Fact of the Saturday – Wow, Talk about Language!!!!

In Africa, there are eight languages that are spoken all over the continent. First is Arabic, which is spoken by 170 million people. Next there is English (130 million), French (115 million), Swahili (100 million), Berber, and Hausa (50 million), Portuguese (20 million) and Spanish (10 million).

Fact of the Saturday – Chips Away!!!! Or Not?

In the Second World War, lots of food were rationed. Through this move, the health of the Working Class improved. However, Fish and Chips were the only takeaway food that escaped the Food Ration. Extermely lucky for those who are fans of Britain’s National Takeaway Meal. ūüėÄ

Fact of the Saturday – How Do Chimpanzees Populate in Groups?

In the wild, Chimpanzees live in groups called communities; these communities can have from fifteen to 120 chimps, all living together with an appointed alpha male as their leader.

These grows can grow, with new generations of baby chimps everyday. However, most female chimpanzees will have babies, once every five years because of the intense requirement they need from their mothers. In their lifetime, female chimps can four to six babies.

Talk about huge families, hey?

Fact of the Saturday – Bibbidi bobbidi boo

Walt Disney’s favourite animated scene was the one from the 1950 film, Cinderella. It is the iconic scene when Cinderella’s Fairy Godmother transforms Cinderella’s dress from rags into her beautiful, beautiful gown. ūüôā

What’s your favourite Disney film scene?

Fact of the Saturday – Where Do Pups Come From?

Female Californian Sea Lions are pregnant between eight, and half, and ten and half months.

The reason for this is that the females can freeze their embryos (inside their uterus) for two months, whether its due to climate change and predators, like Killer Whalers and Great Whites.

Fact of the Saturday – Health Reality or Unhealthy Myth?

Think that having a wax is painful, but in the end its worth it because you feel beautiful? Well, what if I told you that both a Bikini or a Brazilian Wax could give you a Sexually Transmitted Infection?

How is that possible?

Well, this is caused by your skin creating micro-tears, if it makes contact with viruses (that can squeeze through). This can possibly happen if you have already made contact with a partner or stranger/s.

Signs of these include redness, inflammation, peeling and bleeding.

Even though waxing itself is safe, it’s never a good idea to make sexual contact on the same day as you have had a wax or if your skin is suffering irritation from the process – best to leave it one day after or decide not to have contact if the irritation is still there. Better to be safe than sorry.