5 Useless Example of Pathetic Online Dating

In the 21st century, online dating can be a successful attempt to meet other people if you’re not having any luck in finding love. Online dating is becoming a growing industry and an alternative to find that “special someone”. Today, it is estimated that 49,250,000 people in the U.S. try online dating and the statistics continue to rise.

However, not many online dates turn to be successes; some end up in total, utter failure. So to show the negative side of online dating, I’ve researched and shared stories of individuals who’ve discovered failure when they’ve meet their matches in the flesh. from these websites – Cosmopolitan, She Knows, Gizmodo and the Mirror.

Please note that these stories aren’t mine and belong to the original owners. Also, I’ve decided to keep the names anonymous for personal reasons (in the respect of those who wrote these stories).


Story #1

Story #2

Story #3

Story #4

“The first time meeting her she was extremely clingy and was already planning our wedding and how many kids we’re having – and I had only known her for an hour.

“Being 18 I wasn’t ready for this and she was scaring me a lot, getting very obsessed over me. She was giving looks of disgust to everyone who looked at me who was female.

“Fortunately, after the meal we went to get snacks from a corner shop and I accidentally bought a chocolate bar with nuts in – me having a severe nut allergy.

“I was rushed to hospital where I almost died but the next day I was discharged and went to my mate’s, where he called her and said I died. We’ve had no contact since.”

Story #5

“I met a guy online through a social site. He seemed nice, and we bumped into each other a few times too.

“We finally went on a date, admittedly both a little hungover.

“It started off OK, but then he disappeared to the pub loo for about 20 minutes.

“When he returned, it was like he’d had a personality transplant. Suddenly, he was all handsy, slurring his words and saying totally inappropriate things to me and the bar staff about how he wanted me to get naked right then.

“I should have left at that point, but we ended up going to have Sunday lunch in the restaurant.

“We were seated at a low table, and my date, in his wisdom, decided that he would eat his roast in his lap. Needless to say, the gravy went everywhere.

“He then proceeded to fall asleep in his chair. Again, I should have just upped and left. People all around were giving us weird looks and smirking, not surprisingly.

“Eventually, he woke up. I had to pay, as he’d conveniently forgotten his wallet, and then as he couldn’t barely stand let alone walk, I ended up giving him a lift to the station. What a mug!

“He left me a couple of souvenirs – a gravy stain and his phone. Which of course I looked at, and found messages from 7 different women telling him what a stud he was. They had obviously met a different version of the man than I had!”

So, there we are; five unsuccessful first date stories. And just for the record if you ever happen into a disaster zone, remember to:

  1. Be honest with yourself
  2. Have patience
  3. If you’re uncomfortable, apologise and leave
  4. Ask help if you need it
  5. If you feel this person is threatening you, call the police immediately.

Opportunities and Reasons to Find Love – Four Inspirational Examples of Beautiful Online Dating

Author Nicholas Sparks once quote:

“Love is like the wind, you can’t see it, but you can feel it.”

True, love is full of emotions and surprises but what if love doesn’t come to you in real life and you begin to lose hope? Enter online dating.

While some people (particularly family members) may oppose to it, others are for it. Having autism can be tough when it comes to love; some may take it for granted, some may set you up, which ends in disaster and some can leave a question mark over your head. But if you think positive, you’ll discover that finding love online might be a good thing.

Online dating is becoming a growing industry and an alternative to find that “special someone”. Today, it is estimated that 49,250,000 people in the U.S. try online dating and the statistics continue to rise. So to celebrate online dating, I’ve researched and shared true, inspirational stories of couples who’ve found success online from these websites – She Knows and AYl.

Please note that these stories aren’t mine and belong to the original owners.

  • An Final Opportunity to Find Love? Not in This Story!

When you are struggling to find “the one” in your forties, some after trying may think Okay, I give up now. Not this lady. Author Lindsley Lowell had every little success; she even wrote about her past experiences in a book called My Knight in Shining Armour is Coming… He’s Just Stuck in Traffic. However on her fortieth birthday, Lowell’s father suggested her to go back online and try again. Despite her doubts, she returned to Match.com and decided to try for one month. Within two weeks, she someone:

‘Our first phone conversation was two hours long! I broke my rule of no meals on a first online date and made dinner plans. I figured even if there is no chemistry, I know I can talk to this guy. The first date was instant fireworks for both of us. Jonathan had a second date the next night with a girl from online, and he cancelled it, telling her, “I met someone!” After our first date, he knew. I knew. We were engaged six months later and married five months after that.’

So, Lowell’s father’s decision was meant to be.

