To Expand Or Not to Expand?

Online dating – the social network mother for singles who are looking for future lovers. But what happens if a person wanted to expand onto a few dating sites?

This morning, I’ve read a wonderful post from one of my fantastic followers, DREAM BIG, DREAM OFTEN, who has just posted a sensational, spectacular blog post about boosting your confidence by discovering a life passion. It is a crafted article, which I highly recommend reading.

Finding a Life Passion Will Jump Start Your Confidence post:

And reading that post has got me thinking. I’ve had so many passions during my lifetime from swimming in the Special Olympics to performing on a theatrical stage. Some of them have come and go, but there are some that have stayed with me, throughout my life (so far). But what if there was a life-long, undiscovered passion that you are searching for and turn it into a reality? That’s my experience with Online Dating.

Since I’m not having any luck with meeting people in the flesh, I’ve wondered about trying to sign onto one more website (or two, if it’s suitable… I don’t want to be greedy, though. XD) It may be a bad thing; it maybe a good thing. It can be life-changing or something, really, really disappointing. If life has some disappointing moments, then could inspiring ones follow in their footsteps afterwards?

So, have you guys had experiences of having more than one online dating profiles? Has it been a bonus or an absolutely flop? Also, what are you tips for secret online dating tips? Please let me know in the comments section below – I would love to hear from you guys. 🙂

Gigi Xxxx