Romantic Ruins, More Beaches and Delicious Restaurants’ – My Second Review of the South Coast

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What more than just the countryside? Well, look no further. The South West Coast reviews are back again!

Nearly a year after our last visit, my Mother and I decided to spend another trip to see our family again for the Easter Holidays. Although the weather isn’t warm (unlike London), we decided to make the most of it. We didn’t stay long this time, as it was approaching to the end of my break. We would have liked to stay longer; alas, that wasn’t to be. Despite this, we have enjoyed our mini-holiday. Again, I offer a huge thanks to them for being wonderful hosts; it’s a pleasure (as always) to have their company. This is what happened:

Day One – Took a walk on West Bexington beach, before heading to dinner at the No 6 Restaurant in the heart of Dorchester. 

Arrived in the afternoon. Had a steady walk on the beach, minus the strong, heavy wind. Walked for about half-an-hour.

In the early evening we travelled to a decent, yet quiet restaurant. In fact, we were the only one’s there. To be honest, it was in a tight street corner, which made it impossible to be seen. If there isn’t anyone who hasn’t been to the restaurant before, then where have you been? The owners of No 6 were extremely friendly and provided excellent hospitality. The food was top-notch. Rather than your usual heat-eat ready meals, the chief provides customers fresh, ready-to-eat meals on your plates: from the small appetisers to the breakfast-plate desserts. I also have to give them a huge credit to how they dealt with those who have allergies. Not only they give you clear information of what they could replace with on your dishes, but they also kindly give you food substitutes to replace the usual bread, and butter (before your main dish, or with your starter) and explaining to their customers about what’s in them, i.e., ‘the rice cakes are made with corn, and are gluten and wheat-free’. No problems with my experience at all: however, one small tip – dress casually, as No 6 is very posh.

Day Two – Went to visit Corfe Castle, headed to the Tea Shop for Morning Tea and looking around the village. Then, travelled to Studland Bay; had an hour walk, before making a stop at The Halfway Inn Pub and Restaurant for some late lunch. In the evening, we went for a walk in the countryside, near Frampton Village.  

School holidays never fails to disappoint all. So, it’s no surprise that Corfe Castle is the King of entertainment. Come rain or shine, activities are provided for all ages; from the tiny tots to the energetic over sixties. There are demonstrations of Medieval weaving, cooking and historic talks of swords. You can even practice your archery skills and see how you go. But the main attraction has to be the castle. Considered to be England’s romantic castle, Corfe is a crown jewel for every historic eye. It has a one thousand year history, full of excitement and wonder. Every crenellation and stone is worth stopping for; even the breath-taking view from the Keep is picturesque.


View of the Castle grounds and village, from Corfe’s Keep tower.


To end our morning, we stopped at the Tea Rooms and we’re served, with the fashionable displays of tea, cappuccino’s and apple juices. Afterwards, we went around the shops before heading back to the car park, via the New Inn.

Next stop was Studland Bay. The beach did have a couple of walkers, even though it was getting close to high tide. We had fun and there was plenty to see, including a training exercise with the Coastguard and the Lancaster.


View of Studland Bay.

We got hungry after our walk, so we paid a visit to The Halfway Inn, a pub and restaurant in the middle of the countryside. The Inn was in a cosy, friendly environment. And like No 6, the staff were really friendly and were very good with customers who had dietary requirements. The only downside we had however, were the waiters, serving the incorrect meals. This meant that we had to wait for an extra four to six minutes to the right ones to arrive. It was only a small issue, so there was reason to make a huge fuss about.

Later on in the day, we decided to walk around Frampton Village. Starting from the Village car park, we pasted Millennium Park, went over The White Bridge, and headed through Metlands Wood, via Tibbs Hollow. We then ended our evening constitutional, down the Roman Aquaduct and Frampton Park, before heading back to the Hall.

What’s a way to spend a beautiful day by spending quality time with your family. From Stonebarrow Hill, the views of the sea were spectacular and breathtaking (especially when the sun was out). When we went on the walk around the Hill, and Golden Cap, I noticed that there were a lot of steep steps and hills. But in between  there is farmland, landscapes and St Gabriel’s Chapel, a small, romantic, thirteenth century ruin, which is now a place of worship. My uncle, auntie, cousin, parents and I have enjoyed our afternoon, from the picnic to the walk – it was a wonderful experience. I recommend the Hill and Cap, as a wonderful day out. Also, I suggest to bring a picnic but near the car park, as it would be easier than carrying heavy bags and walking around the steep cliffs.

