Midge’s Tails: Midge Goes To School

At 16 Elizabeth Crescent, lived a cat called Midge. She lived with the Latimer family; there was Dad, Mum and their son, Colin.

Midge is a young cat, with a heart of gold and a friendly personality.

She is also a curious cat, who loves adventure. Sometimes, her curiosity gets her into serious trouble!

But most of all, Midge likes to sleep. Every evening till morning, she would jump up on Colin’s bed and sleep on top of his patchwork quilt, where she dreams of chasing rats and mice. However, sleepy Midge doesn’t like waking up in the mornings. Instead, she prefers to snuggle down on the quilt.

One morning, Midge was rudely woken by the sound of Colin searching his room. She got up, stretched, yawning and sat upright. Midge saw that Colin was in a hurry.

“I’m going to be late for school”. He cried. “Where did I put these conkers?”

Midge couldn’t stand the noise! “I need to find somewhere else to sleep”, she said.

She found Colin’s book bag on the floor. “This will do, purr-fectly”, Midge said happily.

She leapt from the bed, walked towards the bag and crawled inside.

There wasn’t much room for Midge to curl up and sleep. Inside, she was squashed between Colin’s pencil case, homework diary and school books. “It’s better than nothing”, Midge said, before she went back to sleep.

Colin found his conkers and placed them in his trouser pocket. Then, he collected his bag and headed off to school.

However, he didn’t notice Midge’s tail which was sticking out of the bag.

Colin arrived at school and begun to settle in. He sat at a desk with Elizabeth Harris, Toby Times, Maggie Johnson and Jane McPherson. Their teacher, Miss Chiltern started the day with Literacy.

“Now children”, said Miss Chiltern, “I presume you have learned your words for your spelling test today”.

The children said nothing.

Underneath Colin’s desk, Midge woke up from her sleep. She poked her head out of the bag and realised she wasn’t in Colin’s bedroom. She started to panic and began to meow very loudly.

Hearing Midge’s meow, Miss Chiltern’s class turned to the back of the room to see where the noise was coming from.

“Who made that noise?” Miss Chiltern said angrily.

Again, the children said nothing.

“Oh, dear”, Midge said nervously. “If they see me, I will be in trouble”. So, Midge quietly sneaked out of the bag, out of the classroom and explored the building.

Later, Midge returned to the classroom. However, she noticed there was no one in the room. “Where did they go?” she said.

Then, she heard the door opening; Miss Chiltern and the children were returning from their P.E lesson.

In a panic, Midge hid underneath Miss Chiltern’s desk.

“Now, children”, Miss Chiltern said, “We have thirty minutes until lunch time. So, it’s time for ‘Show and Tell’. I want everyone to take out the—their—” Miss Chiltern sneezed and sneezed and sneezed.

“I do apologise”, she said but in the middle of her sneezing, she stood on Midge’s tail.

The tabby cat shrieked, causing the entire class to jump.

“Who made that dreadful noise?” Miss Chiltern asked. She turned to face Colin.

“No, Miss. I didn’t do it, I swear”, he replied.

“I hope you’re not lying. If you are, I’ll have to report you to the headmaster”.

“Look!” cried Elizabeth Harris. The whole class turned to look at Miss Chiltern’s desk.

There sat Midge; she was happy to see Colin. Colin wasn’t happy to see Midge.

“Whose cat is this?” Miss Chiltern asked. “Tell me now; I’m allergic to cats”.

“She’s mine, Miss”, replied Colin. “ I’m really sorry; I don’t know how she got here”.

“You know the school doesn’t allow pets”, Miss Chiltern said. “Since you have brought her to school, I would like you to give a class talk about your cat for our show and tell lesson”.

Colin stood in front of the class and began to speak, with Midge in his arms. “This is my cat, Midge”, said Colin. “ I’ve had her for three years now. She used to be my Nan’s cat but when my Nan died; Midge came to live with us. I love Midge; she’s my best friend.

“Midge is friendly with children and loves an adventure as I discovered today.

“I wouldn’t trade Midge for anything, not even for a set of cards. I hope she will live forever and ever. Thank you”.

Colin’s classmates clapped their hands but Miss Chiltern wasn’t so pleased.

“Well, Colin”, she said, “Your classmates loved your presentation. I think you deserve a gold star”. Miss Chiltern placed the star on Colin’s school jumper.

“What about me?” Midge thought. “Don’t I get a sticky thing too?”

Miss Chiltern ignored the tabby cat.

“I guess not”, thought Midge.

But Miss Chiltern secretly smiled at Colin as he stroked his cat, who purred, and purred, and purred.

When they got home, Colin told his parents about his day and what happened at ‘Show and Tell’.

“Well, well”, said Dad. “I think we have to keep an eye on Midge from now on. “You were lucky not to be reported to the headmaster; otherwise you would have been in real trouble”.

“Yes”, Colin said, “but Midge did make Miss Chiltern sneeze. You showed her, didn’t you, Midge?”

But Midge had drifted off to drunk the bowl of milk Mum had put down for her. “This is delicious”, she thought.

Then, Midge went upstairs and fell fast asleep on Colin’s bed.

Midge Sleeping

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