Witch’s Hat on Good Friday

Note: This is just a short story I’ve made up. I gotten into a bad habit of waking up late this morning (not good!) and found in my room, my old witch’s hat while I was waking up. Hope you enjoy. ūüôā

It was Good Friday and little Amelia was excited. Two days left till Easter, she thought, then I can eat all the chocolate Easter eggs Mummy bought for me. But to an excited, little girl Easter was ages away. So, she couldn’t wait any longer. If only there were a way to magically change time…

There was. Amelia was in the bathroom, brushing her teeth when suddenly, she noticed a strange-looking hat. It was all black and had a top, which pointed to the sky. “What is this?” Amelia questioned. “A witches hat? It’s not Halloween yet”. Despite her puzzlement, Amelia had a strange feeling in her guit. What were her instincts trying to tell her? Should she try the hat on? This gave Amelia an idea. “What if I try the hat on and magically change time? Then I can have all the chocolate to myself!”

And that’s just what she did. When she put the hat on, Amelia started to notice swirls, twirls, magical stars and magic wands; the magic was working! After a brief moment, it stopped. Amelia turned around and cheered happily. She ended up in her family kitchen and noticed that the calendar had a red circle on the date – Easter Sunday

In no time, Amelia rushed to the table and ate all the eggs she could find. However, it take long for her to feel sick. “Maybe, eating all of those eggs wasn’t such a good idea after all”, she said. Amelia was right; not she was under the weather, but she got into trouble with her parents too.

“Oh, Amelia”, said her mother. 

“What are we going to do with you?” asked her father.

From that day on, Amelia never ate Easter eggs again. But remember, you don’t always to end up like Amelia. She said to me that good, nice children like yourself should save your eggs for another day or share them with your siblings, cousins or friends. “Easter is a time of sharing and caring about others is the most important thing to do”, she reminds us. I believe Amelia makes a very good point; don’t you? 

Happy Good Friday everybody. ūüôā

Thoughts from A Rambling Psyche

To start off week 2 of my interactive poetry the lovely writer over at Acting My Life¬†gave me her three words ‚Äď (Money, Greed, and Power) giving me a theme that I have used many times in the past. So I tried to approach it from a different route this time, so let me know how I did!

The Road to Power

Its hard not to see
That our world runs on money
And that it determines who we will be
That sweet green honey
Drives us all to greed
Because money gives us power
And we all want to succeed
Money can make us feel empowered
We will go to such extraordinary lengths
To acquire it that we begin to forget
Our individual talents and strengths
Becoming heartless husks only seeking to get
What we want with no regard
For those who we are stepping on
Because the…

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Blogging Site Update :)

Hi, everyone; Gigi here.

I hope everyone is having good spring weather (or late-winter, as it is in the UK).

First, I want to apologise for not blogging a few days; I’ve been really busy with Drama school. At the moment, we are in our final days until the first night of¬†12 Angry Men. I’ve been attending a lot of rehearsals, which meant I spent a lot of time off my computer. However, I have a day off today so it gives me¬†plenty¬†of time to catch up on stuff I’ve been missing. (Yay! ūüôā )

But, I may be off for a few days this week, as the show runs from Thursday to Sunday this week, plus I have Tech and Dress rehearsals tomorrow and Wednesday. But in the meantime, please feel free to have a look and read my other posts. I would love to hear from you guys.

The second reason why I haven’t been blogging is because I’m in the process of writing my first novel. However, I have been sworn to secretly until it is near¬†completion; it might take a few years but we’ll see how it goes. Plus, I’m unsure what to do with it afterwards. I’ll try and keep you guys updated as soon as I can.

While I’ve been off, I’ve been getting emails (from WordPress) of you¬†fantastic¬†articles – poetry, articles, even pictures. They all look¬†marvellous; I know I may never get a chance to comment on them but they are wonderful. I cannot wait to see and read more of them in the future.

Well, that’s all I have for now. I’ll try and publish new blogs up today, but I don’t know how it’ll go.

