Is It Hard to Dis Sweet Treats? What Are My Aspirations For the Summer Holidays? Part 2

It’s week two of my summer fitness aspiration and so far, it’s been going well.

Before writing my list last week, I realised that I’d forgotten to write down my measurement for my waist. This is another main task for the summer – a starter for this challenge. At the start of each week, I’ll measure my waist line and record each one on a piece of paper. Unfortunately, we’ve lost our tap measurer. So, we had to make do with a ribbon and marking measurements on a ruler (in cemeteries).

So, far my first two measurements look something like this:

20th July – 79cm

27th July – 66cm


I couldn’t believe the results when I saw them. However, my task is far from over; I’ve realise that I am going to up my game and push myself to the next level. This new level is turning out to be a really, really, really hard one. Sort of like an extremely bad temptation that I cannot control since I had my parents to help me out of this one. Cut out most sweet treats.

I love sweet treats which I have on rare occasions including popcorn, chips, ice cream, and pan de chocolate, bread, fruit lollies, custard and muffins. But, it’s so difficult – they are so irresistible and my weaknesses point. I’m really unsure if I can cope or how to control this temptation, expect by drinking a full cup of water. But is that enough? Can I find another source that’ll help me overcome this?

What do you guys think? Is it really hard to dis sweet treats?

Gigi Xxxx

Author: Sez

My name is Sez. I am on the Autistic Spectrum; I was diagnosed when I was two years old. Being Autistic can be tricky; I easily jump into conclusions and miss important skills that are part of my social life. However, my "condition" hasn't stopped me from doing the things I love. I am currently studying Performing Arts at a Drama school in London. I'm a hard worker and a dreamer. Also, I love creative writing and writing lyrics. I'm a keen adventurer and would love to travel the world. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy actingmylife. :)

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