Waiting For A Rainbow: Catching Dreams – Thursday 7th May 2015

Bucket List

  • Participate In An Open Mic Night
  • Practise and Travel Independently
  • Go On More Holidays (Local and Aboard)
  • Do Driving Theory and Test
  • Look For Voluntary Weekend Jobs
  • Sign Up For Activities/Volunteer Jobs
  • Talk More Openly About Anxiety Issues
  • Make Sure to Return Library Books on Time
  • Go To Bed At An Earlier Time, Rather than Later
  • Complete Kat Ashley Novel
  • Help Around the House More
  • Do More Drawing and Photography and Zentangles
  • Plan for the Future; Look into Independent Living, Work Places, etc.
  • Work on Anxiety, Drama and Vocal Exercises
  • Cut Down on Fizzy Drinks
  • Study Extra Hard at Drama School
  • Do More Yoga or Mediation
  • Open Up My Imagination A Bit More
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Say “No”
  • Do More Creative Writing
  • Be A Zoo Keeper For A Day
  • Learn to Play Guitar
  • Be Friendly to Everyone
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Share Ideas with Teachers
  • Do Extra Work with UniversalExtra
  • Practise Sign Language Weekly
  • Cook More
  • Be thankful with What I Have or Got
  • Enjoy Life, As It Is
  • Keep On Believing and Never Stop Dreaming

“As one rainbow dissolves, another one reappears”.

May 2015

Thursday 7th May 2015

Time flies, no matter where you are. But there’s no time like the present, so they say and it’s true. To me, the present day is like a crossroad path. When it comes to making decisions, I think of arrows.

Should you turn left, or should you turn right?

Some of the decisions we have to make are hard; in the end, you either have to learn or praise them. I’m still trying to figure out life, even if I’m twenty-one years and six days old.

Every day, I say to myself, “Now Georgina, what should you do today? Should you eat this? Should you drink that? What’s your next dance move? Should you share poetry with your peers? Should you invite this person? What can you do? Why did I make this decision?” Basically, my life is just full of questions and if I’m honest, I’m unsure if people really understand me. Today, people see an individual as a reference number or something else. However, they are those who do and accept me for who I am; my close friends and close family members especially. “I love to the moon and back”, as Sofia says. She comes up with the most amazing catchphrases ever, while some don’t.

Being a University student, I’ve learned that being inclusive is an important social skill. I’m unsure if this skill will affect University grades but whatever the results may be, I try and put in the effort to blend in. But like everyone else, I made mistakes, without meaning too. These situations, then end up with me, being ignored; I’m no stranger to this. I’ve been used to it. Also, there’ve been those who have done me wrong for reasons that are too complicated, too sensitive or just none at all. And there’ve been some who I’ve lost along the way, to which I apologise for; you guys are amazing and I’ll never forget you. From these experiences, I know that I’m afraid of myself.

Whenever I think of my fears, I reflect on my actions, the things I say, the stuff I try, my past, my future, my personality, the people I love and death. They have been holding me back for so long and I haven’t done anything about it. But, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking. Now, I am to begin another journey, which will hopefully lead me to graduation. (I hope.) I want to achieve more, gain more, learn more, and be more curious and creative. I don’t know where this new road will lead too, but I hope it’ll have a happy ending.

After recovering from my birthday celebrations, I went shopping on Bank Holiday Monday with Ann to spend my birthday money. Then, I started another week at Drama school.

Tuesday was extremely busy; I had lessons all day. However, one lesson was interesting; that was acting. We learned and did exercises on Jacques Lecoq’s Seven Stages of Tension, where we had interact with the feelings and act them out, as if we were on stage or screen. It was positively charming and exhausting, but the work’s been worth every minute.

Yesterday, wasn’t different either. However, I had an unusual Delivering Workshop session which involved script-writing. My peers and I were given two tasks. First, we had to write anything that came into our heads and continue writing for five minutes. Next, we had re-write our work and put them into a short scenario, involving two imagery people, named A & B. It was relaxing but I had doubts about my work. I had no idea why, I just did. All I wrote was write a poem and the scenario:

The trees and the leaves,

Whisper in the cool, windy breeze.

What rough weather we have today,

With the sunshine, keeping itself at bay.


Cold, not warm;

You must be mad,

But thank goodness it’s not winter,

Otherwise, you’re gonna feel bad.


Five minutes,

Just five, that’s all.

Oh, why, oh why can’t we do this exercise five minutes more?


My fingers are frozen,

My hand; it aches.

But I’m glad to be in the warm

And not out there, where the breeze shakes.

A: The trees and the leaves, whisper in the cool, windy breeze.

B: Yes, I know. I’ve heard it all before.

A: What rough weather we have today, with the sunshine, keeping itself at bay.

