Waiting For A Rainbow – 1st September 2014 – Part III

The next class I attended with Mum was Introduction to Mediumship.

In my first session, we were joined by ten individuals inside a small marquee tent in the school fields. The teacher, M R started the class; she gave an introduction about the class and led us with an opening mediation prayer. Then, M put the group into pairs or threes and instructed us to close our eyes; listen, see or feel anything while mediating. If we do, we had to write down information about the spirit we were contacting. We had five minutes to complete this task. Then, we had to share our experiences.

Then, M R swapped partners around and asked the class to take out an object that belongs to us or used to belong to someone else (we know or knew).  However, M R would change the second task. In two out of the four classes I attended, M R would put the class into pairs and instruct them to write ten things about ourselves, including names of our friends, names of places, etc. Then, each pair has to visualise each other using their energy source and write down what they have seen, heard or felt while mediating. When we were finished, everyone had to share what they wrote down to see if they were correct or not.

I was struggling by the second session. But there was help; I was talking with C before we started one of the Improv Comedy sessions. While were talking, I brought the situation. C suggested that I should listen to the spirits when I ask them questions and play tricks on them I can communicate with them. I took on her advice and when I tried it worked – very well. I couldn’t have been more pleased with myself.

On our first night, Mum and I had a chillax in the Main Marquee (which is also in the school fields); I met M, X and JJ there because we were about to put on an Adult Comedy Show. There were other who joined us too – U and Y. Together, we were the Saucy Bikers. During the show, the Saucer Bikers would perform activates and stand-up comedy we’ve done in the Improvisation Comedy lessons.

We played many games and some of them, we were trying involve the audience in the Marquee. We only played for two nights but we gave them our best shot.

I was involved in a lot of games, including A Day in the Life and the Interview Game.

We also did Musical Improvisation Comedy. I had never this before; to be honest, I wasn’t sure about doing this. However, M insisted we should all join in. With an offer like that, I couldn’t say “no”.

The audience had to suggest three words that the Saucy Bikers had to use in our lyrics. Then, M told us what we had to sing and what form, whither it was a verse, the chorus, Gospel, Rap or Opera.

In one song, the words we received were “Tapirs”, “Drinking” and “Coffee”; the song was then called, “Why Tapirs Love Drinking Coffee”. Then, U who organised the Musical Comedy section in the show came up to each individual in the Saucy Bikers and told us what parts and forms we had to sing. Most people were given verses or chorus. However, U suggested I should do Opera, while L had to rap. L was panicking; she was looking at me because she didn’t know what to do. Politely and with a friendly smile, I suggested that we should go for it. This turned out well – the audience were laughing along with us.

At the end of our last show, the Saucy Bikers congratulated themselves and high-fived with each other before we left to join the rest of the evening’s festivities.

I went to find Mum, who was still in the Marquee and sitting on a couch (there were loads of couches for everyone to sit down). But, she wasn’t alone; sitting next to her was a young woman. I sat next to them and we began to talk. Unfortunately, we didn’t catch her name. She told us that she came from a small part of Europe called the La petite Sibérie (Little Siberia). This is between France and Switzerland; but it is very cold over there and the snow falls heavily in the winter.

Next evening, Mum took me to the Angelic Harmony Therapy class. She went there before I started the Comedy show. She confessed that she had felt a sensation within her, telling her that she should take me with her to the next session.

The teacher who ran the class welcomed individuals into the class with open arms.

When the class began, she (the teacher) showed the group how to commit to the therapy classes. First, we had to create a circle. Then, three people had to volunteer to sit in the middle of the circle and sit on the chairs; this depends what healing process they want from the angels, i.e. Raphael for courage (which was the one I had) or Samuel for self-love. Altogether, the rest of the group will heal the people, singing the names of their chosen angels. While singing, the group lead by the teacher created a powerful vibe in the tent. When the vibe was strong enough, we created a bubble, using our energy resources to heal them; if individuals within the group want to, they could heal themselves by placing the energy around their bodies and charka’s.