Day Three – Spend our last morning back in Frampton Village; this time, we took a longer walk …

The weather was calm and bright; a prefect end for our mini-holiday. We decided that before hitting the road home, my Mother and I would join our family on a last walk outside Frampton Village. This walk was in Nunnery Mead, a nature reserve. We started via the same route, only to change direction when we approached Southover. Then, we continued past Maiden Newton and into the woodland, before arriving at the reserve. Nunnery Mead is full of woodland; it also has two excavation sites – one was a Roman Villa and the other a Medieval Village. And to top it all off, there are short pathways where you can walk, whilst listening to the peaceful sounds of the River Frome. If you lucky, you might also hear the distant sounds of resident peacocks or newborn Spring lambs.


Overall, we’ve enjoyed our second stay in the South West; in fact, it was bigger and better than the first time. Each time we come down, I feel I’m already home. A home of which I can belong too, as well as for those who enjoy the taste of the English Countryside. In my last review, I remember saying:

It has been a wonderful experience and we are sad to leave. But as we do, we leave behind the memories of our week’s stay and the wonders we’ve experienced and enjoyed. I’m delighted to share them with you in the hope that one day, you will share and have many experiences when you visit the South West Coast of England.

While the feelings for leaving are so strong, I’m already seeing the positive vibe I have about the South West. There’s no doubt that they’ll be more experiences to come. It may not have tall buildings or have the shine factor (as to the Shard in London); but it has everything to offer.

If you get a chance to visit the South West (especially during the holidays), I would recommend visiting West Bexington beach and Studland Bay during low tides. They should occur during the lunch hour, but check before you travel. For a fair, decent timetable for Tide Forecasts, I would recommend using The Beach Guide. However if you ever visit the beaches during high tide (especially in rough weather), NEVER EVER under any circumstances go near the waves. A lot of deaths have occurred, mostly at West Bexington due to strong currents.

If history is your thing or a simple country walk, Corfe Castle would be a good place to start. However, there are three things to bear in mind:

  1. You’ll be walking up and around the hill, within and around the grounds. So, wear some decent shoe wear.
  2. Wear warm clothing, as there you likely to bump into very cold wind.
  3. Be careful where you go, if you walk around the hill (before the main entrance). There are lot’s of pathways that are close to the edge. It is also really steep and any accident could be seriously fateful. Always stick to the path and keep an eye while you walk.

If you want to walk around Frampton Village, I would highly recommend Tibb’s Hallow and Nunnery Mead. But if you come across any wildlife, do not approach them for they maybe protective of their young. Also, wear sensible footwear and be careful when you walk near the River Frome.

If you want to stop for a late luncheon, I would recommend both restaurants. For No 6, I would look out for the Special’s on their board/menu’s; especially anything with fish involved. As for The Halfway Inn, I seriously try the vegetarian Five Bean & Lentil Chilli. It’s gluten-free and tastes amazing when you blend the chilli, rice and nachos together. You’ll really, really enjoy this; it can also be served without cheese.

Anything is made possible and nothing is possible when your there – in the South West.

What I Want to Achieve and Look Forward Too in 2016

Happy New Year, all your lovely readers!

Hope you are enjoying your 2016 so far (even though it’s in melted snow).

For me, a New Year is all about changes and adventure. It is also a exciting moment, were you want to plan to achieve new aims and what you are looking forward to.

I have already made a video of what I want to achieve, but I haven’t done a lot of aims. So if you want to get a head start before continuing, please click the link here:


This post is inspired by thatsobee, who did a beautiful post of her travel bucket list. If you want to check it out, please click and follow her. She is a fabulous blogger and YouTuber who is passionate about her channel and writing. She’s currently in hospital at the moment and with well wishes, I am dedicating this post to her. Get well soon, lovely. 🙂


What I Want to Achieve

  • Carry on with my YouTube Channel

Since I started my channel last September, I have been obsessed with recording and making videos. However, I’ve been bad with uploading new vlogs lately because I was on a break from Drama school and have been catching with friends before I return for the Spring term.  So to discipline myself as well as targeting to stay on top of my classwork, I have decided to span two weeks by uploading a video one week and a post the next. This will mean that it’ll give me time to prepare for a new video on my channel, but still keep active on my blog – just a week apart from each other.