B: It’s more wild than rough, I’d say. Is it warm, yet?

A: Cold, not warm. You must be mad!

B: Mad? Mad? I’m not the only mad person in this room!

A: But thank goodness it’s not winter, otherwise, you’re gonna feel bad.

B: I suppose so. Anyway, where’s that sun lotion?

A: Five minutes.

B: Not ten?

A: Just five, that’s all.

B: Seriously?!

A: Oh, why, oh why can’t we do this exercise five minutes more?

B: Hey?

A: My fingers are frozen.

B: What?

A: My hand, it aches.

B: I don’t get it.

A: But I’m glad to be in the warm and not out there, where the breeze shakes.

B: Are you telling me this is an Open Mic night? Oh, I’m such a muppet!

Err… Err… I don’t know.

Aside from lessons, my Drama school is keeping me busy; I’ve been asked by my teachers to share ideas for delivering workshops for my peers and children and on top of that, I’ve been catching up on homework.

And today was the General Election. I have already placed my vote at my local polling station with my family and in between, we came across a friendly conservative campaigner who was willing to talk to us before he signed us in. Now, we all we have to do is wait. Wait and see what happens…

Waiting For A Rainbow – 1st May

Bucket List – Things To Do Before I Turn 21


  1. Visit Versailles ^
  2. Take a Photography Course
  3. Learn to Play the Guitar – Incomplete
  4. Publish Something (!)
  5. Host a Dinner Party – and Invite People (!)
  6. Have a Portrait Painted (or in this case, photographed)
  7. Learn a Foreign Language
  8. Be An Extra in a Film/Television Program
  9. Do My Own Laundry (!)
  10. Get a Move On With My Driving (!)
  11. Be a Zoo Keeper For A Day – Incomplete
  12. Be More Charitable
  13. Volunteer To Help
  14. Go Somewhere Unfamiliar
  15. Sing karaoke (Or in this case join a band)
  16. Go 24 Hours Without Technology
  17. Watch A Sunset
  18. Be Brave
  19. Create a Dream Home – For When I Move Out (Goodness Knows How Long It’ll Be)
  20. Plan An Awesome 21st Birthday Party (!)

As a girl, the words “Happily Ever After” meant riding off into the sunset with the one you love. Now (as an adult), I see the true meaning of “Happy Ever After”. It’s riding off into the sunset, on your own and feeling victorious. I don’t know about you, but I don’t need a prince charming to save me now.

Friday 1st May 2015

Friday 1st May

Well, this is it; the end of the road. I have now completed my one year journey of rediscovering myself and I couldn’t have been more proud. Looking back on this past year, I have learned so much about myself. I’ve discovered that I am stronger, confident and (dare I say it), full of life. When I first began this journey, I never thought about where it would lead me; now I know that I’ve gained so much and yet, there’ll be more to come.

Song #1: Birthday by Katy Perry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHshIYkj6hM

This is a traditional birthday pop song I like to play on my birthday. I just love it; I’ll even love it for a few days after. It’s just a cool tune. 🙂

Today, I celebrated my twenty-first birthday surrounded by my wonderful friends and family. I could never ask for more kindness and love from them than I already have. They are wonderful, loyal, warm and sincerely special. I know they had to put a lot for me and others too but they’re the real inspiration; the reason why I took up acting, writing and to help me become the person I am today.

Throughout the entire day, I had neighbours, friends and family coming to visit me. Then in the afternoon, I had I, T and S over to my house, where we had sandwiches and cake at my house before travelling to The World of Harry Potter in Leavesden. We had a really good time, looking around the exhibition and taking lots of photographs. I even had a chance to open the doors to the Great Hall; when a member of staff asked whose birthday it was, I hesitated no time and I went to reach the doors. I shared them with a teenage boy, who was also celebrating his birthday. Together, we pushed the doors and lead the crowd into the Great Hall. It was amazing; I had Goosebumps all over and oh my gosh, I had so much fun. We even had the chance to see the Hogwarts train and station, which opened to the public this Easter. We had so much fun and I will never forget the wonderful experience I’ve had with all of them.

Song #2: The Epilogue (Leaving Hogwarts) by John Williams & Alexandre Desplat:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Z6gY8RkEAg

This beautiful instrumental score was played while I was taking photographs around the Hogwarts station and I ended up being lost; I couldn’t find my friends anywhere, nor my Mum who came along with us (she’s a Harry Potter fan too). When I did find them, I found them standing next to the train carriages and as I walked towards them with a big smile on my face, the ending of this score (from 2:38 to 3:30) played loudly in the background. I will never forget this moment; it truly is a wonderful memory to treasure forever. And as I walked on, I could dream in my mind, me walking towards a meadow where a rainbow is waiting for me to come and share all it’s wonders with me. 🙂

And thus, I complete my journey and searching for a rainbow. From this, I will share the memories of the good times and learn lessons from the bad times – at the end of the day, there’s a new road just waiting to be discovered. Now, that I am over the pain and suffering from the past, my aim is to focus on the future and the new adventures beyond the horizon. For I’m not just a girl, I’m the girl with a rainbow heart. And I am a rainbow.

