Waiting For A Rainbow: Catching Dreams – 20th July 2015

20th July 2015

Ever since I came back from Liverpool, things have pretty much changed.

First of these changes is Kat; she moved to the Isle of Wight on the tenth. Before she moved away, we managed to meet up and had dinner at Frankie and Benny’s. We had a wonderful time and a lovely conversation. After her move, we began to contact each other. I’m pleased to say that Kat is doing well and is enjoying the Isle of Wight. She really misses London, though and cannot wait to meet up with me again. Kat said she’ll come back in September for a week so hopefully we’ll see each other then. Let’s just hope I don’t get tangled up in things…

Next is Drama school. My peers and I have been spending our final weeks sorting out stuff. I’ve also had my sign language examination. I’m not sure how it went or what really happened because it was over pretty quick. I am now waiting for my results, which properly won’t come until September. Outside of lessons though, there’ve been a few feuds between my friends that have involved arguments but no physical fighting was involved (thank goodness). My friendships with many of my peers are straining too; I feel that I’m changing because I’m starting to see who is really there for me and who understands me for who I am. And to be honest, not many do. It’s really sad but that’s the way it goes. I’ve never had lasting friendships while I was at school (all apart from one) and it’s something I’m used to because it is always a learning curve for me. I only want to around those who really care and see me for myself, just as much as I would see them as they are.

As for Stu, he has now graduated. I haven’t seen him but I’ve been trying to give myself space from him when I do; so I can concentrate on myself. What happened between us is now history; good and bad memories and I’ll leave at that. But despite our differences, I wish him well for the future. Now, I can finally let go of my anger, let go of each other and move on with our lives.

But, all these changes are subsided for now because I’m already off for the summer!

Song #1: School’s Out by Alice Cooper: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDqNHl9ACQs

This is my summer tune; in the summer, I would put it on when I’m YouTube, turn the radio up, and sing or just sing along to it when the holidays start. Nothing like a good summer classic, hey?

And before my holidays began, I managed to finish a half task:

  • Finish Sign Language Online Course
  • Revise Driving Theory
  • Book Automatic Driving Lesson
  • Research and Find Volunteer Projects in the UK or Aboard for 2016
  • Complete My Reading List
  • Organise a photography day
  • Tidy My Room
  • Keep Catching Up With My Blog
  • Do More Art – Buy A Canvas and An Easel
  • Collect all of your spare change. Then, at the end of the summer, cash it in and get something fun
  • Treat myself to a manicure and/or pedicure, or spend the day at a spa
  • Pitch a tent in the garden and camp there for the night
  • Sleep on the porch all night under the stars
  • Attempt to break a world record
  • Go for a hot air balloon ride
  • Write a novel or short story
  • Do something ‘green’ for a change
  • Make a fun summer treat like gummy bear ice pops, watermelon cookies, or campfire cones
  • Go to an amusement park
  • Take a photo every day to document your life for the summer
  • Watch a sunrise on the beach or the sunset
  • Write a handwritten letter to someone, add a stamp and mail it
  • Do something that’s completely out of your comfort zone for a change
  • Clean something you don’t normally clean — like the deck, the garage, or clean your down pillows
  • Write a letter to your current or future child (be sure to include these important things)
  • Create an idea notebook for your dream home

Not bad, hey?

I don’t know what to expect this summer, but I hope it’ll be a blast, an adventure and life changing. So I will expect the unexpected; I already have a good feeling about this. 🙂

Song #2: Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtGY4G7II6s

This song explains my desires, dreams and hopes with this summer and the future including my creative writing. I think I can achieve everything because I’m locked on my targets. 🙂

Waiting For A Rainbow: Catching Dreams – 9th June 2015

                                                                                                                                                                         9th June 2015

Half-term has been and gone; I had to go into Drama school, but luckily it was only for a day. On the last Friday of May, my Mum and I managed to go away for a small weekend holiday to the South West coast of England. My eldest cousin, Freya lives down there as well as my Uncle and Auntie. They just recently moved after my Uncle came out of retirement last year. Their house is stunning; its in a village, the middle of the countryside, with wondrous landscapes of farmland and (what I think it might be) a deserted part of bridge from an old railway line. It is truly remarkable. For the entire weekend, they have been brilliant hosts; they showed us the nearby towns, beaches and a private bluebell wood on the borders of Somerset where my uncle cuts wood before turning it into furniture or wooden bird boxes. My uncle even took me star gazing; there we saw the moon, and it’s lunar craters, half of Venus, stars tailing behind planets, and patterns (through the microscope; the one star I saw had a beautiful pattern, forming as a Celtic cross) and Jupiter. Jupiter was incredible; looking up close with the White ball and two reddish orange strips, you would think that it was a giant marble.