Aside from the schedule, I want to be able to do collaborations with other YouTubers and share some of my hidden talents (which I’m going to reveal, until I show them to you).

  •   Explore, Explore, Explore


As you know, I’m a keen adventurer and I would like to see the world. I have never seen the world (apart from the UK) for a few years and I am very keen to learn cultures, history and wildlife. The places I want to travel this year are:

  1. Belfast, Ireland
  2. Bath, England
  3. Disneyworld, Florida, America
  4. New York City, America
  5. Washington D.C, America
  6. Africa
  7. Venice, Italy
  8. Vienna, Italy
  9. Naples, Italy
  10. The Great Barrier Reef, Australia




  • Studying Online

Yesterday, I have started a free course on the Future Learn website. This course is called Explore Animation, where participants can learn how to create stop motion, 2D, big-scale and CGI animation. I have already completed week 1 and working my way to week 2; it’s a four week course, so it’s not long before I will complete the course.

But, I am keen to learn more online courses. Not just from the creative side, but from the historical and biological ones too as I am keen to to learn more about my four favourite subjects, which are Literature, History, Biology and of course, Performing Arts.


  • Keep Up to Date with my Blog

… I’m not going to contain my shame of my less active life on my blog. It’s so embarrassing


What I’m Looking Forward Too

  • Summer in the City

It was one of the main things that I wanted to do and now, I’m getting a chance to go! This will be my first Summer in the City event and honestly, I am really nervous (but excited at the same time). And what do I hope for following the event in August? New friends and lasting memories. 🙂

  • OneWorld

After last year’s amazing holiday, I am very excited (as always) to return to the festival. We haven’t booked yet, but I am excited to see everyone again and participate in old and new lessons, such as the Comedy Improvisation. If I return, it’ll be my sixth year (which I still cannot believe!). So, it will be a absolute, but spiritual shocker.

  • Graduation

download (1)

And finally, the big one. It’s hard to believe that four years ago, I started Drama school. In these years, I have studied, and graduated the BTEC Dipolma course and began studying the Foundation Degree course. Now, my time as an Foundation Degree student will soon draw to the end this summer. What will I be sad? Of course. And what will I take away from my experience? All the things I’ve learned, including the Inclusive environment that I have …

However, I have been planning of what will happen next year and my first choice is to stay on and do their top up year BA Hons Degree course. I have heard good reviews about the course and it excites me to learn more about the Performing Arts Industry, through the eyes of my school. But if it doesn’t work out, I’ll properly find a job.

They say that everything happens for a reason, and for me, (not matter what happens) I’ll survive.


Well, that’s all for now. But don’t forget, if you want to subscribe to my channel, please check out. I would really appreciate it. 🙂

Take care for now,

Sez Xxxx


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Twitter: actingmylife211


ActingLifeTravels – Stress, Drama and Reality: How to Book a Stress Feel Holiday

After being on holiday to the South West, my family members and I have been talking about going away – for next year. Ann, and I want to Whitby, Belfast and return to Liverpool; I want to go to America and Europe. However, these dream holidays of mine may soon become a reality.

Next year (2016) maybe a unmissable opportunity to go away, on more holidays aboard. And what a better way to start it off by sharing my tips on how to book a stress feel holiday!

As I’m sharing these tips, I’ll be following them too, so you won’t be alone. 😀

Planning Rule #1 – Research

When I want to plan a future holiday (particularly aboard), I would draft everything on my Microsoft Excel 2013 program – including costs of air flight tickets and hotels. That way, I can know which prices and deals are the best to choose.

I recommend trying this option; that way, it can help you relax and feel stress free.

Planning Rule #2 – Wait, Until You Receive a Schedule

Whither it’s a school timetable or asking your boss to give you time off work, don’t plan ahead until you receive your schedule and/or know when your holidays are.

Planning Rule #3 – Look and Discuss

If you live with a partner and/or with a family, it’s best to sit down, discuss and consider where to go on holiday. For example, if you and your loved ones want to go to New York City or Paris, then you have to discuss which destination is closer, what attractions you want to see the most and why? But, don’t go over your slot because you’ll regret it and you’ll be bored.

Planning Rule #4 – Plan a Year to Two Months In Advice

Better to book at this moment, rather than at the last minute. 😉

Planning Rule #5 – When You Got Everything Together, Put Them Away in a Safe Place (Where You Can Find Them), Relax and Be Happy!

