Pride and Prejudice is Too Long; I’d cheat on Wikipedia

Book Title: Pride and Prejudice


Author: Jane Austin


Date of Publication: 1813


Genre: Novel of Manners

Ever wondered what it was like to try, fail and cheat by reading the entire story plot on Wikipedia? I did on this novel.

So, what’s the story? Elizabeth Bennet, the second of five Bennet daughters is living in an age where parents are arranging marriages to wealthy owners. Like her eldest sister, Jane, Elizabeth is under constant pressure from her mother and father. While her sisters’ relationships are facing on and off relationships with their loved ones, Elizabeth begins to have an on and off relationship with handsome, upper-class grump, Mr Darcy. When this happens, things go out of hand, Elizabeth tries to uncover the real personality within Mr Darcy – was he fake or was he a gentleman?

The story was interesting to begin with. The conversations between Mr and Mrs Bennet were interesting. However when I go to the second chapter (on the first volume), it started getting boring. The text was too small, the storyline kept dragging and I’m sad to say, I didn’t get any laughs from the novel, apart from one quote from Mrs Bennet.

After reading ten chapters, I decided to search the full summary on Wikipedia and read it from there. It was easy to understand and what was happening. But, honestly, it’s like a Georgian version of EastEnders with so much melodrama in between. This dragged on too, until I got to the end.

However, I do have one positive thing about Pride and Prejudice. I love Elizabeth and Darcy’s characters; I enjoyed them so much, especially Elizabeth’s feelings towards Darcy due to the strong relationship she has for her eldest sister, Jane. Elizabeth is a strong, independent character – one that any modern woman can relate too.

Overall, I think I will give Pride and Prejudice a miss. However, if you would like slow reading books, then this one could be for you. If you are bored, you can always look at Wikipedia. XD

I may get hatred for this one but, I rate Pride and Prejudice a 4 out of 10 because of its slow text and lack of comedy.