  • Meeting Someone Whilst You Are A Pre-teen? It Does Happen…

Think Disney movies make up teenage couples getting married and live happily ever after? Think again. In the early 2000’s, Colleen Stinchcombe was home schooled and living in America. When she was a pre-teen, Stinchcombe met “the one” on a chat room. Her interest was fifteen year old and living in Britain. They talked on long distance calls, contacting each other for years before Stinchcombe’s interest came to the U.S. on her sixteenth birthday:

‘And then in June 2007 he flew by himself to the U.S. to visit me for my 16th birthday. We pretended not to see each other at the airport. My mom small talked with him the whole way home while I stayed mute. “Am I not what you expected?” he asked. It was just weird, meeting this person who had only ever existed digitally. “I’ll go get on webcam in the other room if that helps,” he said.

‘He was in the U.S. for two weeks. We spent a lot of time at the 24-hour Denny’s down the street. He learned to like ranch dressing on his salads. He read books over my shoulder for long afternoons. We played cards. We went to San Diego and had to slather him in SPF 50. He asked me to be his girlfriend in a coffee shop on Adams Avenue and when my mom drove him to the airport, an hour and a half away, I cried into his lap in the back seat the whole way. He left for six months and then came back to the U.S. for three months. We both cried when he left.’

Six weeks later and heading to her senior year, Stinchcombe’s interest returned six weeks after their first meeting and decided to get married. As of October 2014, Stinchcombe and her husband have been married for six years and despite their up’s and downs, their marriage is still going strong.

  • First Time Online = Eternal Bliss

In 2012, Pip was trying a first hand on online dating. She signed up to AYl.com after a friend advised her to find someone who would ‘share all the love you have to offer’.

She signed up and what happened next turned into love. A man sent Pip a message, not long after and she started to communicate with him. A month later, she and Dwayne arranged their first date:

‘Both of us were as nervous as hell when we went to dinner, confiding in each other that this was a first time for both of us in trying online dating. But we both laughed and kept going with the date. We went to the movies after dinner and we laughed at all the same spots in the movie.’

Dawayne and Pip fell in love and what was to follow, it became unimaginable:

‘The few weeks after we communicated and saw each other, we both agreed there was something there. Dwayne already had a month-long family trip booked for that fall around Greece and Spain. Dwayne wanted to cancel and I said, “No, go enjoy and I will be the first face you see when you get home.” So off he went and we communicated almost every day. On his return home I meet him at airport at 1:00 A.M. and kept to my word of being the first face he saw.’

A few months later, Dwayne and Pip spent a night in Mandurah, Australia when something unexpected happened; Dwayne proposed to Pip and with tears in her eyes (as well as Dwayne’s), she accepted. Pip and Dwayne are now married and live very happily together as husband and wife.

  • A  Lesbian Relationship That’ll Last

Susan, a divorcee and a bisexual, came out of an emotional abusive marriage and had just spilt up with a female friend when she started online dating (that was suggested to her by a friend). She exchanged messages with others and went on a few dates before finding her partner, Stephanie. It wasn’t long that Susan realised that she and Stephanie had a connection. After a few messages later, the two of them met for coffee which lasted for six hours.

A few years later, Susan and Stephanie moved in together and are living in a what Susan refers to as:

‘A happy, feminist, vegetarian household full of pets and inside jokes. I didn’t just find a girlfriend, I found a friend, a confidante and a partner.’

So there you have it; four stories – the prefect reasons why you should consider online dating. I know I am.

If love doesn’t find you before you’re very eyes, then it could find you on the edge of your screen. 🙂

Autism and Dating – Top Six Links to Read If Your Single

Being twenty one, Autistic and suffering from a learning disorder, I’ve always felt rejected and unwanted by many in my lifetime. The world can be a very cruel place to live and extremely complicated; if you want to try new things, everyone will tell you that you must wait until the right moment comes along. Is that right? No, it’s wrong!

Life’s too short to wait for something that’ll never come, unless you push the boundaries a bit. That’s me; all my life, I’ve always wanted to find a certain someone, who’ll love and cherish me for who I am (and see through me, instead of a stranger with autism). Also, I’ve always wanted to find more friends who aren’t on the Autism spectrum who’ll accept me for who I am. But, things aren’t going exactly how I’ve planned; true, I know many people who have Autism and I adore them, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a fair mixture?

For years, my Mum has been signing me up to Autistic girl groups. Some have been great, as I’ve made many friends; others, not so much. And to be honest (as much as I still love her to bits), I’m getting tired of it. How I am going to learn and hang out with others, with confidence if I’m stuck in the same position all the time? I guess she doubts me sometimes (properly I’m stuck to the computer a lot), but I’m determined to prove everyone wrong and show an Autistic woman can independently find friends and be in a relationship.

And last week, my task officially began with a meeting, one with my National Autistic Society (NAS) learning monitor who introduced me to different links that I hope would inspire me to take the next level in these simple steps – R.E.S.E.A.R.C.H. (Read, Educate, Simplify, Elevate, Action, Respect, Confidence and Hope)

At the moment, I’m on the first step – research. Try and find different dating, and friend websites and just keep trying. Soon, I’ll be on the second step – educate – myself and the person/people I meet, through other people’s experiences (online and real life), theirs and mine. I’m unsure how long this process will be, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for positive changes.