And once you are there, you’ll have the time of your life. 😀

I hope these tips will help you turn your dream holiday into a reality. Have the time of your life. 😀

Peaceful Walks, Sandy Beaches and Something Inbetween – My Review Holiday to the South Coast

What do get if you cross sandy beaches, very green landscapes, historic places and some bits all over the place? A holiday in the South West of England! 🙂

We planned to go there for a while as I have family living there; we met up most for most of the week, while my parents and I where down. They took us to many places and on one day my eldest cousin, my Mother and I spent time together, as did my uncle, who spent time with my parents and myself. It was nice to see them, as we missed their company. They haven’t moved there very long (been there since the New Year), but they know the area very well – they suggested the best places to go and what’s on around the county. It was very kind of them; we would have been lost without their help.

Anyway, let’s skip forward to the review, shall we? Here’s what happened during our week and what I thought of all.

Day One – Visited Bridport Town Centre, where we went shopping, and stopped for tea and cake at The Green Yard Café. Then, went to visit the town of Thorncombe before stopping for a late lunch at Lucy’s Farm House & Tea Room. 

Busy morning, followed by a tasteful afternoon was just the ticket for us. We had a lovely look around in the town centre, alongside with a refreshable cup of Latte, and slices of a variety of cakes including biscotti and apple cake. Thorncombe was small and not really interesting. Apart from the churches and really, really narrow lanes. Lucy’s, however, took the biscuit of our first day. The food was incredible – I loved the omelette and my father adored his cream and jam scones. The service was very good too; the owners were very friendly, while the garden was peaceful, relaxing and creative. It had lots of fairy doors and fake animals – warning if you’ve got dogs, the animals will confuse them.

Day Two – Went for a picnic, and walked around Golden Cap and Stonebarrow Hill.

What’s a way to spend a beautiful day by spending quality time with your family. From Stonebarrow Hill, the views of the sea were spectacular and breathtaking (especially when the sun was out). When we went on the walk around the Hill, and Golden Cap, I noticed that there were a lot of steep steps and hills. But in between  there is farmland, landscapes and St Gabriel’s Chapel, a small, romantic, thirteenth century ruin, which is now a place of worship. My uncle, auntie, cousin, parents and I have enjoyed our afternoon, from the picnic to the walk – it was a wonderful experience. I recommend the Hill and Cap, as a wonderful day out. Also, I suggest to bring a picnic but near the car park, as it would be easier than carrying heavy bags and walking around the steep cliffs.



                                          (From above) A pointy view of Stonebarrow Hill and St Gabriel’s Chapel.

Day Three – Spent an entire afternoon, walking along Cogden and Hive Beaches. This was followed by a light lunch, drinks and ice cream at the Hive Beach cafe. 

This was a fairly mixed day, as I had a peaceful day, with just my parents. The Cogden and Hive beaches were spectacular and breathtaking. We were captivated by the beauty of the coast when we saw the view from the cliffs in the middle of our walk. However, I was very disappointed in the cafe; there was very little choice of food – since most of the food there contains gluten and dairy, which I’m allergic too. It’s also bad if you are vegetarian, and allergic to fish, pastry, dairy or gluten. It was very expensive; most of the food costs around £20 maximum and we had to wait a very long time for our food (which was around thirty to forty-five minutes). So if you are not a fan of fish, pastry, gluten, or dairy, I wouldn’t recommend the cafe, unless if you are keen on the drinks and ice cream.

Day Four – This was the day, where I spent time with my cousin and Mother. We travelled to Poole, where we stopped for a short visit to the Poole Pottery. Then, we travelled on board the Castello before spending time on Brownsea Island. There, we walked around, ending the day with a spot of Afternoon Tea.

A favourite place for my cousin, it’s easy to see why Brownsea was a masterpiece. After driving from Bridport, the three of us made a stop in the town centre (opposite the query); there, we had the chance to see the wonders of the local pottery shop. inside, there were items on sale from vases to lamp stands; a section where children can paint their own pottery items and a demonstration room where visitors can see pottery, coming to life by a variety of professionals – from clay to the final preparation. It was amazing experience and so wonderful to see how pottery is made before our very eyes. It was an excellent start to our day.

