Heart-to-Heart Friday – Don’t Be A Bully…

Nomination Wednesday – If There Isn’t Hope, He’s Still An Inspiration In the Eyes of Many…

Welcome to another Nomination Wednesday post, where we take a look on the people who have inspired everyone around the world.

This week’s nomination goes to Prince Henry (or “Harry”, as he’s known) of Wales.

About Prince Harry 

Well, there isn’t a lot I can say as everyone knows and has heard of Prince Harry. However, I would like to share some of the many, wonderful charities he supports because they deserve to be mentioned; they include – Sentebale, MapAction and WellChild.

Why Did I Nominate Prince Harry?

Since I was young, I’ve always looked up to Prince Harry. He’s an excellent role model and an inspiration to children. I also admire the charitable work he does – like saving the animals, helping the sick, and wounded and participating in many special events like the Invictus Games for example.

Prince Harry has also inspired me to help others, hence me working at the British Heart Foundation shop. Every charity he supports is wonderful and makes me smile; I wish there were more people like him.

If I had an opportunity right now, I want to thank Prince Harry for helping the community and for the inspiration he has given to the young and young-hearted. Truly, he is a remarkable person. 🙂


Modern Love – A Quote by Sophia Bush

I found this quote, from a small calendar that we have in our computer room. I wanted to show this quote, as I believe it is true especially if you are looking love.

Please note that I do not own the quote as it belongs to the original owner.

So many fairytales we read as children – and the love stories we watch on TV when we’re older – tell us that we’re not enough unless we have man. And it’s like, “No, homie! You can be a bonus when I have time for you in my life”.

– Sophia Bush

Favourite Quotes of All Time!

As many of you know, I love to write quotes on my Waiting For A Rainbow posts. However, I’ve realised that I have never shown you my favourite quotes, written by many others. So without further ado, I will now show you my top five favourite quotes. I hope you enjoy them.

All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players: they have their exits and their entrances; and one man in his time plays many parts, his acts being seven ages.

William Shakespeare

Just say yes: just say there’s nothing holding you back.

Zoe Sugg (a.k.a. Zoella)

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy.

Anne Frank

The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

My greatest beauty secret is being happy with myself. I don’t use special creams or treatments – I’ll use a little bit of everything. It’s a mistake to think you are what you put on yourself. I believe that a lot of how you look is to do with how you feel about yourself and your life. Happiness is the greatest beauty secret.

Tina Turner

Sorry, this post isn’t long; I going to busy for a while as I have a lot of homework to catch up and I’m rehearsing for a secret project (which I won’t reveal until the next Waiting For A Rainbow post). But don’t worry, I’ll be back soon and be posting more blogs!!!!! 

Life Lesson Number 2 – It Isn’t Wrong to Be Young At Heart!!!!!

Ever since I was younger, I use to love my imagination. I loved dressing up, make up stories with my old dolls and drawing in A4 lined notebooks. But for me, memories were my childhood. I remember going to a local country park with members of my materinal family; my Aunts’, uncles’, cousins, my parents, great uncle and great aunt sitting in the sunshine, having a picnic, and playing games; walking in the woodland and us, kids playing “pooh sticks”, over the nearest bridge. 

   It’s bridges like these were my cousins and I played “Pooh Sticks”.

Although memories will always stick with you forever, that doesn’t mean you have to change. Life can be a challenge and I find that to be successful is to simply be yourself. Never let people change you, just for their sakes. 
Next time you see a fallen tree trunk and you want to walk on it, then go for it. If you want to fly a kite, then fly that kite. And if you want to create more happy memories, don’t be afraid. Adults can have treasured moments too. 

To be young at heart is to be yourself. You live in your own world, one full of joy and blissful happiness.