My weekend away was amazing. I didn’t want to leave; I wanted to say forever and ever. But I couldn’t, as I had to go back to Drama school.

Lately, Drama school has been a fair mixture but at the moment, I’m experiencing some negativity. This negative experience is due to not being respected. Every time I am talking, delivering a speech, etc., I find that my peers are laughing at my warm up vocals (were I yawn loudly and stretch to increase my energy) or laughing at something else, or talking whilst I’m sharing or delivering pieces of work. I’ve been through these situations before when I was at school, so I’m no stranger to being invisible.

Also, I’ve noticed this week and last week that my anxiety have increased unexpectedly. I tired everything; breathing excerises, mediation, etc. But nothing’s working. I don’t know why this keeps on happening – it just appears from out of the blue. Everything like keeping with work, trying to work hard and socialising with my peers whilst working has made me feel stressed, tired and now, I’m ill.

I almost fainted during a dance lesson today, due to anxiety and lack of confidence. Now, I’m in bed, resting. Am I pushing myself too much? Am I lacking in work? I know something’s wrong with me and my world, I feel, is crumbling down, brick by brick. I don’t know what to do – the written work seems fine and my friends are talking to me. I just don’t understand myself.

Waiting For A Rainbow: Catching Dreams – 26th May 2015

Bucket List

  • Participate In An Open Mic Night
  • Practise and Travel Independently
  • Go On More Holidays (Local and Aboard)
  • Do Driving Theory and Test
  • Look For Voluntary Weekend Jobs
  • Sign Up For Activities/Volunteer Jobs
  • Talk More Openly About Anxiety Issues
  • Make Sure to Return Library Books on Time
  • Go To Bed At An Earlier Time, Rather than Later
  • Complete Kat Ashley Novel
  • Help Around the House More
  • Do More Drawing and Photography and Zentangles
  • Plan for the Future; Look into Independent Living, Work Places, etc.
  • Work on Anxiety, Drama and Vocal Exercises
  • Cut Down on Fizzy Drinks
  • Study Extra Hard at Drama School
  • Do More Yoga or Mediation
  • Open Up My Imagination A Bit More
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”
  • Do More Creative Writing
  • Be A Zoo Keeper For A Day
  • Learn to Play Guitar
  • Be Friendly to Everyone
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Share Ideas with Teachers
  • Do Extra Work with UniversalExtra
  • Practise Sign Language Weekly
  • Cook More
  • Be thankful with What I Have or Got
  • Enjoy Life, As It Is
  • Keep On Believing and Never Stop Dreaming

Tuesday 26th May

I’ve realised that since I wrote my last two entries, I felt a bit guilty. I was being over dramatic, which has made me stressed, and then really upset and I hate being upset. When I get to this level, I go out of control and believe me, it’s not a pretty sight. I had a thought before today; I was maybe too harsh on Stuart. Okay, call me crazy but I’ve been thinking. He’ll be graduating next month and since that’ll happen, I don’t want to end up in a fight or worse. I know what he had done was wrong and this situation made me lose confidence, but that was all in the past. So, I decided that I’ll be kind around and to him for next four weeks. After that, I’ll move on with my life and carry on with my studies at Drama school. It’s for the best; and if I meet someone, at least I’ll trust my inner feelings and decide whether this person is or isn’t right for me.

Anyway aside from that, I had lessons today and I’ll have no more until Monday. Its half-term this week. As for the rest of the week, I’ll properly have a chill, do some homework and work on social stuff, i.e. , look for holidays. It’s going to be fun, fun, fun. 🙂 I hope.

Waiting For A Rainbow – Catching Dreams – Monday 25th May 2015

Monday 25th May

All this talk of bad experiences yesterday has made me realise something – that no matter how tough life is, you’ve got those who will make you smile.

At Drama school, I have some who do just that. It’s important because when we get to our second year and perform a final show together next summer, we have to be strong and make each day count. Sure, we will have our good days or bad, but we need to always be with each other. Whither it’s cheering someone up when they have stage fright, help with stage movements (without arguing or getting annoyed with them) or just simply smiling and be friendly.

