Happy National World Animal Day!!!!!!!

Creatures great and small,

Slightly large or extremely tall,

These are the ones

Who make our world smile.

Remember your favourites,

Remember your loved ones,

Treasure them in your heart today

And treasure them forever and always.

NWW Photo Prompt – Lovers At Sea


Travel through the world and along the shore,

Where her true love will find her, from one to four.

Will the tides bless their relationship-to-be

Or will it cross and flow towards the Dead Sea?

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GuestAholic Month – My Gift

This post of GuestAholic is posted early than usual because I won’t be around for the first few weeks of August. So, you guys are in for a real treat. 🙂

If you are new to GuestAholic Month, then welcome. It’s good to see you. I’ll explain what GuestAholic is about; every month, I surprise someone on WordPress by nominating them, with one of their latest posts that have become my favourite poems, stories or articles by them. 🙂

The nomination for August goes to Anchors and Butterflies, whose poem ‘My Gift’ is a inspirational  touching poem that made me smile.

About the blogger

Anchors and Butterflies is a hypnotherapist, natural health professional, teacher, author and speaker. Her passion is to help other people and help them discover answers when they struggle to answer questions.


GuestAholic Month – A Poem of Questions

This is my second post on GuestAholic Month and my first to surprise and nominate someone. 🙂

There have been a lot of people who’ve been following me lately and I want to show my appreciation by showing my favourite posts, written by them. So for this first nomination, I nominate Èlan vital, whose poem ‘A Poem of Questions’ is not only uplifting, it’s inspirational. So, Èlan vital, this post is dedicated to you. 🙂

About the blogger

Èlan vital is a writer and student from India. He is on a self-discovery journey and learning about himself, through writing. Also, he likes to talk about philosophy, travelling, movies and listening to music. But Èlan vital‘s belief is ultimate beauty, how it lies within everyone, and how we can achieve happiness and satisfaction.

A Poem of Questions


A deep sense of excitation


A way of hiding an outbursting emotion.



An expression of our loving heart


A mind void of any desires after much trials and tribulations.



A state of stable mind


A way to surrender against the will of God.



A rock steady resolve


A choice to kneel before destiny.



A thing to celebrate


Sulk over the uncertainty of life.



A gift in disguise


A period of imprisonment without our guilt or birthright.

Originally written by Èlan vital

Rules For A Slave (In the Words of a Master)

This is another poem I wrote for my dance lesson. I came across the poem after finding another fact (from a website I cannot remember) about a connection between the bible and slavery.

Please note that this poem is only written, based on fact; I’m against slavery and I have no interest in arguments for it. I only write to raise issues for why slavery is wrong. 

“Do not disobey”,

“Do not mess about and play”,

These are the rules

And they are here to stay.

To make a master happy,

Is to be quick and snappy.

If you please him,

You’ll be awarded with a grin.

Do everything he’ll say;

Make sure you’ll serve and obey.

You’ll be rewarded handsomely,

If he sees that you are not lazy.

But break the rules

And you’ll be punished

For no likes fools,

Sinners and cowards.

The bible says a slave

Should treat his master with respect,

So give all you’ve got and collect,

Otherwise, you’ll receive an invitation

Which will lead you to punishment and your grave.