Nomination Wednesday – Long She Will Live, Long May She Reign!

Welcome to a very special Nomination Wednesday post, where we take a look on the people who have inspired everyone around the world.

This week’s nomination goes to Britain’s Longest Reigning Monarch (as from today), Queen Elizabeth II.

Why Did I Nominate Queen Elizabeth II?

I was going to suggest a About section of Her Majesty. However, I believe a Nomination is better.

I nominated Queen Elizabeth because of her dedication to her country, bringing us into the Great Britain we know today. In times of darkness and when there had been little faith in the Monarchy, she’d triumphed through her wisdom and courage, showing no fear to speak the truth from her heart. She would dazzle us with smiles and fabulous fashion senses.

But most importantly, she’d brought a stable Monarchy, which still continues to this very day.

A loving, loyal and brave Queen, there’s no stopping Queen Elizabeth in retiring. I’m sure that there’ll be plenty more to come from Her Majesty. God Save the Queen; Long May She Reign. 🙂

An Ode to Britain’s Countryside

Soft winds allure,

Surrounded with fields and moor, 

Stands cliffs and hills asunder,

Filled with sunshine; no rain nor thunder.
Paradise, sweet and sour

Full of life and Mother Nature.

Animals, flowers and plants have power,

For no man can replace machinery as a lover.
Hearts will melt

And minds will rise,

For no land is more felt

Than the lands we recognise.
So rise, rise up and take a stand

Otherwise your land will be no more

Than greed that we take for grant.