Love at the Movies – My Top Five Favourite Click Flicks of All Time (By a 20’s Something Viewer)

Smug-married, simple singleton or a fan of romance, there’s something for everyone. 

Click Flicks are a few of the film genres that I watch – since I’m frightened of horror and don’t care too much of Action (if there’s a lot of violence involved). They keep me glued to the screen; making me laugh, cry and smitten. But if it’s going to be this way, it has to be perfect. The storyline, the chemistry and the characters. For me, these movies have achieved that. 

Anyway to shorten the introduction, here are my top five favourite click flicks of all time.

  • The Wedding Date (2005)

Single, broken-hearted and full of anxiety for her step-sister’s wedding, Kat Ellis hires a male escort to pose as her boyfriend. But a single act of revenge to make her ex-fiancé jealous turns into something else and very soon, Kat learns that love isn’t always cracked up to be. 

  • Bridget Jones’ Diary (2001)

British, thirty-something old and single, Bridget Jones decides to write a diary, in order to improve her life and find search for love – and all in one year.

  • Made of Honor (2008)

Womaniser Tom and his best friend, Hannah are irrseperable. Until a single trip to Scotland changes Hannah’s life. Engaged, Hannah asks Tom to be her Maid of Honour – and all this happened, just as Tom was about to declare his love for Hannah. So, Tom uses his position to win her over. But will he be Hannah’s real Mr Right?

  • Bride Wars (2009) 

Two best friends Liv and Emma have been dreaming and planning their weddings since they were children. When their dreams become a reality, an error hangs in the balance. Now with their weddings birth on the same day, the battle is on to see who pull off the best wedding. But, will this competition cause a scar in their friendship? 

  • Pretty Woman (1990)

A modern update on the classic fairy-tale story, Cinderella, Vivian a prostitute and Edward, a wealthy businessman meet each other, while Edward is on a business trip in L.A. When he hires Vivian to stay for the weekend, Edward and Vivian fall for each other, discover that love comes with hurdles and aim to bridge the gap between their worlds.
What’s your favourite Click Flick movie? Let me know in the comments below. 

Sorry it’s a short post but I can’t of anything else at the moment. I’ll make it up next time. Anyway, that’s all for now. Until then, enjoy your day and keep on dreaming. ⭐️



GuestAholic Month – A Door, A Rose.

This is my third post on GuestAholic Month, where I surprise and nominate someone by posting one favourite poem (by this person) on my channel. 🙂

This month’s nomination goes to I nominate willowdot21, whose poem ‘A door, a rose’ was beautifully written, uplifting and really romantic; just like every girl’s dream.

About the blogger

willowdot21 posts poetry and pros for her own expression. When she first started, willowdot21 only came out of hospital after she was involved in an accident. She’s been writing since.

A door, a rose


Quite and hidden up in castle by this secret door.
Did the a young knight pick a  rose to drop on a maiden’s floor.
As evening crept across the ramparts, would she sing a sweet refrain.
Did he come to her or did she wait in vain.


Originally written by willowdot21

Can You Find My Romeo?

This is another (and last) Valentine’s/Single Awareness Day poem. I wrote this poem four years ago and since then, I’ve made a lot of changes. I have nothing else to say on this one; I hope you enjoy it. 🙂 

Romeo, Romeo? Where for Art Thou, Romeo?

 Romeo & Juliet, William Shakespeare, Act 2, Scene 2

I can find a man who is kind and gentle;

And give me a smile, colourful as a rainbow?

Can he be like Tarzan, who is strong and slim?

Or make a woman laugh and brighten her day?

Will he comfort me when I’m feeling blue?

And be around to rescue me when I’m in trouble?

Will I find him, unexpectedly?

Or will he find me, in the middle of nowhere?

If you are looking for me my dear,

I’ll promise not to harm or offend you,

But to love, service and cherish,

And give you the life you deserve.

If it is you, I know you will come

Into my life and change it my forever.

© 2011/2013/2015