You (Interactive Poetry Challenge)

This is a poem I wrote, as part of the Interactive Poetry Challenge, which is hosted by one of my followes, Dom and his amazing blog, Thoughts From A Rambling Psyche. He has been working in the challenge for three weeks now and I think what he’s doing is really amazing. 

This week, Dom will send his followers three words and they have to write a poem (from scratch), using these words when they give him three words. I hesitated no time to particapte; the words I gave him were “89”, “Time” and “Crime”. And in return, he’s given me “Flow”, “Wind” and “Dust”, which I have used in this poem. 

I hope you guys enjoy it and good luck with the week three, Dom. You’re doing really well. ūüôā

I couldn’t stop,

Stop to think of you; 

My mind is full of memories,

Memories, full of me and you.

Through a flow of people,

I see you, you inside my mind,

While trying to forget

What we had left behind.

You were the water for my nourishment,

You were the wind beneath an angel’s wing,

You were the life and soul of the party,

While you were looking so cool and really arty.

 Now you’re gone

And I feel so crushed;

All we had is now

A pile of crumbling dust.

© 2015