Feeling the vibe around me, my hands and realising how powerful it was, my mind was blown away. At the end of the session, a few people were crying and hugging.

When we left the session and were walking back to Lockyers, Mum was smiling; I was speechless. It took me some time before I started talking again; when I did, all I ever talked about was how inspiring the class was. The Therapy class has helped me to see healing in a different way; I hope this experience will help me towards the next stages of my life, walking into new directions and waiting for new opportunities to arise.

On Day Four, I attended the Zendoodle and Zentangle Art Class. Zendoodle and Zentangle Art is a mediation session were everyone in the class would draw, colour or paint using patterns.

In my mind, I thought about drawing a circle. It wasn’t until the end of the class that I drew a Chinese ying and yang circle, with bright colours of a peacock and dark colours of a tiger.

Later in the afternoon, I attended the Law of Attraction class.

The class was very interesting; at first, I thought the Law of Attraction was about how to make someone fall in love with you. Then, I realised that the class was about allowing yourself to feel emotions from bad experiences you have suffered. All we had to do was to take the emotions away and replace them with happy memories, positive feelings, and set dreams and targets, using special breathing techniques.

Yoga Body Jazz is a mixed variety of dancing and yoga. The session allowed our bodies to be carefree while dancing to upbeat music (mostly Santana); this is a good way to warm ourselves up, just as long as we don’t hurt ourselves. To do that, we warm different parts of the body; one-by-one. This was followed by a yoga and a meditating session, not long afterwards.

When the session was finished, Mum and I were packing away our yoga mats when R came over to talk to us. We catched up on the latest news and what we were doing now; I was really excited when I told R that I was starting the Foundation Degree Course.

I don’t know what happened next, if I told her that I wanted to be actress or if she asked before I told her but R told me an inspirational story about a person she knew. This person spent her free time playing in a band. The person was going through a difficult phase as she was working too. She was struggling but R managed to support and guide this person. In the end, she made a choice to keep her job and stay with her band. Now, she plays once a month and is very happy.

“Don’t give up”, R said when she finished telling me the story, “Keep believing in your dreams”.

On my last day, I decided (for a change) to not go to Improv Comedy and try Water Aerobics. I hope that M doesn’t mind, I thought.

It was a beautiful and sunny afternoon; before I started the session, I sat down on the grass, next to the outdoor pool and read my book, “Jane”. There were no changing rooms nearby and the pool (I could see when I was standing up) had solar panels next to the edge.

A few minutes later, I was still waiting for the teacher to come and start the lesson. When I stood up, I noticed a male lifeguard coming towards me. I asked him if the Aerobics class was on and he said it was on; he pointed out to a lady who talked to me who was the teacher.

The Water Aerobics session was interesting. For an hour, a man, a woman and I did regular exercises in the pool like running or jogging. I never thought that doing these exercises was going to be hard, especially running and going under the water with floats. I also had fun with the floats – every time I want to do an exercise with them, the knots would untie themselves and I threw back onto the side of the pool. Although I had some difficulty, I had lots of fun doing the Aerobics.

In the Main Marquee (in the evening), there were varieties of entertainment for the whole family. This includes the Improv Comedy and a talent show.

One night, there was a fire show outside the Main Marquee, introducing a few volunteers and children (all of them were boys between the ages of eight and twelve years). There were lit up hula-hoop displays too. The crowd went wild for them and the kids were having a wonderful time; they were absolute professionals.

On the last night, there was a final show; everyone came together to perform and show what we’ve done at the festival. There was a pixie-fairy show, starring the children, an Impro Musical Comedy show by the adults, Improv Comedy from the kids, and teens; a twisted show of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island and a performance of Michael Jackson’s Thriller by an amazing team of dancers.

I also took part with the Singing for All choir and performed three songs.

Unfortunately in the middle of the show, it started to rain. Not long after, the Marquee was overcrowded; there wasn’t much room and it was very noisy. It didn’t help for those were doing the show as some members were talking over the performances while they were running.

At the end of the show, there was a live DJ who came in and played music. Everyone boogied down until the night is out; myself being one of them, but I didn’t stay up too late.