Best wishes,

Gigi. ūüôā xx

Boring Morning ~ A Short Story

“Anything is possible”

As if; I’ve got other stuff to worry about right now than a boring assembly. I mean, what’s the bloody point of planning, or having a future career? I could easily waste my time at University instead of partying all night at the Mango. Getting wasted is fun than reading a long text book.
“Kate”; Sheila, my extremely skinny girlfriend shakes my shoulder to get my attention, “have you thought about going to the career fair?”
“Are you?” I asked, with little interest.
“I am; I’m going during lunch. The fair bets queuing for food in the cafeteria”.
“What’s on the menu?”
“Such as…”
“Potatoes, with nothing else. They haven’t got any salad”.
“Sheila, you’re insane”.
“Kate, if I want to be a proper sexy girlfriend for Ed, I have to make an impression”.
Since last term, Sheila has been ‘hanging out’ with Ed Kingfisher. Ed is in the year above us and is studying A level Biology. Sheila can’t get enough of him. To her, Ed’s more than a friend, he is her ‘rock n’ roll doll’. Sheila loves everything about Ed – his strong abs, short black hair, piercing blue eyes and his straight white teeth (his mother is a dentist, so I guess he get’s regular check-ups).
But losing weight from a size ten to a size two isn’t the way to go.
“I’m sure Ed will like you as you are, Sheila”.
“Not while I’m as fat as a whale!” Sheila’s scream was so loud that the whole assembly hall was filled with silence and everyone turned around to face the two of us.
“Sheila Spot and Katherine Guard!” cries Ms Petal; she is our headmistress. Both Sheila and I knew we were in trouble.
“I see you have chosen to interrupt my assembly. I am gravely disappointed in you both; this isn’t how proper, educated students should be. So because of your actions, I’ve decided to give and your entire year after school detention, in the main hall, today”,
Our year wasn’t happy about Ms Petal’s decision; their moans and groans were louder than Sheila’s screams. Ms Petal then double the detention to two days – after school today and after school tomorrow.
“Thanks a lot, Kat!” said ‘Mick the Geek’, a nerdy-looking boy who always the brightest student in Year 12.
To be honest, I was annoyed at my year more than myself. What have they got against detention, even if it’s for two days? And how hard could it be? It’s just basically sitting around and doing nothing. However every time we get a detention, Sheila and I tend to skip it and today was not different. So signora, suckers! Have fun in detention while Sheila and I hit the shops. Not!

Grief – A Short Story

“Then without another word, he slowly shut the door”.

Miranda couldn’t believe it. She refused to believe it. Her Harry can’t be gone; he had just arrived.
The cold, silent hospital room did little to comfort her. Her baby, born three months premature and fighting for his life in an incubator is now in the hands of God. He was only a day old.
Throughout these past six months, Miranda had been on an emotional roller coaster. She and her fianc√©, Michael had it all planned out; they even scheduled a full life plan. Have a baby, get married, have another baby and so on. However, all that changed when Miranda caught Michael having a liaison with an underage girl. The making out and the fighting still made Miranda’s spine shiver.
When she and Michael spilt up, Miranda went to live with her mother and step-father and has been with them to this day. What could she do? She had no where else to go.
As time went by, Miranda was moving on from Michael, while making preparations for the baby. But, her sudden high blood pressure and the cesarean birth came at a terrible price. Miranda was helpless as the doctors and nurses did their best to save both mother and baby. Sadly, it was not to be.
The doctor’s words were echoing around Miranda’s head; she could feel the pressure inside her brain, the tension, filling up her lungs and her heart spilt into two.
Then she lost it.
Miranda wailed and wailed. She couldn’t life like this anymore and wished to take her life so she can be with her newborn.
“Where’s my baby?” Miranda cried, but there was no answer.
“Where’s Harry?”
Again, no reply.
“Where’s my child? Please, let me see my child. Oh, Lord, help me!”

© 2015