Song #3: End of the Road by Boys 2 Men: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9n9Bk1OynlA

I’ve heard this song so many times; at my school graduation and drama school graduation. This song, truly marks the end of a road and this is certainly the case for ‘Waiting For A Rainbow’. :’)

Life Lesson Number 3 – Trust You Inner Self, Even If You Are In Doubt…

The world is changing every day and so are we. However, is it wrong to change your inner self, even if you are doubting yourself?

   Making choices is either like walking a path or rolling dice, depending on how you want to look at it.

I doubt a lot; a lot more than you can imagine. I feel I cannot trust myself with others, nor can I trust myself as an individual. But I’ve had a balance of up’s and downs in my life. I’m learning through all of these as they help me to become a better person. Sure people may or will criticise me, but the thing I can do is keep my head high and look on the bright side. 

Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me, I say to myself. But this saying doesn’t change me – what changes me is the progress of a being a human being. 

We all learn, play and make mistakes – that’s what makes us human. So, next time you’re panicking or stressing about a certain thing in your life, ask a question to yourself and let your inner soul guide you, even you are unsure about the actions you’re taking. If you don’t try, you never know because trying new things won’t hurt you. And who knows, making choices like these can be the right ones for you. 🙂

  Whatever you do…. 😉

Life Lesson Number 2 – It Isn’t Wrong to Be Young At Heart!!!!!

Ever since I was younger, I use to love my imagination. I loved dressing up, make up stories with my old dolls and drawing in A4 lined notebooks. But for me, memories were my childhood. I remember going to a local country park with members of my materinal family; my Aunts’, uncles’, cousins, my parents, great uncle and great aunt sitting in the sunshine, having a picnic, and playing games; walking in the woodland and us, kids playing “pooh sticks”, over the nearest bridge. 

   It’s bridges like these were my cousins and I played “Pooh Sticks”.

Although memories will always stick with you forever, that doesn’t mean you have to change. Life can be a challenge and I find that to be successful is to simply be yourself. Never let people change you, just for their sakes. 
Next time you see a fallen tree trunk and you want to walk on it, then go for it. If you want to fly a kite, then fly that kite. And if you want to create more happy memories, don’t be afraid. Adults can have treasured moments too. 

To be young at heart is to be yourself. You live in your own world, one full of joy and blissful happiness.


Life Lesson Number 1 – It’s Right To Stand Up In What You Believe In!!!!

Today was not one of my best days. At Drama school, I’ve been preparing for a presentation (which is tomorrow, eek!!!) but there have been people in my group who choose not to co-operate; disappear when we’re trying to work on a section, not listening, or respecting individuals and spreading nasty rumours about other people. And worse, our wonderful, respective team leader was off sick.

One of my best friends was so stressed out that she couldn’t deal with it. I asked how she was; she said, “I’m not okay”. I felt really sorry for her and offered to sit with her. But she said no; I presumed that she wanted to be on her own. So during our break, I unexpectedly said to my group, “Listen you guys. You need to pull your s**t together, because you are disrespecting our leader. It’s not good enough”.

I hardly swear but it’s one of the times, where I had to use the language of the teens (as I like to call it). Some of my peers are only young, so I try and keep things even.

But, the group had arguments again so I just stood up, left the classroom and went to study outside. Then, one boy came and said something horrible about one of my friends, so, again, I stepped in. I told him clearly that he shouldn’t spread rumours because he’ll hurt someone’s feelings.

“What if he isn’t there?” the boy asked.

“Just don’t because I don’t like people turning against each other”, I concluded.

During the rest of the day, I felt guilty about what I did and got really stressed about it. I even was late to a workshop; however, the workshop took away my troubles and I felt a lot better.

When I came home, I told my parents what happened. I thought that they were going to tell me off or lecture me about social situations again. “Well done”.

I was puzzled by my Dad’s words. “Did you say ‘well done’, Dad?”

“Yes”, he replied. He then explained that not many people stand up for their friends, team members, etc.

I learned something about myself an important lesson today. That it’s okay to stand up for what you believe in, even if it may involve politics, power or teachers – just as long the situations are good (not for bad excuses like making up lies for example) and they involve important points. No one should be afraid to stand up and change the world you live in. And if people don’t like what you’re doing, they can just take a hike!

No one is alone, because we all have a voice.