Also, I’ve decided to share the links I’ve found with my learning monitor; I’ve read them properly yet but I’m hoping to at some point. I thought that they could help with you guys or anyone you know who is on the autism spectrum, and/or wants to seek love and new friends:







And if you guys know more blog posts, articles or stories about love and/or autistic love, please let me know in the comments below.

Until then, I wish you all a pleasant evening from the UK and don’t stop believing – in your dreams and reality – miracles can happen, wherever you are.

Gigi. Xxxxx

If I Could Fall In Love, What Do I Want – A Prince Charming or The Modern Man?

When I was a little girl, my mama used to lock me in the attic when I was bad, which was pretty often. And I would… I would pretend I was a princess, trapped in the tower by a wicked queen. And then suddenly, this knight, on a white horse, with these colors flying, would come charging up and draw his sword… and I would wave, and he would climb up the tower, and rescue me. But never in all the time… that I had this dream… did the knight say to me, “Come on, baby, I’ll put you up in a great condo.”

                                                                    Vivian Ward (Played by Julia Roberts), Pretty Woman


I’ve never been lucky in love; used, abused, isolated, violated and ignored. At times, I thought I was in love with a guy who I’ve seen and met within a few months or years. But that’s just pure fantasy, from a stupid girl’s imagination. 

I always dreamed of love at first sight and a happily ever after to call my own. In my mind, I fantasise over my first meeting where he would invite to dance to one of my favourite romantic songs (Truly by Lionel Richie is my main one) like in Cinderella. I just haven’t met him yet.

In public, I say to my loved ones that “I don’t have time for love” or “I just don’t want to get distracted right now”. However, I look around when I’m out and I see couples, holding hands, kissing in public, etc. Although my heart fills with joy, it also fills with pain. Pain for something I haven’t experienced yet. Do my answers really mean a thing? I don’t know. Does my sadness mean something? I cannot say.

But if I had (but it’s unlikely I will – for now at least) a chance to fall in love, I would like to fancy someone who is:

A hero – in everybody’s eyes or mine

Kind, caring and supportive – in times of doubt and danger

Loving – when he really means it, from his heart

Adventurous – to teach and show me things I want to learn; like his hobbies or where he’s from

A team builder – who is calm and understanding

To always tell the truth about our love – I don’t want to get hurt again

Appreciates me for who I am – for my Autism, work, what I wear, etc.

I do want to look for love, but I really want love to find me. I want the fairytale, the adventure and the memories when he kisses me in the morning, to spoil me on special occasions and to have opportunities to do the things I’ve wanted to try but I had never been given the chance to do them. 

I just want imagination to be turned into reality. I don’t care if he’s poor or rich, because all I want is a kind partner that I want to spend the rest of my life with. I believe true love will conquer all but it takes a strong match to make it happen. 🙂

A Letter to My Future Boyfriend

I decided to write this letter, after watching and reading a lot “To my future husband/wife” letters. I don’t know whither if I will get a boyfriend of my own, but this letter (I hope) will prove how much I care for my future sweetheart. 🙂


Sunday 15th February 2015

To my future, special boyfriend,

I’m nervous about writing this letter; I don’t know were to begin… I’m no good at writing but I would do my best. I don’t want to hurt or disappoint you – I just want to love you because I try to say the truth.

I don’t know where you are, what you look like or your name. However, what I do know about you is that you’ll be a handsome, kind, wise and bravest person I will ever meet in this world.

You may be a doctor, a fire-fighter, an actor, musician or a world traveller. You may be shy or you would be an outgoing, social person. You may be a fan of disco, like John Travolta or into reading books; Shakespeare, Darwin, etc.

I don’t care what people think about you, because I appreciate for who you are. You are unique and you are amazing, cool and love you, the way you are.

Someday, we will meet and travel on a life-changing adventures. We will learn to love each other, no matter where we are.

I hope you are well and safe; I cannot wait to meet you and when you do, I promise to be a loving, honest, caring and friendly wife (and a best friend) forever and ever.

Yours Truly,

GiGi. 🙂 xxxx

Own World

This is another poem I’ve written in my spare time. “Own World” inspired me after listening to “Hello” by Lionel Richie; I thought I would wrote one, or maybe a few poems leading up to Single Awareness Day (a.k.a. Valentine’s Day). I hope you enjoy it; if you have ideas to share to write into poems, please let me know in the comments section below. I would love to hear from you. 🙂

I stand alone

On the dance floor,

Watching couples,

Dancing the night away.

Then, this song plays

And I picture you in my mind,


When you saw me, on my own.

You ask to dance,

And I said, “Yes, please”;

I travel into my own world,

Listening to your beautiful voice.

I snap back into reality

And wonder what happened to you;

Are you real

Or are you in my mind?

© 2015