Wait For A Rainbow – Song Lyrics

Verse 1

Battered, broken and bruised again,

They said you haven’t got the brain;

They don’t listen, they don’t care;

They’re making you feel like you’re not there.

I feel for you,

Yes, that is true.

Verse 2

I can see you, standing on your own

‘Cause you told me you are all alone.

And I can see you falling apart

With this pain inside your heart,

But I feel for you,

Believe me, I know it’s true.

Bridge 1

Don’t give up and try to hide;

You are a strong person inside.

Don’t shut yourself in the dark,

‘Cause you can go off like a spark.


Close your eyes and start to dream;

Give it all you got and show off your beam.

Work hard, try, wait and see;

Your faith and creativity are the key.

Rainbows come and rainbows go,

But shining stars will rise and grow.

Verse 3

Don’t be afraid to take the flight,

I know everything’s gonna be alright.

Keep smiling, breathe out your fears,

Stand out and be an inspiration to your peers.

Listen to your heart, let it be your guide;

It’ll tell you where to go and what to decide.

Verse 4

Climb the mountains, and touch the sky,

Think big and smile, when you walk on by.

And when they’ll call your name,

You will shine in the hall of fame;

I’ll be there beside you,

And your loved ones too.