Remember, You Are Beautiful…

… And only you can judge yourself. If others don’t see you for your inner self, it’s their loss. 

A good soul, heart and mind blossoms into roses – roses without thorns. ­čî╣­čî╣­čî╣­čî╣­čî╣­čî╣



Childhood Poem

Note: This is a short poem I wrote yesterday in class. This term, my peers and I in Drama school are putting on a performance in the middle of May to babies and toddlers for a children’s festival. One of the first things we did when the lesson started was to write down and share about everyone’s childhood, based on your experience. We had to start with the sentence, “Childhood is…” During this time, I wrote down six words; then, I used them to write the poem down below.

I hope you guys really enjoy it. ­čÖé

Childhood is imaginative; 

Childhood is creative and inspiring;

Although life is hard,

It can be mind blowing.

Childhood is the life

And soul of creativity;

It’s hard to imagine a world 

Without the beauty of creativity.


Copyright 2015