The other day, I felt extremely sick after I overdid myself. When some of my peers realised this, they came to the rescue. They brought me a glass of water to drink, fanned me, and poured water onto my neck to cool me down, checked to see if I was alright and stayed with me until my Dad came to pick me up. They’re really thoughtful to do this and they didn’t have to. But since they insisted, I could I say “no”? Poor Jacob looked in shock when one of the teachers had asked me to fetch me water. I could tell he was worried because he had never seen me sick before. Bless him, though; he’s got a heart of gold just like all the others who helped. 😊

However, it’s also important to consider standing up for yourself, which is the process I’m doing right now. It may not be easy but it’s the risk I have to take. You can do this, Georgina Latimer. You can do this! 😊

Waiting For A Rainbow – Catching Dreams – Sunday 24th May 2015

Sunday 24th May

Ever felt that you’ve had an experience, which you have enjoyed but then you feel hurt, embarrassed and shameless about it afterwards? Well, it’s happened to me. Ever since the surprise party, I’ve been the same.

It turns out that I was wrong to give Stuart a second chance and all through these past two weeks, there has been  some pretty crazy stuff, including a organisation for a reunion party, which I didn’t end up going.

This explains why I was upset last Tuesday. I thought I couldn’t do anything but after words of encouragement from my parents and learning monitor, I thought it was time to face my fears. I spoke to someone about my situation with Stuart. And when Dakota asked me if I was going to make contact with him again, I told her, “No because I don’t want too”.

In all honesty, I feel I was deeply hurt by all of this. 

Also, Dakota’s friendship with me is straining when I found out that Stuart was involving her too. It’s really sad because you don’t want this kind of thing to happen. I would expect anything to happen like this, now I don’t know what to think.

Song #1 – Because of You by Kelly Clarkson: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTTjLxXFg0k

This song explains my past and present feelings with him. I used to listen to this song a lot when many bad things happened to me and after that Christmas. Listening to it now makes me feel that I was going back to square one again and what I can do again to move on with my life. 

Song #2 – Don’t Speak by No Doubt: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ONg4SK39-Kg

This song explains my feelings about my friendship with Dakota right now. Even listening to it is making my heart crush. 😦 

If things get emotional this week, I have to be prepared for it. But right, all I need is a holiday, so I can take the weight off of this situation.

Waiting For A Rainbow: Catching Dreams – Tuesday 19th May 2015

Tuesday 19th May

Social life has been crap today. I’m too stressed, upset and confused; I can’t even look at last week’s roses anymore and I had to bin them.

I can’t talk to anyone, not even for advice. I can’t trust myself for speaking to Ann or any of my friends. I feel I want to run away, but I can’t; I’m so afraid to stand up for myself. I just don’t know what to do. Should I write a letter or should I write something down, then talk to him? I don’t know if I can take on this. My mum says that I’m an adult, but inside, I’m just a kid who is longing for advice. Oh my god, I feel like crying again. I don’t know what to do. 😥


Hello, everyone. 

Gigi here. Now, this is a different post to what I’m used too, but I’ve always wanted to do something like this. This post is inspired from the videos of PointlessBlog and Zoella, two YouTubers of mine who I really, really, greatly admire. In their videos, they talk about their first time doing or facing experiences in the past, I.e, their first time at the cinema. So, I decided to try this out for myself. I scrolled through th Internet and copied and pasted questions everyone has asked and here are my answers. If you guys think it’s about “you know what”, it’s not. So, you have nothing to worry about:

Who was the first person who you cared more about their well being than your own?

My cousin and friend, Ann. I can’t remember what it was, but I’m pretty sure it was when she was doing her A Level finals. I was doing my GCSEs around the same time.

When was your first public speaking success?

Gosh, that’s a tough one. I guess it has to be my first English Speaking Board Examination. When I was younger, I attended the Arden School of Speech and Drama. Every Autumn to Winter, my teacher would enrol her pupils to do these exams. I think I was sixteen at this time. In my exam, I talked about my favourite West End singer, Kerry Ellis, my favourite book – “Running Wild” by Michael Morpurgo and I had to talk about an issue from a newspaper article. (I can’t remember it though.) My final result was a Distinction.

When was the first time you got stitches?

The first time I had a side stitch was when I was eight. My Primary school headteacher made my peers and myself do cross country runs on our local bottom fields (which were large; larger than Wembley Stadium). I wasn’t fantastic at it. I was a very fat child, but I wasn’t obese but the problem was my heart. I was born through c-section, four weeks before my mother’s due date and because of this, one of my lungs (I think it’s my left) wasn’t developed properly. After runs, my heart will pound extremely fast, get really bad chest pains and the agonising stitches on my left hip. My headteacher did nothing and continued to make me run cross country. Because of this, I had to see a doctor from Great Ormond Street Hospital to come to my local hospital and do ultrasound scans on my heart. Luckily, I didn’t need surgery and after Primary, the appointments carried on until I was seventeen.

