New Year: New Me?

Guilty habits are one thing but busy habits are another. It has been a while since I’ve written a post but with my channel and studies, I just didn’t have enough time. 

Looking back on 2016, I have seen that the world can be ugly – and understand how we are all afraid of things that don’t matter. We also fear of the things that do matter. Human mistakes and destruction have more authority than it has been. (In my opinion, at least.) However when there’s fear, there is hope. This a good opportunity for voices to be heard, to let not others be afraid and to give them courage. Change happens and we shouldn’t be brought down. We should be lifted up. ­čśŐ 
I had many doubts and sadness this year but I had happiness too. On my YouTube channel, I’m nearly at 400 subs (as I recently celebrated my channel’s first birthday). I also started Twizola Designs – a little jewellery business – and a second blog for Twizola Designs. And making new friends. It has been a roller coaster but hey, doesn’t happen to all?

So, what’s next? 2017 is going to be a huge year for me. I’ll be officially graduating University in the summer and have ambitions to travel around the world. But, I also have other goals that I want to achieve too.

  • Still be active on my channel – and take it to new heights 
  • Meet new friends 
  • Be more social 
  • Publish a novel 
  • Meet (and possibly collab) with my favourite YouTubers 
  • Star as a film extra 
  • Dare to be and feel different 

I’m not sure whether they will happen. If they do, then I’ll be the happiest person on earth. 

That’s it from me – and for 2016. Are there any New Year’s Resolutions you want to achieve in 2017? And what’s your reflection on 2016? As always, leave your comments below. ­čśŐ 

See you in the New Year. 

Sez xx 

Author: Sez

My name is Sez. I am on the Autistic Spectrum; I was diagnosed when I was two years old. Being Autistic can be tricky; I easily jump into conclusions and miss important skills that are part of my social life. However, my "condition" hasn't stopped me from doing the things I love. I am currently studying Performing Arts at a Drama school in London. I'm a hard worker and a dreamer. Also, I love creative writing and writing lyrics. I'm a keen adventurer and would love to travel the world. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy actingmylife. :)

7 thoughts on “New Year: New Me?”

  1. That’s an excellent choice. For me personally, I have a few resolutions for 2017 in my mind as follows:

    – Still active on my YouTube channel
    – Travel all over the world
    – Collab my YouTube channel with you
    – Setting up my vlog channel (if possible)
    – Gonna buy myself a Canon Camera for my YouTube video
    – Gonna buy myself a vlog camera
    – Taking things seriously
    – Be more social with friends
    – Catching up while going out with friends
    – Publish a novel based on YouTube (just like Zoella as I bought Girl Online Going Solo Book from WHSmith).

    However; 2016 is the worst year as we lost so many legends since January. But 2017 will be a better year for all of us.

    That’s all for today – I hope you have a fantastic 2017.

    Lots of love,

    Daggie from Chickenshedmylife x

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  2. Happy new year! Great goals I hope you accomplish all! I’m going to try to keep my goals simple this year. A lot of stuff is going on I can already tell (I’m getting married in April) I feel like 2017 is going to fly by like ’16 did. If I set my standards top high I make myself feel defeated when sometimes really it’s because I’m burnt out but I can’t see that. My resolution is to take care of myself, physically and mentally.

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