After our journey on the Castello, to Brownsea. Once we arrived, my cousin, Mother and I helped ourselves to some tea in the house, before eating packed lunch by the sea. It satisfied us enough, but what came next was astounding. What took us two hours to walk around the island, brought breathtaking and emotionally overwhelming. They included seeing seven wild red squirrels, peacocks, and their chicks and the site where the Scout and Guide movements began. This was an exciting and emotional experience for me, as I grew up being a Girl Guide; seeing the stone commemorating Lord Robert Baden-Powell’s Scout group and seeing how it all began was really, really amazing – this is like the holy grail of the Guides and Scouts Association. I shall never forget seeing this special place. Our afternoon tea was fantastic – there were a variety of cakes and teas – they even have a wide selection of gluten and dairy free cakes! I had three helpings of dairy-free Rocky roads, and gluten-free, and dairy-free ginger and raisin cake. Normally, I don’t eat aloof cakes but they were so beautifully prepared that I had more than I should have.

Overall, I would recommend Poole Pottery and Brownsea. Especially Brownsea! You can even stay in the castle on the island, as it is a hotel. If you get the chance, I recommend spending a night there. It’ll be worth it.




(From above) Brownsea Castle, Brownsea Castle, and Seaside and the commemoration stone.

Day Five – Spent a couple of hours with my Mother around Bridport town centre, where it was market day. We’d done some shopping, followed by a tea and cake stop back at The Green Yard.

There wasn’t much to do, since we had rain all day long. However, we did come across new shops and bakeries, including Bella’s and Leakers. I recommend these two bakers, as they prove a wonderful selection of gluten-free bread, pastries and cakes. I was really impressed by their offers and I was tempted to buy one; I didn’t in the end but I certainly will next time. Highly recommend them if you are looking at a little snack or something extra to add if you are planning a picnic. Your taste-buds will be tickling in no time.

Day Six – My parents and I started our day, walking on Lyme Regis beach and around town centre. While there, we had lunch at the “Penny Black Cafe” (sometimes called “Penny Black Courtyard & Tea Room Gardens”) and finished the morning in  the Langmoor and Lister Gardens. We continued our day back at Bridport, where we met up with my uncle, and returned to “The Green Yard” for another round of tea and cake. After saying our goodbyes, my parents and I went to West Bay. We walked along the East Beach, before buying a Fish N’ Chip supper at the “Ships Galley Fish N’ Chips” stand and taking it back to our holiday cottage.

Despite another day of rough, wet and wild weather, we didn’t let the rain spoil our last, full day in the South Coast. There was plenty to do on the two beaches. On Lyme Regis, there were amazing views of the crashing into the Quay (where “The French Lieutenant” was filmed). The same event happened at West Bay too, expect the water landed against the sand; the waves were bigger than at Lyme Regis, and the biggest ones went up to the height of a human stomach! It was amazing.

As for the restaurants, they’ve done it again. My parents and I enjoyed our lunch at “Penny Black”; the food was freshly prepared and the staff were extremely pleasant. I could sense that there was a wonderful community vibe inside, especially when the staff greeted a couple who were regular costumers. When we enquirer about my diet, they offered me gluten-free bread to go with my meal and they kindly gave me strawberries with my soya cappuccino, in replacement of a biscuit. And for any cappuccino fans, I recommend trying it as the strawberries bring the flavour to the drink.

For “The Ship’s Galley”, we bought our Fish, and Chips and we were pleased with our meal. Also like “Penny Black”, the staff were friendly and kind about my dietary requirements. Not only did they provide me chips, cooked with gluten-free oil, but they offered me gluten, and wheat-free vinegar and poached cod (without the batter). It was delicious and it was one of the best Fish and Chip meals I’ve ever had.

Also while we were on the subject of restaurants  I would like to mention “The Good Food Cafe” in Lyme Regis and “The Box Office Cafe”, (which is just inside “The Lyric Theatre”) in Bridport. Like “Bella’s” and “Leakers” bakeries, I didn’t order food from them but they provide an excellent selection of gluten-free food. If you get a chance to stop at “The Box Office Cafe”, you might be lucky and have the opportunity to see the “The Lyric Theatre” itself. However, try to make it early as the cafe may close early and/or rehearsals may be taking place in the theatre. That’s what happened to us before we decided to return to “The Green Yard”. However the next time we come back to Bridport, we will see the theatre and stay at “The Box Office Cafe”.




(From above) Lyme Regis Quay, Views of Lyme Regis Beach from the Gardens and cliffs on  West Bay’s East Beach. 