What was the first thing you learned to cook?

I think I learnt how to cook Shepard’s pie at home. I still love my pies…

What was your first paying job?

Working in my old school cafeteria. I was in Sixth Form when the staff were looking for students who were willing to give up their free lunch breaks to help in the cafeteria. It sucked; I was given little experience since I couldn’t handle the important stuff. Most of the time, I was made to wash the dishes, pots, and pans and the pay was poor too.

When was the first time you flew on an aeroplane?

I was four when I first flew on an aeroplane; my parents and I were on holiday to Canada, as my Dad had cousins up there. And I could remember my Dad, surprising me by coming to see the pilots cabin and watching the sun rise whilst we were flying in the air. It was breath-taking and I will never forget that moment. Of course that was before the 9/11 attacks; I know pilots won’t allow visitors to go to the front of the plane now.

What was the first concert you went to see?

My first concert was seeing Santana at the 02 Arena. I was fourteen at the time; not long after, I had a chance to see Tina Turner (at the 02 again). I haven’t been to another concert since then, as my parents don’t like the venue.

What was the first professional sporting event you went to?

My first event was a football match; I went to see Watford FC playing against Converty, with my local London Brownie Girl Guide group. I was nine at the time. We were invited, specially by the football team. In one way, it was a trip, but Watford lost that day.

How old where you when you had your first kiss?

I was fifteen when I had my first kiss. It was at a friend’s party and we were playing truth or dare. The person I was kissed was a secondary friend of hers – just a total stranger. I was enthusiastic about it at the time as I never kissed a boy before, but the kiss was awful; I guess he didn’t enjoy either, poor lad.

How old where you when you got your first computer?

I was sixteen when I got my first computer. It was an old one my parents used and they were having a new one, so they thought I could have a computer to focus on my studies.

What was the first Youtube video you ever watched?

My first YouTube video I watched was Fred Goes to the Dentist. I was fourteen and I saw this while at a party at a peers house; that was when I began a long term relationship with YouTube. I wonder if the company’s popped the question yet? (J.K.)

Who was the first person you subscribed to on YouTube?

I can’t remember but I think it was Fred… 

What was your first alcoholic drink? 

My first drink was champagne. I can’t remember when I had it, though. It must have been at a wedding.

Who was your first pet?

My first pet were two kittens; sisters from the same litter. I adored them so much. I could remember playing football and sharing crisps with them. They were like my BBF’s. Sadly, one of the sisters died of mysterious circumstances when she was two. I still have the other sister whose doing expectantly well. She’s happy as Larry, but she be really bossy at times. Despite this, I really, really love her. 😊

Who was your first celebrity crush?

My first celebrity crush was Daniel Radcliffe (and still is, hehehe). 

Where was your first sleepover? 

The first sleepover I can remember was at my Godmother’s house. My mum was working on a night shift during this time and my Godmother said she could look after me. I loved seeing my Godmother; she’s really fun to have around and I had a wonderful time. I can also remember playing the scales in her kitchen. I don’t why but I used to love the smell of copper. I would frequently smell the scent once I had touched it with my fingers. Maybe I was a weird kid back then. 
The rest of the sleepovers I had (with friends) weren’t fantastic. When I was younger, I would get homesick a lot. It was really bad, but I’m okay with it now.

What was the first thing you did this morning? 

I watched YouTube videos (like I always do). 

What was the first movie you remember seeing?

My first movie I can remember seeing is Disney’s Tarzan. I was five when my Mum took me to the cinema to see this film. And I can remember being really quiet and just looking at the screen from start to finish; the scene I can mostly remember is when Tarzan and Jane put their palms together for the first time. My fascination of Tarzan has grown ever since and I hope that I’ll find my own Tarzan one day. 😊

What was the first sport you were involved in?

My first sport was swimming. I used to adore it when my Dad took me out every Sunday. We would go to my local leisure centre, swim, and play in the pool and have chips in the local cafe afterwards. When I was eight, I joined an organisation called the Special Olympics and I competed in a swimming regional. I was one of the youngest competitors and I managed to gain three gold medals – two for me and one for my local team. It was one of the most proudest days of my life. I haven’t competed since, but I go swimming from time to time. 

What was my first piercing? 

My first piercing was my ears. I had them done at the grand old age of eighteen. It was really painful but the pain has been worth it because now, I have lots of earrings (I’m also an earring-holic!) 😆

Well, that’s it, I hope you enjoyed enjoyed reading this post. I have head off now otherwise I’ll be late. What was your first experiences? Please share them in the comments below.