YouTube Struggles I Face

It’s hard to believe this. But five months ago, I started my YouTube channel. In total, I have around ten videos, over seventy subscribers and about 180 views (based on one of my videos). I have been on an amazing journey so far; but I’m feeling that I’m not giving my best.

Aside from work from University, I have other struggles of my own that involve Social Media (a.k.a. YouTube):

  • Language Problem – As well as being on the Autistic spectrum, I have serve Language Problems which have affected my whole life. This means that I misunderstand social situations like political matters, or what people think about me before getting on the wrong end of the stick. E.g., when I say, “I’m beautiful in every single way” instead of “I have to be honest with myself. I’m not prefect on the outside, but I feel that I’m beautiful within”.

Viewers want short, snappy dialogue – which I can understand – but, they don’t want someone who is too big-headed. It’s hard to keep everyone happy; sometimes, it can be hard to make yourself happy with the work you do. Which brings me to my next point.

  • Internet Bullying – They say that everyone has a fear; it’s no big surprise that the twelfth biggest fear is failure (according to The Awesome Daily). And failure can be the cause of negative comments. I’ve had to deal with them and it has not been easy. But receiving a comment from someone behind the screen can make it a lot worse.

When it comes down to this, most YouTubers’ would ignore and carry on. However, the words people say can hurt, whither on or off-screen. So, I guess it’s a Win vs. No Win situation that’ ll repeat itself from time to time.

  • Not Being Self-Critical About Myself – This is the biggest point that I do not take really seriously. Like with the Language problem, I jump into conclusions, without looking at them properly.

And with this, my family have said not to upload videos as I’m rushing into things. But if I don’t see them on my channel, uploaded and ready to be seen, how would I improve my videos? It can take time, but are there other ways to do this?

  • Editing – It’s a problem for my family. Every time I prepare my videos, I have comments about the edits: that they make them sick.

They don’t like how to shorten my videos to make them less than ten minutes long (i.e., when the clips jump continuously). Instead, my family have decided that I should record and run the film throughout, with no cuts (which I know can take a long time). I’ve had experiences, where they think I’ve made no mistakes. On the other side, I don’t think I’m prefect. But to be fair, what makes a prefect YouTuber?

  • Multi-Tasking – I do all the time; work, while listening to music/watch other YouTube videos. I really need to stop but it can be addictive.


It’s hard for me to open up about life behind the screen, even in front of my family (especially since we’re very close). I do want to continue my channel: it’s my favourite pastime. However, I need patience, preparation and time. Sure, I’ll be unsure whither, or not to upload a latest video after editing it, panic about the judgements everyone makes or not being happy about myself. But, I will do my best.

Well, that’s all I have to say for this post. What do you think? Do you struggle with YouTube videos, blog posts, or anything else? And how to you/plan to approach them?

All best,

Sez ūüôā