And where did we stay during our holiday? A holiday rental cottage – Buzzards Swoop; this is part of a holiday company called ‘Binghams Farm Barns’, located in Bridport. Our first impressions of Buzzards weren’t fantastic. The cottage (I believe) had been redone. However, it appeared to us that Buzzards wasn’t finished; these include a missing door nob in the upstairs bathroom and cracked wall.

As the week went by, we started to have some fondness of the house, but it wasn’t enough for me. I felt let down, especially with the unfinished treatments. I felt Buzzard’s was being really neglected and it wasn’t fair. It’s not the best place I’ve stayed in but I was amazed by the countryside around the house. There was a lot of land; just the prefect place if you are a fan of walking.

Overall, my parents and I have enjoyed our stay in the South Coast. It has been a wonderful experience and we are sad to leave. But as we do, we leave behind the memories of our week’s stay and the wonders we’ve experienced and enjoyed. I’m delighted to share them with you in the hope that one day, you will share and have many experiences when you visit the South West Coast of England. 

If you ever visit the South West, I recommend going to Bridport on Wednesdays and Saturdays when its Market day. It may be busy but there’s plenty to see if you are a fan of markets. If you want to adventure through the countryside, I suggest that you should try Golden Cap, Stonebarrow Hill and the cliffs on West Bay’s East Beach. However should you do, I advise you to bring suitable footwear, take care and do not go near the edges of the cliffs, as they are a health and safety hazard. If you are looking for some seaside fun, then Lyme Regis and East beaches are the ones for you. Once you arrive there, I can guarantee that you’ll be transfixed by their natural beauties. But remember, be careful; check the tides and never walk under or shelter under cliffs, as they can cause a great risk of death or serious injury. If you are a big history fan like me, don’t forget to visit at Brownsea where it’ll await for your attendance. However if you work in John Lewis or work with their company partners like Waitrose, you may be lucky in a chance for spending the night inside the castle and to book a place on the Castello.

If you want any refreshments, whether its a spot of tea, and scones with cream or a light luncheon, I would highly recommend Lucy’s, The Green Yard, Penny Black, The Box Office Cafe, Bella’s and The Ship’s Galley. They are amazing, very friendly and most of them allow dogs in the restaurants. What more can you possibly want?

Beautiful, Inspirational and Colourful – All in the Countryside: OneWorld Festival Review

Set from location to location in location, it is no surprise that the OneWorld festival has become an absolute favourite of mine. It has always been very special to me and my mother. We love coming there; we’ve been coming for four years now. How did we hear about the festival?

It was recommended to us by one of our family friends, who’ve attended the festival a year before us. So, we decided to try it and since then, we’ve never looked back. My mother, and I have had wonderful times and amazing memories. Every year, OneWorld have never failed to disappoint us and this year, the festival did it again.

OneWorld celebrated its twentieth anniversary and what a celebration it was. They had more guests, as well as teachers; a full pantomime of The Wizard of Oz, certificate presentations for teachers, who have been attending the festival for twenty years and visitors were treated to more, new lessons that have been added to the 2015 programme. We had a blast; the entertainment was fantastic. We had live bands, open mic nights and camp fire events. There was wonderful vibe and I felt there was a sense of community. These parties and gatherings were enjoyable – I danced with many old, and new friends and strangers. I had a lovely time and will never forget those wonderful times. As well as partying all night, the festival will not leave you alone with boredom in the day time too. There is plenty to do and I loved this year’s programme, full of regular and extra lessons. I didn’t attend all of them, but the ones I did go to were interesting. Very interesting. I’ve attended many lessons, including Pilates, Morning Yoga and Creating an Art Journal. However, my favourite lessons were the Improvisational Comedy and Musical Improvisational Comedy. Although there both for adults only, I really, really had a ball. The group were very kind, sweet and funny; we played a lot of improvisational games, and activities and we put on a lot of shows. One for the Cabaret, which took place on the second last night and on a Open Mic night. The show was a wonderful turnout. We had large, full audiences  (the children enjoyed them, especially they were allowed to participate, suggesting ideas for our improvisational performances). Also, we had a lot of amazing, talented comedic actors who have delivered the shows to perfection. Without them, the festival wouldn’t have the shows and classes I would regularly participate, attend and enjoy.