Our meal times were interesting and adventurous; Mum and I met many different people and I learned so much about their hobbies and cultures. Some were from the UK and across the globe. We would talk while eating our meals at the same time.

One lunchtime, regular sounds of talking and children playing were interpreted by an all singing and dancing conga line, full of people. All of them were from the Improv Comedy class including R, M and X. I realised that they were celebrating a birthday – A’s; A was one of the peers from the Improv class. The line started inside the dining room. Then, everyone danced around the cafeteria garden. In the middle of the conga, I asked Mum if I can join in.

“If you want”, she answered plainly.

I quickly joined to the back of the line, happily singing:

Birthday conga,

Birthday conga,

Birthday conga;

Happy Birthday A,

Happy Birthday A.

Then, A’s cake was brought out and the group sang “Happy Birthday” before I returned to Mum and ate my lunch.

On our last day, Mum and I left after brunch. We said our goodbyes to our friends and drove for fifteen miles.

We spent the afternoon in Glastonbury. We first went to Clark’s Village. We did some shopping and bought lunch from Pert a Manager. Then, we drove and walked into the town centre; we passed the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey, sadly destroyed during the Dissolution of the Monasteries. We stopped in a car park nearby and hopped on a small mini-bus which took us and a few passengers up the hill to the Tor. The Tor is set on a hill and the tower is a grade one listed building. There have been many legends that St Patrick had visited and King Arthur is buried there with his Queen Consort, Guinevere. Mum and I climbed up a steep hill before we reached the tower; we didn’t stay long though as it was very windy. We found a short cut and walked down to the outskirts of the town centre and made another stop to The Chalice Well and Gardens.

The Chalice and Gardens is a holy place where spiritualists come to heal themselves and have a reflection of prayer. The gardens were beautiful; all round, there was nothing but nature at its finest. There is no noise coming from outside – just the sound of the wind gently blowing in the breeze. We also saw butterflies fluttering in the sun. Most of the time, Mum and I sat on the benches, enjoying the stillness of the gardens. I took a dip in the healing pool in King Arthur’s Court, while holding on the stone stair-rail behind me. With my black wellingtons on my feet, I could feel the energy source from the water but it wasn’t cold. Mum and I also drunk some pure spring water (using our palms). It was a real struggle because the water kept pouring out but we managed after a while. It was cool and refreshing. Then, we sat down in the Angel Seat, which was covered by an arched hedge with ornaments tied on top of it; there were hairbands, crucifix beads and multi-coloured bracelets. I was amazed and touched by them. I couldn’t stop looking at them. Mum told me that people leave ornaments to make wishes. I didn’t have anything to tie up so I gently held a leaf on my finger tips and made a wish for myself. Finally, we walked up to the sanctuary, where there was a small altar with a statue of Mary and baby Jesus opposite Well Head. Below the statue, there were small candles, but five of them weren’t lit. I found one candle and lit it against another. When the flame was there, I placed it in front of the statue. Unfortunately, the wind blew it out and I had to repeat the same process again. As I was about to place the candle in its original place, Mum found a space in the shadow part of the altar, on the left-hand side.

“Why don’t you put it there?” she suggested.

And that’s what I did.

The gardens were paradise and we didn’t want to leave but we knew we had too.

After we visited the gardens, walked back into Glastonbury town and ate our lunch before setting off home; we arrived in the early evening.

Throughout the holiday, I decided to go without technology for 168 hours. However, I love my technology so much; I couldn’t live without it.


To be continued…

Author: Sez

My name is Sez. I am on the Autistic Spectrum; I was diagnosed when I was two years old. Being Autistic can be tricky; I easily jump into conclusions and miss important skills that are part of my social life. However, my "condition" hasn't stopped me from doing the things I love. I am currently studying Performing Arts at a Drama school in London. I'm a hard worker and a dreamer. Also, I love creative writing and writing lyrics. I'm a keen adventurer and would love to travel the world. I want to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my blog. I hope you enjoy actingmylife. :)

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