.com/2015/03/13/love-in-ten-sentences-challenge/

Quirkyshine’s blog: https://quirkyshine.wordpress.com/author/quirkyshine/

Love can be kind,

Love can be cruel

And love can be strange

But love does bring change;

Love may bring surprises;

Love may have its goodbyes,

But love is seen, inside our eyes.

Love is special, love is gentle,

Love will conquer all, love will stand tall

Because no human love is too big or too small.

My Own Favourite Love Quote:

I love you

And always will.

You’re irreplaceable

Because there is no one like you.

Originally taken (and updated) from My Valentine’s Message to My Parents (14th February 2015)

My Favourite Love Quote:

Let no one

Who loves be unhappy…

Even love unreturned

Has its rainbow


William Shakespeare

My Favourite Love Song Lyrics:

There’s no love like your love

And no other could give more love.

There’s nowhere unless you’re there

All the time, all the way.

(Everything I Do) I Do It For You by Bryan Adams

I now turn to nominate some of my followers to participate. If you accept, you guys have to write a ten line poem, which have to contain the word “love” and can either include your favourite love quote or lyrics at the end.

Here are my ten nominees:



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Eye Will Not Cry

Good luck, guys. 🙂