Brymore Academy, where the festival took place this year (2015)

Every year, the festival travels to different locations all over the world. I’ve never travelled aboard with the festival, but I love them within the UK. Most of them are in boarding schools, in the middle of the great, British countryside. This year’s festival was located at Brymore Academy in Cannington, Somerset; a farming, boarding school for boys. It is a stunning location, with beautiful farmland and outstanding landscapes around the school grounds. It also has a swimming pool, heated by solar panels, but go and swim when it’s sunny. I’ve tired swimming when it’s cloudy and it wasn’t a pleasant experience. However, swimming in the beautiful sunshine will be a different experience; I would recommend it, especially if you have children. It’ll be best for them, in case they’ll catch a cold or two. Despite the temperatures, the pool is completely safe and fun for all ages.

I’m not sure about the accommodation within the school grounds as we stayed in a twin bedroom (complete with an en-suite) at the Malt Shovel Inn. The staff, at the time, had agreed to lend some of their rooms to the festival’s visitors. And it was wonderful; simply wonderful. Our room was very clean and the staff were very generous of cleaning and reorganising our room while my mother and I were at the festival. Before we returned home, mother and I had breakfast at the Inn. Our meals were top-notch; mother had poach eggs on toast and I had a Full English (minus the sausage, toast and baked beans). The service was brilliant too; the owners even had a dog there, who was so good and had been really good company. We really enjoyed our stay; it has been an absolute pleasure.


The Malt Shovel Inn, where I stayed with my mother.

Although we had one day at the Inn for a meal, mother and I had the food at the festival, for most of the holiday. Decided volunteers and chiefs have certainly put a lot of effort to create fabulous meals. At breakfast, lunch and dinner, visitors, teachers and volunteers are treated to alternative and macrobiotic meals. Each meal is delicately prepared and suited everyone’s taste, whether you have food allergies (like me), or a huge fan of one or both meals. I would highly recommend the macrobiotic food throughout an entire week; it will change your life.

Overall, I give OneWorld a thousand out of ten because of the beautiful surroundings (although, the locations may change within the next year or a couple), amazing entertainment, outstanding food, excellent accommodation and a week, full of excitement and guaranteed fun. If you want a festival with everything, then adventure to OneWorld next summer.

If you sign up to the festival’s mailing list, and want to attend or volunteer the festival, please click on this link below:

Please bear in mind that it may take the festival a week to three weeks to organise and publish a full schedule before each event.        

ActingLifeTravels – The Places I Want to Go – In the UK

“The UK has the best places to visit”.

Hearing these words from my mother has made me begin to realise that the answer is “yes. The UK does have the best places to visit.

Since my holiday to Liverpool, I’ve always wanted to go on more holidays inside my own country. I’m not done travelling yet, aboard or local – I don’t want to stop now and I hopefully, not ever.

So if I had a chance to catch a train, bus or aeroplane to any destination in the UK, here’s where I would go.

The points I’ve high-lightened bold are the places that I’ve been too before but I want to go again because I have enjoyed my last trips to them. 🙂


  • Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Liverpool
  • Bath
  • Cambridge
  • Oxford
  • Cornwall
  • Isle of Wight
  • Dorset
  • Durham
  • York
  • Brighton

*This list might change in the near future.*


  • Edinburgh
  • Inverness
  • Orkney Islands
  • Shetland Islands
  • Glasgow
  • Torridon, Achnasheen
  • Assynt
  • Aberdeen


  • Swansea
  • Cardiff
  • Penrice
  • Carmarthen
  • Snowdon
  • Tongwynlais
  • Neath Port Talbot
  • Welshpool


  • Belfast
  • Dublin

What are your favourite places to go in the UK?

ActingLifeTravels – The Places I Want to Go – Aboard

If I had a chance to travel the world right now, here’s where I would go.

The points I’ve high-lightened bold are the places that I’ve been too before but I want to go again because I have enjoyed my last trips to them. 🙂

South America

  • Peru
  • Mexico
  • Brazil

North America

  • Florida
  • Orlando
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • Washington, D.C.


  • Vancouver


  • Gabon
  • Senegal
  • Namibia
  • Egypt


  • Madrid, Spain
  • Palace of Versailles, Paris, France
  • Paris, France
  • Lourdes, France
  • Rome, Italy
  • Venice, Italy
  • Monte Carlo, Monaco
  • Verona, Italy
  • Alhambra Palace, Granada, Spain
  • Saint Petersburg, Russia
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Belgium
  • Warsaw, Poland


  • Bandhavgarh National Park
  • Periyar National Park
  • Agra


  • Sydney

New Zealand

  • Auckland

What are your favourite places to go if you had an opportunity to travel the world?