Historically Inaccurate, But Very Entertaining – My Review of Bill

Funny, clever and historically inaccurate, Bill is certainly a comedy that you wouldn’t want to miss.

So, what’s the story? Set in his “lost years”, William ‘Bill’ Shakespeare is struggling to achieve his dream of becoming a playwright in London. Meanwhile, Philip II of Spain is hatching a ‘Plan B’ plan to murder Queen Elizabeth I and to restore England as a Catholic country again. Then, ciaos breaks lose when the two men meet. It’s up to Bill to save the day, but will he be able to save the Queen in time? You’ll have to watch to find out.

The storyline is very creative. Although it is unknown about Shakespeare before he made it big as a playwright, the way the film is portrayed is a classic; very traditional Horrible Histories fashion. As a teenager, I was obsessed with the television shows. It was the one to watch at Secondary school and I fell in love with the show from the very beginning to the end. Watching Bill brought back so many memories and it was pleasure to see the cast again, only this time, they were on the big screen. 😉

The cast are funny, talented and spectacular. As well as the amazing H.H team, we’ve also got the chance to see more film stars including Damian Lewis, his wife Helen McCrory and Justin Edwards. They delivered an inclusive, comedic environment where every member of the cast has a turn to portray more than one character from the famous to the ordinary. Each character is the icing on the cake – they’ve been remarkable and fascinating to see. Some times, they are hardly recognisable. There are no more words to describe this wonderful cast; they are very, very good. 🙂

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed Bill and give it a 9.5 out of 10. I highly recommend watching it either in the cinema or when it comes out on DVD. However if you are a parent of very small children or children who are not used to violence or blood, I strongly recommend you to watch with them because there are a couple of scenes of them.

Nomination Wednesday – Tudor’s Queen of Hearts

Welcome to another Nomination Wednesday post, where we take a look on the people who have inspired everyone around the world.

This week’s nomination goes to Catherine of Aragon, the first wife of Henry VIII.

About Catherine of Aragon 

Catherine, the youngest daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon and Isabella I of Castille, was born in Madrid, Spain in 1485. At the age of five, she was bothered to Arthur, Heir to the Throne of England. At sixteen, Catherine and Arthur were married. However five months later, Arthur died of tuberculous. Seven years later, Catherine married Arthur’s younger brother, the newly crowned Henry VIII.

For a while, her marriage to Henry was a happy one. However, Catherine was unable to provide Henry with a son. Only a daughter, who was the future Mary I. The marriage came crashing down when Henry became attracted to one of Catherine’s ladies-in-waiting, Anne Boleyn.

Henry’s liaison with Anne changed English History, when he broke with the Catholic church when the Pope refused him an annulment from Henry’s marriage to Catherine.

Catherine was sent away and for the rest of her life, Catherine lived in exile in The More and Kimbolton Castles. Catherine died in 1536 and was buried in Peterborough Cathedral.

Why Did I Nominate Catherine of Aragon?

Although she is a tragic figure, Catherine had a strong nature. Living with an unfaithful, then turned selfish King, having great pride for her people, and country, Catherine is a prefect example of being the independent, brave and daring woman. She fought for her rights, she fought for the safety, and protection of others and finally, she fought for her life. Catherine was a leader who had a mind of her own, but sadly lost for the time she lived in wasn’t on her side.

Catherine has taught me what love should be scarified and protected for – especially if you have been hurt and thrown away by the people, who you thought they would be with you for the rest of your life. Her courage and battles have inspired to move on, work and fight, until I achieve my goals. Also her life has shown that in times of struggle, your voice can stand out (even in the tiniest detail). She’s one of England’s first Queens who won the public’s hearts and she certainly won’t be the last. 😉

Monday Travel Songs – Relaxing the Mind 

Welcome to Monday Travel Songs, where I post and share geographic songs from all over the world. In this week’s post, we’ll be travelling to India with a beautiful song that’ll take your mind away.

Week Number Seven – Pi’s Lullaby by Mychael Danna: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlCYCV1nuZc

Why Did I Choose This Song?

Life of Pi is one of my favourite life action films ever and this song gives me chills and relaxes my mind very time I listen to it. It’s a fantastic, peaceful and beautiful song that I highly recommend to listen. You’ll mind will be instantly relaxed in no time. 🙂

Alas, Dear Benedict. You Hit Me Well – My Review of Sonia Friedman Productions Hamlet

Never have I ever cried throughout an entire performance, because of an emotional attachment to a main character. And it’s not because I have a crush on an actor! That was, until I saw Hamlet at the Barbican Theatre.

I attended the show, with my Drama school, as part of our theatrical understanding of William Shakespeare. Before I went, I heard negative feedback from my peers – not just about Hamlet, but Shakespeare in general, as his writings [according to one] were excluding and difficult to understand. So, I went with high-hopes and I came out of the theatre, still recovering from my tears.

For those who haven’t heard of Hamlet, I’ll narrow the story down for you:

Hamlet’s father, the Old King of Denmark has been murdered by his jealous Uncle, Claudius. Not long after his death, Claudius marries Hamlet’s mother and sits upon his throne. Disgust by his Uncle and depressed by his loss, Hamlet then suddenly becomes addicted to revenge. By doing so, he loses everything and everyone he loves – his friends, fiancée, and even his own family. 

Although the story is timeless, I noticed how Sonia Friedman, the producer of the show cleverly hinted some things about each character and situation in the story. For example, Hamlet playing with his castle and dressing up as soldier. What does it show the audience? Does it represent madness or simply the loss of a Prince’s childhood? They are cleverly delivered and shown in a way that the audience can understand perfectly, if they either have or haven’t seen a Shakespeare play before.


Benedict Cumberbatch as Hamlet, Prince of Denmark

The cast delivered a first class performance, especially Benedict Cumberbatch who made me cry for start to end. Even his version of Shakespeare’s famous “To Be or Not to Be” speech had me in floods of tears, as I mouthed the words along with him. Every time he cried, I cried with him. Somehow, Cumberbatch’s performance has taught me that a true actor must express his emotions. And he has done it well. If it must be, I believe Hamlet is Cumberbatch’s finest performance of his career.

And finally, I want to give a shout out to Es Devlin for his amazing work on the set. It is one of the finest of theatrical sets that you’ll ever see – it’s like an actual, beautiful dining room in a magnificent palace. The set is cleverly detailed, allowing the audience to understand the stability of the Royal family in the play from start to finish. It was breath-taking and very chilling, at the same time.

Overall, I give Hamlet a trillion out of ten. It is a wonderful, creative, well-thought out and emotional performance. I would highly recommend to see and book pretty quickly, because when I saw the show, it was a sold out event. Also, I recommend to bring plenty of tissues and leave them close to you.

Silly Bucket List Sundays – Items #40 – #45

Hello, everyone.

It’s that time again; for another Silly Bucket List Sunday.

Here are the next things that I’ll never do – some of them are silly and the rest are really daring.

  • Eat a three packets of bagels in an hour


  • Go ice skating in the Summer
  • Dress up as a Disney character in Universal Studios
  • Wear a tiara for a day – in public
  • Paint a stranger’s make-up – clown paint!
  • Play football – on a Football Table!


Fact of the Saturday – Chips Away!!!! Or Not?

In the Second World War, lots of food were rationed. Through this move, the health of the Working Class improved. However, Fish and Chips were the only takeaway food that escaped the Food Ration. Extermely lucky for those who are fans of Britain’s National Takeaway Meal. 😀