Monday Travel Songs – Love is Deficiently Around

Welcome to Monday Travel Songs, where I post and share geographic songs from all over the world. In this week’s post, we’ll be travelling to Wales with a folk song that reminds me of my birthplace.

Week Number Eight – Dacw ‘Nghariad (There is Love) by Eve Goodman:

Why Did I Choose This Song?

I choose Dacw ‘Nghariad because this beautiful song reminds me of home. The old Welsh language is breathtaking and really magical, even though some people think it’s way out of date. Also, I really miss Wales so much; it’s really different from the busy surroundings of London.

One day, I would love to return to Wales. I would love to re-walk on the beaches, I would love to adventure the cities, the beautiful fields and the tall, green woodland areas. It’ll be a dream, which I hope will come true. 🙂

Fact of the Saturday – Wow, Talk about Language!!!!

In Africa, there are eight languages that are spoken all over the continent. First is Arabic, which is spoken by 170 million people. Next there is English (130 million), French (115 million), Swahili (100 million), Berber, and Hausa (50 million), Portuguese (20 million) and Spanish (10 million).